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ghost in the shell' stand alone complex solid-state society was not a theatrical film this is not ghost in the shell' three as some people who aren't familiar with stand alone complex TV show think it is this is a continuation of that TV show takes place after the second season of that show and with a title that long it's no mystery that fans have just taken to calling this thing GI TS SSS because that's a long ass title this is one of the more obscure ghost in the shell' entries because it wasn't a theatrical movie and so a lot of people have never seen this and you have to have seen stand alone complex the show to fully appreciate this movie because as I said it is a continuation of that show so if you've seen the first two seasons of standalone complex which by the way is a pretty good show then you're going to have more appreciation for this film than if you just went into a blind and despite the fact that it wasn't the at Racal I'm reviewing it because I've reviewed every single other ghost in the shell' movie including the new movie that was based off of the arize show and so without having this in there really kind of feels like you know I kind of feels like it's not complete you know it's OCD and I have OCD about completion ISM that completionists isms I'm reviewing it so since this was not a movie made for theaters I know going in that the animation is not going to be on par with those first two movies all that being said the digital to sell animation combined here I think is actually handled better than innocence innocence was like wow we can do digital stuff in CG animation and they relied on that far too much in innocence and it was probably for me personally the weakest element of that film here except for a few sequences on a highway with cars which really did not look good at all when it first came out and especially not today besides those sequences the digital animation is actually pretty good in this anime this film is very much so a tribute to mamrie oh she's first ghost in the shell' film there's something called the puppeteer this seems to be controlling people making them commit suicide also there's a ton of children that have gone missing that seemed to be linked into some strange thing that's involving elder care and all this comes to a head with toga so who's now the leader of section 9 as he works with Bato to try to solve these crimes and the majors been gone from section 9 for two years and there's even some suspicions about her involvement with all of these things there's a lot to love about solid-state society and a lot of fans really do love this movie especially if you're a big fan of stand-alone complex the show there's also a lot to complain about and well I'm not too much of a hardcore complainer when it comes to these movies there's some elements of this film that really do get under my skin but we're going to start with the positives first there's something that's actually really refreshing about this movie and what it is when you watch the first two even though they're not really linked if you watch ghost in the shell' one and ghost in the shell 2 and then watch solid-state society the fact that this film is really more so a traditional action thriller is somewhat of a breath of fresh air because the first two are very sci-fi heavy this film is more like James Cameron's aliens to Ridley Scott's alien which was far more of a sci-fi monster movie where aliens was more of an action film this film has a lot of action in it when compared to the first two there's a lot of dialogue scenes too and a lot of technobabble and very exposition heavy sequences where you have to pay attention to every word and make sure that you are following this plot that does get very heavy-handed but this film is refreshingly more of just an action film which was kind of fun to watch because there's a lot of really intense sequences there's a great sniper scene there's a very white-knuckled scene involving togusa and his daughter inside a hospital and the entire finale is extremely exciting and very fun and whenever the major shows up and kicks a lot of ass well that's always awesome to watch also one named Yoko Kanno I've located him in regards to anime she's my favorite composer of all time and any of her songs in this movie that involved lyrics and singing are really gorgeous although I do think she falls back too much on electronica here so in this film is a lot of suspicion about what exactly is making people commit suicide is the major involved in some way is it a online hacker or is it this first off I got the medical results back on the sixteen kids we ran checkups on and there were no signs that they've been injected with micromachines I just kept picturing the evil villain attempting to shove tiny toy cars into children for me this film falters in two ways the biggest one being that it has far too many callbacks to the original ghost in the show in the beginning of the film the major jumps off of a Ledge and then uses her therm optic camouflage just like in the first film even the final line of this movie and if you've never seen it no spoilers is essentially the exact same as the final line of the first film and even the shot is the same and in the first film the antagonist was known as the puppet master and in this film it's known as the puppeteer Japanese anime does this a lot they don't seem to have as much of a problem recreating various stories and repackaging them into other movies even stand alone complex did that by releasing small OVA or original video animations there were basically summations of the first two seasons of standalone complex and this movie kind of feels like a mishmash of standalone complex and the first ghost in the shell' and well it works sometimes my biggest issue with this movie is its ending it doesn't seem to understand how to end there are so many unanswered questions which a lot of hardcore ghost in the shell' fans have forgiven as very smart and clever and sometimes you don't always get all the answers and sometimes things are just left up in the air but to me I just see lazy screenwriting when you write a screenplay and you have no idea how to answer any of the interesting questions that you've brought up throughout your film and it just sort of ends like we'll never know well that's just lazy screenwriting and trust me I've seen this movie multiple times and I've watched featurettes and anything that I can really get my hands on from the creator's talking about what their vision was for this movie and I've listened to tons of fan theories but in the end there are a lot of unanswered questions in this film that leave you hanging and not in a very good way but in the end I really appreciate the animation here a lot of really fun action sequences I like seeing togusa take the lead it was a different turn for his character and that was a lot of fun and I loved the interplay between Bato and the major because there's definitely something going on there under the surface but they're both sort of so self-righteous that they can't admit it most of yoko kanno score is beautiful and really fun to listen to and overall if you're a ghost in the shell' fan you can watch this movie especially if you appreciate the stand alone complex show but in the end this isn't good enough to become remarkable or a classic it's really just a nice companion piece with standalone complex I'm going to give this film a B – guys thank you so much as always for watching my ghost in the shell' series the new ghost in the shell' film comes out very soon let's hope it's good if you miss my other videos on the first two films I'm going to have links for those in a second here you guys are the best thank you so much as always for watching and if you like this you can click right here and get stuck mine eyes [Applause] you

