Overlooking the Hong Kong Bay with its 108 stories it is completed in 2010 according to regulations that limit the height below the surrounding mountains. It holds the Guinness record for the biggest light and music show on a single building. With a very original open top part initially designed to be a circle, then a trapezio it is not the tallest building in Shanghai. The tallest green building on the planet. Thanks to innovative systems for cooling and recycling water. Symbol of evolution and Asian tradition it is designed to withstand typhoons and earthquakes. The building looks over the Pearl River and hosts conference centers, hotel, sky decks , malls and offices. Its elevator shows the architectural past of the city the building is also known as Freedom Tower Built after the 9/11 attacks that destroyed the Twin Towers the building reaffirms the US commitment to protect freedom. In 2015 an extension is built on top of the building designed to endure earthquakes of magnitude 9 of Richter’s scale and winds blowing over 130 km/h In 2015 an extension is added to make it China’s second talles building. Only a few meters away from the world’s largest mosque and from Islam’s most sacred place the tower shows off the planet’s biggest clock readable from 25 km away. Designed to reach high levels of energy efficiency it can host up to 16,000 people every day. 57 lifts in total carry people in the tallest building in the world. It takes 36 people working non-stop for 4 months to clean the whole exterior.

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