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so the European Union is in the news a
lot right now because the British are trying desperately to break free from
its iron grip but we need to understand how we got here if we want to understand
what’s really going on because you know back in the 1950s if they had told
people hey we’re gonna take away your national sovereignty we’re gonna take
away your right to govern yourselves as independent nations and we are gonna
impose a federal super state over which you’ll have no control over you and you
know dozens of other European countries they would have been laughed out of the
room I mean they might have been locked up in the loony bin right because it’s
absolutely crazy and yet that’s exactly what happened so after World War two the
the globalist got together and they sold a giant bill of goods to the Europeans
they said well we just want a Coal and Steel community so we’re just gonna
create a few European institutions and you know don’t worry everybody’s still
going to govern themselves we’re all still gonna be independent nations but
we’re gonna merge our coal and our steel industries together so that we don’t
fight against each other anymore isn’t that cute and the Europeans you know not
expecting their political leadership to be liars said oh okay we’ll go along
with that over the years they got bolder and bolder and bolder so they created
the the European Economic Community and then it was just the European community
and then it was the European Union right piece by piece by piece they took away
more and more sovereignty to the point now where the European Union is building
its own military they’ve got their own law enforcement agencies they’ve got
their own Intelligence Agency they have got all sorts of government institutions
they’ve got courts right they’ve got a fake parliament that it looks a little
bit like a parliament but of course doesn’t make decisions like a parliament
and so you now have created a supranational government almost an
empire over the peoples of Europe and they did it all by lying every step of
the way right every time they took away more sovereignty they said oh we respect
your sovereignty and just little piece by little piece they eroded it to the
point now where the vast majority of the laws that the people of Europe live
under are developed in Brussels right by the European Commission which is the
primary legislative body the European Union so it’s very very
dangerous what’s happening Europe and it’s very manipulative – you know I was
actually living in France when they were asked to vote on the European
Constitution just to give you an example of how this is so corrupt how it’s just
all based on lies and fraud so in France and in the Netherlands when they were
trying to impose this EU Constitution on the once sovereign independent peoples
of Europe on the nation states of Europe they said hey we want this Constitution
but the French decided to vote on it and the Dutch decided to vote on it and in
both cases they voted no I mean not just no they voted heck no and so what
happened did the European Italy say oh I guess the people don’t want a European
Union Constitution I guess we’ll just back off and we’ll just let them you
know keep doing what they’re doing of course they didn’t say that right they
went back to the drawing board they renamed this abomination the the Lisbon
Treaty they retained over 95% of the exact same stuff that was in the
Constitution and they imposed it on them anyway only this time they didn’t ask
them what they thought right so there was no vote they just pretended like it
was a treaty and they ratified it without asking the people what they
thought so this is par for the course when it comes to these supranational
institutions and again every step of the way they talk about don’t worry you
still are gonna be sovereign you’re still gonna be an independent nation now
they have their own currency right the euro which they’re trying to suck more
nations into this is very very dangerous freedom is not gonna survive under these
conditions you know one of the reasons that Europe did develop the amount of
political freedom that it did over the years was precisely because it was a
land of many sovereign nations and had sovereign jurisdiction so there was a
lot of competition between the jurisdictions if your national
government be or your prince or whatever became too despotic
all you had to do is pack up and move 100 miles away and you’d be in a new
country where the the leadership was not so despotic and where the taxes were
more reasonable and where you could worship God according to the dictates of
your own conscience according to your understanding of the Bible so this
really helped freedom to flourish in Europe now as we move the other
direction we’re seeing freedom being eroded at a frightening pace so the EU
has now developed all these censorship programs to censor the internet they’ve
required all these so Media Giants to censor what people are
allowed to say you have intergovernmental cooperation where you
know German said hey I don’t like mass migration well quick break down his door
right all this is going now through the European Union now the European Union is
extracting more and more tax money they’ve got all the farmers dependent on
European subsidies and they have publicly announced their intention to
become a European empire with a European army with total and complete power
nation states would be essentially administrative units in charge of
implementing decisions made by unelected bureaucrats in Brussels this is not
sustainable in fact this is monstrous very very dangerous and as we saw
there’s really no escaping right the the British people
more British people voted to leave the European Union than have ever voted for
anything in all of British history right there has never been so many people in
Britain voting for one thing as there were voting for brexit and so what
happens while they are doing everything possible to prevent a brexit to keep the
poor British people ensnared under the boot of Brussels and this is just a
start right this is just the beginning as we mentioned in another episode we
did of behind the deep state these regional governments really form the
foundation of the emerging New World Order and they’ve told us this on
