Global Cyber Alliance: Let's Do Something!

cybersecurity landscape over the last five years has changed the way it changed the prior five years in the prior five years before that the threats and the risks are continuing to go up what we're saying is a significant increasing volume and the threat is global without a doubt today fully a quarter of the criminal indictments we file in our most serious cases involve cybercrime or cyber naval fraud so it is where crime is going there two types of people either those that know they've had a cyber event and those that don't know if it actually did have one the challenge is that we are not on a path to developing resilient IT and communication systems we keep connecting more and more devices to the Internet those devices are getting smarter and smarter and we're depending on the more and more every day we're seeing the vulnerability across a range of objects that perhaps a few years ago like fridges kettles lawn mowers that would not have had this technology Internet of Things is upon us and most of the products that are being developed and fielded have virtually no security I decided to found the global cyber alliance with the city of London police because I believed that the best way to reduce cyber crime was not to prosecute it through indictments and arrests but to prevent it there must be a way that we can together get some scale to try and address some of these these sort of challenges we must avoid becoming irrelevant in a world with cybercrime GCA makes an impact by building solutions that people can use that are free to use and they concretely reduce their risk a very big part of our mission is to work within the industry so things are just much safer in the moment you turn your computer on and because we are not profit motivated I think we have the credibility that our decision-making in our our software and our objectives are really driven by public good not the benefit of shareholders it's not a pay-to-play organization so we don't charge people for membership we don't charge people for using our solutions GCA is viewed as a non-political unbiased adviser and as a result it's one that organizations can trust our thought is that the best cybersecurity strategy the best cybersecurity solution is to actually do something and that's what differentiates us from a lot of other organizations we're interested in finding places where there's a big risk like fishing that is not being adequately addressed and there are solutions that are just not being deployed although they could be and they'd have let's take some of that those solutions that are already out there but actually provide the evidence base that they work and give people a really easy way of adopting global cyber Alliance doesn't want to replace anybody elses initiatives it doesn't want a box anybody out of the way wants to leverage and highlight those initiatives and work together to build a community globally that can actually make people safer online this is about a group of world leaders and visionaries that want to come to the table as a collective power to bring bear on the cyber risk and how to improve it the mantra if you will is do something measured we're about making a concrete difference right now making a measurable difference in making the world a better place we're out here to help you and by helping you we're helping the entire global

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