What are you taping? I’m just… taping how many people are here Glenn Beck’s here It’s a big event today. It is. Patriot Americans who love our country and want it to flourish. MIC CHECK! WE ARE OCCUPY TALLAHASSEE! GLENN BECK! YOU ARE A VULGAR PROPAGANDIST! A RABID XENOPHOBE! (Boos from crowd) A WANTON RACIST! YOU DUBIOUSLY LIE! YOU HAVE ADMITTED YOUR MEDIA COMPANY IS ONLY A QUOTE “ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY”! AND THAT YOU DON’T QUOTE “GIVE A CRAP ABOUT THE POLITICAL PROCESS”!! (female cop) Out! (crazed beck fan) Bye go home to Mommy! Go home to your mommy! (me) Hey come on! Your mommy wants you to call! You’re being escorted out! (me) Alright lay off! (male voice) Get outta here losers! (continuing with script)
MIC CHECK! (male cop) They’re all over the store. (repeating global warming rant) Glenn beck you are a tool! Of the one percent! Which is accumulating all of the wealth in our country! (Beck supporters chanting)
We love Glenn!
We love Glenn! (continuing with script)
WE ARE PEACEFUL ACTIVISTS NOT THE TERRORISTS YOU HAVE PORTRAYED WITHIN YOUR VINDICTIVE FICTION WE ARE NOT POINTLESS (male cop) Ma’am, step aside please. (guy) Hey, he can read! (lady) Cheat sheet! Cheat sheet! …HAVE TO BE AN IDIOT NOT TO NOTICE THE TEMPERATURE CHANGING!” (repeat) (guy) It’s getting colder! (other guy) Go to work! WE ARE PEACEFUL ACTIVISTS! WE ARE OCCUPY! WE ARE NOT BASELESS! POINTLESS! (crazed beck fan) Get a job! OR WITHOUT DIRECTION! Get a job!
Are you gonna get a job today?! WE CARE ABOUT HUMANITY,
INCLUDING ALL OF YOU IN THIS STORE! WE SPEAK UP FOR EVERYONE’S RIGHTS! WE ARE THE 99%! Call your mommy! Ask her for money! THESE PEOPLE ARE THE 99%! JOIN US! THE PEOPLE! UNITED! WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED! THE PEOPLE! UNITED! WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED! (chant continues) (crazed beck lady) Where’s the rest of ya?! I count six! I have seven! A whole seven! Glenn Beck stands for a police state, secret prisons, and occupations! All around the world! If you believed in the Constitution, this would be the LAST man you’d look up to! Have you ever even heard what Obama says about the Constitution? What the hell does it have to do with Obama? We have a right to go in there and get a book signed without you guys interrupting us. That is a private corporation. Nothing infringed upon you getting that book signed. Oh absolutely, you guys did. If you wanted to get your book signed so badly, you wouldn’t be out here talking to us. (from behind)
Let’s go, let’s go! Here, take a flyer and come talk to us later. Listen, check this out. I gotta flyer, too. Look at this. We’re trying to get the Constitution into the hands of America. So you’re gonna give it to people at Glenn Beck’s book signings? Is that how you believe the Constitution will come back to Americans? (guard) Ya’ll the ones who got chased out of Barnes and Noble? Yes sir. Ya’ll need to leave the property. Aye Aye, sir. (girl) Do you guys have flyers? Give him a flyer. (indecipherable) The dude in the blue shirt wants a flyer. We’re out of flyers. Come out to the Gaines Street Commons and you can talk to us whenever you want. SUBS BY ANOMYK


  • what this video doesnt show is the protester who had a seisure while the mic check was going and it was Glenn Becks people who helped him out when the rest of the protesters did nothing! way to go protesters!!!!

  • @eajjoutlaw actually the people who are rude are the one's who we should be listening to the most. Because what you take for rudeness is in fact honesty and integrity. It takes an HONEST man and man of integrity to stand up for what they believe in and yell that out in public. It's not rudeness, it's strength of character.

  • @Dann123100 yeah, because communists have a long history of treating ant-government protesters well. How have the people in this video been miss-treated? They started screaming in a book store and they were escorted out?

  • Of course Beck-istas are never rude or shout in public. All those overweight white folks screaming "SOSHULISM" and not letting other speak at town hall meeting on Health Care in 2009 are all figments of the liberal imagination.