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  • SSS is a hard watch. Even after seeing both SAC series it was still hard to figure out wtf was going on in the movie. It seems a lot might have been lost in the translation. I had to watch the movie at least 5 times to fully understand what the whole thing was about. I still like it though and the music is top notch as always.

  • I really wish people would stop referring to any and all intellectual content that doesn't pay tribute to the usual societal sacred cows (religion, family, babies, soldiers, patriotism, etc.) as "heavy handed". At times, I feel like I'm actually living in the society depicted in "Idiocracy" by Mike Judge. Anything that requires more than a braincell or two or a second or two to process gets shit all over by critics (ugh).

  • Solid State Society should be included in the Stand Alone Complex BluRay set to make up for the lack of a proper Japanese subtitle translation

  • Standalone complex is actually a reboot, (recreation ?) of the first one, that why they use alot of stuff from the first movie.

    The 1st gig is abit original, but the 2nd gig is kinda invol alot of stuff from the comic, which it the birth of the first anime.

  • Pfff, unanswered questions?… AI born out of syncing with multiple consciousnesesses has taken role of collective unconsciousness and is literally explaining everything to you for like 5 minutes at the end.

  • Watching Stand Alone Complex, I was always bugged by the lip flaps; very repetitive and samey as compared to other anime. Still, the series was very enjoyable.

  • BTW, the movie was supposed to be the third season. They had money issues so they just made it into an ova.

  • I don't like how they drawn the Major in this, at all.. she looks like a typical anime character, when in the first one she looked more android.. this? She looks way too human in sense, the eyes and what not.. they way she functions.. her dialogue, the voice acting was just way more human-ish.. not serious as before. Maybe it's just me, but I enjoyed it overall.. I did. Just a nit picky issue..

  • Chris, you probably watched this already but I was wondering if you would do a review for Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad

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  • Chris if you ever get into watching an anime series, please watch shin sekai yori. It's highly underrated and probably the best anime story out there.

  • What exactly are the unanswered questions? And why does the original 95 movie get praise for raising questions (or implying it's raising a question) but this one is called lazy?

  • I really like the Major's design in this style, except for that upper lip line that makes it look like she has a mustache. D:

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