Get Rich QUICK Through Real Estate

30 thoughts on “Get Rich QUICK Through Real Estate

  • The issue isnt the sales gurus. This new generation coming in is being taught to be entitled to this wealth. Its not about the hardwork, its about what they deserve. To them the "hardwork" is not a concept.

  • Can you do a video on how to real estate investing and life insurance work together. Particularly how borrowing against ones life insurance policy works. Thanks in advance.

  • Thank you for keeping it real. I'm also working on building a duplex or 4 plex. Do you have a video that shows how to work out the numbers? In other words, good deal vs. bad deal. Also, what do you recommend for finding an honest builder/contractor? Any advice is greatly appreciated 🙂

  • Hey Clayton! Since March of this year, you and Natalie have inspired me to start an LLC and invest. I now own a commercial property and 3 single family homes. I'll be closing on a duplex and a lake house next Friday! So how did I do it? By listening to you! I bought under market value and using the equity in my home, my 20% was covered (and the equity is only a place holder like PMI) I've invested only about 5k of my own cash and a lot of my own time for updates and the properties are performing. I told my bank guy to slap my hand if I try to buy anymore property this year. Lol. You're advice is the real deal!

  • Just locked in my rate 😁. It took 12 years to get here after I lost everything. Lots of hard work. Wasn’t easy. Let’s do lunch when your back over here. I’ll buy😃

  • the only reason you can't get rich quick is because markets are not natural and everything is regulated and controlled by the banks now.

  • I couldn’t get past the 0:05 mark on this video because I didn’t see any flashy cars or boats. I need overstimulation because my attention span is like a goldfish and I want to be a multi millionaire in 5 minutes from watching YouTube videos.

  • If u learned how to drive a truck and got to the oilfield, and lease a truck, u can get 3 rental houses per year doing the McDonald’s plan. I’m 4 years into it. Do the math

  • TQ… Hope this teaches newbies how NOT to be scammed.

    Appreciate your time and effort in sharing. Have a great week ahead. Cheers.

  • Clayton, do you think $50k is a fair price for a duplex bringing in $820 gross rent? How about $75k for 3 units at $500 each. Family is telling me these are bad deals but I really wanna get started. Would be through a bank, not cash btw.

  • So much truth to this right here!! We had to learn the hard way… lost big on our first 2 real estate flips. Thank God we've bounced back since then. Thanks for sharing…

  • Hi there, can you kindly comment on the facts to which we will have to pay attentions on if recession hits please? Does econimic slow down means we have to lower the net ROI or it's already covers in the 40%. And do u think house prices will be readjusted? Thank you.

  • I have 6 months with my new job my girlfriend have 4 months with hers we have 7,000 saved and saying 1300+ a month,planing everything I need to buy rentals 💪💰😎

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