  • dumb hippies, i love that you all got boo-ed, booooooooo occupy. wealth redistribution is what these free loaders want, instead, maybe you should go get a [email protected] job! they are out there believe it or not. but everybody wants a hand out, shame on you, shame on my generation, i feel so ashamed to be in my 20's with all you dumb hippies.

  • @383man We have jobs. 70% of occupiers have jobs compared to 56% of Teabaggers. We are not Free loaders we are people who are acting on our 1st amendment right. We will make a difference in this world. But because you are nothing more than a slave to Fox News you will pay no attention to what I just said. And that is very sad. I feel sorry for you.

  • @alexjustalex1 It's not just in this video though it's people like Scott Olsen and Troy Davis being almost killed for using their 1st amendment right.

  • @GNut1980 lol, while I do not support government bailouts, or the millions in bonuses paid out, lets look at the broader picture, who let it happen. Hmm…i dont know, maybe the united states government? If you were offered a low interest loan with no strings attached youd prolly take it too. The government makes a welfare state by giving everyone handouts, it needs to stop.

  • Wow, All these OWS people really lost it, How come Beck can't sign a Book? So is only Free Speech if someone wears a Che Guevarra Shirt and start Preaching the Communist Manifesto? Hmmm they think this is a Communist Nation Already? I'm so glad the whole movement backfire at them, people can see them now clear enough to realize Beck is not the Problem, is the Ideology these Idiots believe, they actually think America is like Cuba, wow!

  • Folks…the green bills everyone is fighting over is debt…we are walking with debt in our pockets, its all debt we owe to the BIG BANKS! It's all debt!!! we are fighting over government debt they owe NOT in our name!!!!!

  • He was trying to just have a book signing and you came in a began screaming as loudly as you could then went outside and continued screaming. It was simply rude and extremely inconsiderate. You just make things up and scream them out without actually researching things and gain wisdom.

  • Glenn Beck deserves this welcome at every stop and every place he goes to ply his hateful message. God bless the Talahassee Occupiers.

  • @tsteel80 How about explaining why you think that instead of just stating a single statement without explanation.

  • @thespybreaker Thank you for explaining the video that we all saw. now can you explain why you think its hilarious. I mean even if I didn't agree with occupy I wouldn't find it funny I just wouldn't care.

  • …and how many people were shouting "mic check, we are the 99%"? I'm not a math major, but it looks like the 99% are the ones in line to meet Glenn Beck, and the 1% are the ones being rude and belligerent in this book store. I think you in the Occupy movement might have a good point, but if you're going to make it effectively, at least try to get more of the 99% you claim to represent standing with you, instead of looking like a bunch of deadbeat students skipping school.

  • they walked in a place full of SHEEPLE, of course the were outnumbered but fuck it, they did well, they stood there ground and stood up to a Propaganda pusher, who are they anyway and WHY do they like Glen beck.. they should be mic checked as well, go home to your mother haha, She was the ugliest bitch i ever seen, typical glen beck drones… OCCUPY TALLY 1 GLEN BECK 0

  • anybody checking out the connection between lear capital and rosland capital that is a big time advertiser on becks show and mitt romneys bain capital thats has been making the news. maybe people shold check it out. also fox news has massive advertising on all of there shows of lear and rosland which is affiliated with bain capital. beck and fox protecting there goose that lays the golden egg. pun intended

  • @ToofEx You do realize that conservatives like Glenn Beck are AGAINST bailouts, right? Now do you see why critics of Occupy movements tell you that your message is confusing? It's one thing if you peacefully protest a CLEAR issue, not some garbled message. Even in this video, these people start yelling about global warming. What!? Don't interfere with the rights of your fellow citizens in a private forum. I'm sure you'd all like it if I marched into your front door with signs.

  • @rellethias except they aren't yelling in "public." It's Barnes & Noble, a private place of business and you're disturbing the peace. Meanwhile, the Tea Party, whom you all hate, has done nothing BUT protest legally in public venues. Oh, and they're not a bunch of litterbugs and criminals

  • @Justice4all311 With all due respect, you may want to reread the Constitution. The 1st Amendment does not apply "anywhere," especially in a private place of business. For instance, I couldn't just walk into a store you owned or your home and start protesting and disturbing your customers or your family. That's basically what these protestors did here.

