Given a warning to a TRAITOR to the ebonheart pact

a lot my friends my name is the demon king and oh if you can't tell I am actually pretty goddamn excited because it's a special occasion I was minding my own business while a member of a member of guilt that I'm in Lima give me some valuable information that a member of I believe the same he was in the same guild he has decided to defect to the Aldmeri Dominion oh boy now for context I'm not gonna name this person because he knows who he is and I think that once I describe the the thumbnail you pretty much know who I'm all about if you actually play on the Xbox you realm I say ROM whatever now this individual in the thumbnail has his face and the banner of the Aldmeri Dominion which are the yellows and he's saying goodbye to it tell me why would he say goodbye to the ordinary Dominion when the title of the video is him saying that he's joining the ordinary Dominion mate did you not think that that would be a contradiction to you to whatever you're thinking come on now use your brain it would be me yeah be the seal me if I put a thumbnail saying goodbye to the Daggerfall covenant banner which is blue banner and I'm saying that I was gonna join the Daggerfall covenant come on how how-how-how out but anyway I've watched I watched the video and basically the reason why he's defecting to the AMA Dominion is that he wanted a group of werewolves in PvP if he wanted this why didn't you save possibly in the guild that we were both in but you wanted to make a way worth group because I because I haven't heard you say any freaking thing I don't think I've seen you online in the guild if you have if you have 6-8 status then right but I I'm saying that I've never seen it so is that the only reason why you left to join a way wolf killed and a half away work group in Cerrito and like I said I watched I watch a video that you uploaded two hours ago and apparently you try to make a wave wolf guild did you did did you really yes I have it yes I have a getting killed on my own my game is pretty much frickin dead even though I've left this listed it you want to join go ahead but come on now the only thing that I'm seeing here is that you won you're not getting your way and on the third second one is like you're saying like oh well fuck this alliance that apparently you've been in for years so yeah no Alliance loyalty on your end now is it now to end this little not rant sort of calling out but whatever I'm just gonna say this bring your way wolf bring your way wolf group into Seattle because we in the Abbott hard-packed we need more walking for carpets and we need more we wolf hide coats so we wolf that's not your name but I'm calling you calling you what you want you are away wolf you want away wolf group you want away wolf killed when I want for carpets I want a fur coat and you were gonna bring them to me but when we kill you and we kill your entire group your group will be spayed one thing that you will not be spared you best get a foreign taste of nuts because you'll be getting a lot of tea bagging glory to the packed

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