Getting Started with Passive Real Estate Investing

If you want something done right, don’t
do it yourself. Doesn’t that go against all conventional wisdom? Well, today I’m
going to be talking about when you should opt into doing hands-on real
estate and when you should go full-on passive. And I’m going to show you both
ways that you can actually do it so you can have your cake and eat it too. Okay, so a moment of honesty. When should
you be hands-on real estate? When should you be hands-off? I think that your
success in real estate actually comes down to understanding this question and
this answer. You see, people that are confused try to convince themselves that
there’s something that they’re not all the time. I mean listen, dogs don’t ever
confuse the fact that they’re dogs, right? Cats are cats and animals are their
animals in their own respective kingdoms. But human beings, did we get confused all
the time. And so, if you have confusion on which side of the line you’re on, you’re
going to sneak it up in the whole real estate game. What I want to do is I want
to show you how to crush it in passive real estate. But I want you to know when
you’re also supposed to be hands-on. So first of all, yeah I want you to ask
yourself. Are you a do-it-yourselfer? Like, something… You know, an electrical
something goes out in the house or a light bulb needs changing. Well, the
dishes need to be done. Do you naturally gravitate towards like rolling up your
sleeves and say, “Oh, man. That doesn’t mean. I’m freaking all. And I
love the thick stuff. I love to get in there. I’m going to go to a home depot.” Do
you get excited about going to Home Depot so that you can get hands-on and
make something happen? Then this is you all the way. If you are like, “If I can do
everything in my power to avoid going to Home Depot, I will. I’ll hire someone. I’ll see if I can do trade work can someone make that
happen for me. I make my wife do it.” Like, are you the kind of person that loves
this or loves that? If you understand the answer to that question, then today’s
video will be highly instructive because I’ve done thousands of real estate
transactions and I got a team of 200 experts that for me all day long, go and
buy and transact the very best real estate around the entire country.
Thinking the best markets and I’m deploying IRAs, 401ks, home equity,
annuities, stock accounts. We’re putting it and transferring it into real estate
where we’re getting 20 and 30 percent returns. But that’s only a good option
for individuals that like to be hands-off. So, I think this is going to be
really, really useful for you today. Check this out. If you want to be hands-on in
the game of real estate, this is good for people that do have money
and this is also good for people that have no money. Why? Because if you’ve got
money then you can do the money plus the work and you get more of the
deal. If you don’t have any money and you’re willing to be hands-on, you can
still get more of the deal. But once you cross over this area same only be hands
off, first of all, there’s those with money. And then again, we’ve got those
with no money. If you want to be hands-off and you have no money, I’ll
tell you in a moment what we do there. For those of you who are hands off and
get money like, “I got money a 401 K or an IRA or home equity.” Then you can
absolutely get more. You got to figure out where you belong.
There’s only one quadrant here that isn’t going to go anywhere. And that’s
this guy right here. If you got no money and you don’t want to put in the work,
you’re going to have a rough time getting started. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen. But
like when I got going, guess what? I have no money and I got to be totally
hands-on because nothing else was gonna actually make that work for me. To be
fully passive, once you’ve got some money, you can say yes to passive all day long.
And there’s different groups that you can invest with and work with. There’s
even some reap options. I’ve got my own options where I partner with people. I’ve
got clients that are billionaires. I got clients that put a lot of money with me.
Some people have very small amounts and we’ve got group stuff. Bottom line is you
need to be true to who you are because if you try to be something you’re not,
this is a game really get spanked. I’ll tell you who gets hurt the most. When
these people try to do this game, this is where you’ll actually foul up the entire
project because you’re doing something that you don’t like what you need you’re
going to cut corners. If you don’t like it, you’re going to stink it up and you’re
going to do a real bad job at it. If you really want to be passive, you need to
have some money. If you watch this video you don’t got money you’re like, “I want
to go into passive real estate.” You’re going to have to figure how to get hands-on.
And if you click the link below, you can talk to a member of my team and will
actually help you understand your options. You’ll certainly have the ability to get your hands on a copy of my book.
The Straight Path To Real Estate Wealth. If you don’t have this, every library
that is interested in the game of real estate needs to possess this book.
But it also comes with free consultation with my team to say, “Okay, where are you
at on this quadrant and what are your best options?” Because if you’re saying, “I
got no money.” Then they’ll show you exactly where you start. If you’re saying
I’ve got money, you’ll have more options and they’ll show you your options of
where you can start. That’s really the game here of passive real estate
investing. By the waym for those who they’re interested in actually going
down that road with me there’s a playlist on my channel here called
Partner With Kris. There’s a ton of videos in there that I shot with my
acquisitions director of where in buying real estate, how I’m buying it. It’ll show
you the properties are getting 25 and the 30 percent ROI which is really
amazing. Like super, super incredible. So, that’s going on our side of the fence.
And if you want to get in game of real estate, hopefully this helps you understand
more of what that looks like. If you need to download your own blueprint of how
to make it all happen. Get a copy of my book, speak with my team. You can make
that happen for you. Otherwise make sure you subscribe. And will see you on tomorrow’s video.

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