  • don't get the 1st amendment confused with basic law. that would be called trespassing on private property. this is a public place. glenn beck and his people don't own the book store. they aren't protesting the book store either. everybody is equal under the law and can exercise their rights in concert with basic law. perhaps you should reread the constitution, since the first amendment states it's for redressing the govenrment of grievances.

  • @Justice4all311 I haven't confused anything and I've read the Constitution plenty of times. Barnes & Noble is NOT a public space – it's a place of business and it's owned by B&N. The 1st Amendment speaks specifically on areas in the public domain where protest is legally allowed. My comment had nothing to do with Glenn Beck, but more to the point that this is a private business. As such, their 1A right to protest does not circumvent the customers' rights at B&N.

  • @mbukow01 like i said. basic law. it would probbaly fall under disturbing the peace they were escorted out. they have the right to stay in front.

  • I can safely say the 99% are out numbered probably 30 to 1.(?) Again we have wanna-be liberal rich kids playing 60s activists on either Daddy's or the taxpayers dime. When they're 40, divorced and their psychopathic kids turn against them they'll wonder why. Even if they had their socialistic utopian fantasy served up to them on a silver platter they wouldn't be happy because they're immature brats. They will be expendable when they out live their usefulness. So it is in a socialist revolution.

  • @pashav Even though you want a socialist government this is still the U.S. I have the right of free speech. Either you have such a low command of the English language that you use only a minimum of wordage or you are threatening me. Either way, bring it on. Go play 60s activist wanna be game some where else. I have neither the time nor the desire to entertain your childish rants. You have no solutions just mayhem and chaos. I'm sorry your bed wetting lasted longer than you would have liked.

  • @Jakexx01 i like how you try to justify yourself by assuming i am everything you jsut mentioned when i am not. either way, you are just like FOX NEWS, lies after lies after lies. next time bring the right statistics or just shut the fuck up.

  • @pashav Sorry "pashy", don't think I'm like Fox News, merely a US citizen LEGALLY expressing his opinion under the right of free speech. I'm not assuming anything, only stating what's obvious to me. You seem to run on childish emotion, not facts. Your so angry about my post, you're spelling suffers. And by the way, in the post you're so vulgarly replying to, I gave no statistics, merely opinion. I think you want so badly to squelch my voice because I challenge your thinking, or lack there of.

  • @Jakexx01 when you say it is 30 to 1, then thats some sort of statistics. show me one source that says people who dont support occupy are 30 times more than people who support it. if you can , then im wrong. If i am right, then shut up. Also , this country has free speech and you can be anything behind your computer desk. But just like most people, people choose to be stupid and talk like idiots without facts. Just like you. Now peace, go spread lies other places to the idiots who will believeit

  • @pashav That's absolutely BRILLIANT Pashy. You tell me to shut up and then you stand behind the protection of the U.S. Constitution spewing your sewage about the right of free speech. You choose to hide behind the very document you and the Obama Administration are trying to neuter. You talk about going in peace, when at the same time you regurgitate Maoist doctrine. Remember Mao and his thugs murdered 70,000,000 people during the revolution. You tarnish the word peace when you flippantly use it.

  • @pashav Support free speech if you wish, that's great, but I suggest you read and re-read several more times the ENTIRE U.S. Constitution. Look up the words you don't know, study it. You'll find there's a LEGAL WAY to follow free speech. If you're just an anarchist then you know good and well what you are supporting in these loudmouthed punks is a tactic straight from Mao's Little Red Book, filtered through the warped minds of the 60s Weather Men.There's no exchange of ideas only chaos.

  • @pashav OK, I'll stop responding. I think you know you don't have a leg to stand on, and deep within you'll never stop thinking "what if he's right?" Remember what has been said here. If you ever become a parent or if you are a parent now, ask your self if what you support politically is in your child's best interest. Will it give them a better life and a brighter future.

  • @Jakexx01 you do realize these people are fighting for the future that has been destroyed right? That our children will not have jobs, good education and so on, right? and no, i will never ask those questions from myself that you mentioned. I am very sure that You are wrong. but it is alright. big corporate media does know how to brainwash. I cant blame ya.. I will pray for you.

  • @pashav Most protesters are ignorant that their role is to create chaos. Capitalism is being destroyed to be replaced with Socialism under the left. Neither of you have solutions. Historically, they are the expendable puppets who publicly start revolutions then are killed when they've outlived their usefulness. The left sweeps in and restores order. Ex. the Chinese Cultural Revolution, 70,000,000 dead. Who's brainwashed? Mao outlawed religion. Who will you be praying to, Obama? Don't bother.

  • @Jakexx01 dude, please stop comparing 2 events that are EXTREMELY uncomparable. we are not against capitalism, but corporatocracy. google it. there are 2 different things.

  • @pashav I'm not your DUDE. Please enter the arena of thoughts and ideas with intelligence and dignity. Then enlighten me as to YOUR interpretation of what the differences are. You throw about words yet fail to explain. I want to know YOUR view not regurgitated left wing rhetoric. You understand there's a difference between the two? Anyone can Google. WHAT DO YOU AS AN INDIVIDUAL THINK? Under Socialism you're individualism is silenced . Think for yourself. Here's your chance to enlighten me.

  • Glenn Beck is a Great American.

    The "Occupy" agitators are foreign-allied, Muslim sympathizers, and Obama supporters. They are the antithesis to American culture and ideals. They are hate, they are ignorance, they are racism, they are thieves.

  • @d3ltadrive no it doesn't. Muslim does not equal extremist murderer. I think you're referring to the Taliban and Occupy does not sympathize with the Taliban.

  • @Tessa543

    The Muslim goal is subversion and destruction of Western culture and politics, and of course faith. Sharia is a system of oppression of non-Muslims. Look at the genocide of Christians by Muslims in Egypt, Turkey, Pakistan, Lebanon, Iraq. Look at the ethnic cleansing of the English people by Muslims in England. Muslims pray for Sharia, they pray for our enslavement. Wake up.

  • @d3ltadrive

    Hello friend. These traitors know about the monstrosity of the Sharia. They just play dumb as a tactic. The Muslims are cunning, and they have made arguing in bad faith on the internet an art.

  • @tomtom90 Watch what you ask for, you might get it. Historically those who cause the chaos needed for a Socialist revolution are themselves sacrificed without a second thought after the socialists gain power. They figure if they can't be controlled they must be eliminated. Study the French Revolution, though no a socialist revolution per se the same outcome for the masses and those in the government who pushed for the over throw. Many heads rolled then, yours may as well if you get what you want

  • @2001EZ 1) im not
    2) read your comments and it seems that you are a hater. We are all children of God and yet you discriminate and hate on your brothers and sisters. I will pray for you that one day you can see the bigger picture and get rid of the image the media has been showing about certain groups, Muslims, blacks, asians, Latinos, arabs , women , and so on. Hate will never make you a good person

  • @Jakexx01 Read the Declaration of Independence and you will find why Americans simply don't, and will not, allow a group of immature and ill-informed wannabe socialists to weaken America's strength. America, for very specific reasons, is not France, England or any other country that you would like us to be. Learn our history & embrace it – or move to the country you want to the U.S. to emulate. You will be happier.

  • Sorry Jakexx01. Not meant for you. You are right in your comment. A good example is the new French President. A rich socialist that will implement (but mostly talk about) policies that will not affect him and appease the adolescent masses he "rules".

  • I agree. Let's watch the outcome from across the pond and see how our limp wristed press will at first support the further rape of France and when they haven't a logical leg to stand on change their tune while tucking their tails between their legs and running to distance themselves from the obvious. We haven't a press in the U.S. Both sides push their agendas instead of presenting the facts and allowing the public to glean the truth out for themselves. Then again, most Americans could care less

  • I am sure these guys fancy themselves real radicals, authentic revolutionaries…fighting the machine at Barnes & Nobles. What a bunch of anti-intellectual, groupthink followers.

  • it's gonna be a sad day when them foreign troops round up all the people who think these young men and women are "crazy/stupid" for doing this while they have a chance to hopefully awaken someone

  • Here is how low Beck will go for a laugh:

    Glenn Beck thinks the miscarriage of a colleague's baby is good to joke about – on-air. Beck is a total sociopath, a and cruel man, deserves no civility.

    Salon article, Alexander Zaitchik, 9.22.2009

  • hey herald what have u ever really done in ur life? we atleast did something that ment something 2 us. go back 2 ur couch sitting hot pocket munching false reality

  • The college drop out Beck can't handle it, the coward had to have them escorted out. What a pathetic schmuck.

  • Wow, that demonstration reflects how stupid you guys are. Open an economics book and learn something and stop shouting about looking like clowns with an unknown intent.

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