multiple occasions you have for example the African Union in Africa that Putin
is building the Eurasian Union in Southeast Asia they have the Association
of Southeast Asian Nations in Latin America they have the Union of South
American states and a whole bunch of other ones right miracle sewer and the
Andean trading agreement and all these different things that they’ve developed
the Pacific Alliance all these different trans national governing bodies and of
course we have the OAS the Organization of American States which ensnares the
entire Western Hemisphere so with all these different regional governments
popping up all over the world now they’re trying to build the Middle East
Union and this is really how they’re bringing about their globalist agenda
right they know you can’t just go straight from a world of sovereign
nation-states into a global government so they figured out that the best way to
do was to go from sovereign nation state to regional governments and then from
regional governments to global governance and the European Union is the
premier example right they kind of blazed a trail ahead on how do you
convince people without telling them what’s going on how do you convince
people to allow you to usurp their sovereignty how do you convince people
to allow them to give up their inalienable right to govern themselves
to make decisions for their own Nations for their own families for their own
peoples and to place those authorities in the hands of unelected unaccountable
bureaucrats who don’t have to run for office who don’t have to face voters who
don’t have to answer to really anybody how do you do that well the European
Union provided the template and they’ve told us over and over again that the
European Union is the template now you have people like Henry Kissinger saying
that the new world order is gonna be built by bringing out these regional
orders which a little bench eventually be merged into a one world order so this
is the strategy guys and if you want to see how it looks look at the European
Union now again Americans are not immune from this right
they have been working on this for a long time in the United States with
NAFTA was kind of the foundation right exact same process they followed in the
European Union right you started off with a free trade agreement just like in
the EU they started off with the European free trade agreement right
after the Coal and Steel Union in America we started off with a North
American Free Trade Agreement exact same process you start off by setting up
these transnational regulations under the guise of facilitating trade and
reducing barriers to trade then you need got courts to be able to
enforce these regulations well you know what if an American company invests in
Mexico and and they don’t you know the Mexicans don’t live up to their end of
the deal well we need transnational courts to be able to sort those things
out so that is what they’ve done to the people of Europe and now you see the EU
imposing all kinds of crazy policies on the people of Europe right open borders
the people of Europe don’t want open borders in fact even in the open borders
countries in in Germany the people overwhelmingly reject open borders that
people overwhelmingly reject the mass migration so what does the EU do they
say oh well now all the countries needed it is right now we let in millions and
millions and millions of people from North Africa the Middle East you know
millions of Muslims who have cultures that are completely different from the
traditional Christian European cultures that have existed there for centuries in
some cases Millenia so what do we do now we’re
gonna redistribute the – we’re gonna force hungry to take some we’re gonna
force Poland to take some we’re gonna force the Czech Republic to take some
against their will this is what’s happening folks now the the European
Union imposed gun control right they they forced the countries with less
strict they even forced non-members to impose gun control right just recently
the Swiss were were bullied and terrorized by the European Union into
adopting gun control the EU basically threatened them with a wide array of
different threats that if they didn’t implement stricter gun control including
you know gun registries and and more background checks and more controls over
firearms then they were not going to be allowed to do certain things with the EU
so the EU again has become a monster it is the template for what’s gonna come to
the entire planet if we’re not careful greg’s it shows very clearly what
happens when you try to leave it’s like the Hotel California you can check-in
but you can never leave right isn’t that fun
so Americans we need to be very very aware of this agenda we need to
understand this agenda we’ve got a lot of articles about this in the new
American magazine to help you understand to give you a good sense of this we did
one years ago called EU regionalization Trump’s sovereignty you can go read that
and you can get a sense of how they deceived the people of Europe at every
step of the way and this goes back also to the Central Intelligence Agency you
know III wrote a book with a global it’s some years ago called world federalism
101 and we show how the CIA played a crucial role in bringing this about they
were talking about merging the European Union with the United States to form
this Atlantic Union and the amazing thing about this is they used to be much
more open about it in the 1940s and into the 1950s they were much more open about
their agenda to smash the national sovereignty and to create these regional
governing structures that would eventually lowered it over entire
nations again the EU was the premier example but then after they merged all
the countries of Europe together they wanted to merge it with the United
States I said one reason why you had to merge all of Europe together before
merging with the United States is because the smaller countries of Europe
would not be willing to enter into any kind of monstrosity like that knowing
that the United States would completely overpower them but if you could get all
of Europe together under one government then it would be much easier
to create this Atlantic Union which would you know thereby facilitate the
creation of this global union so folks national sovereignty is very very
important that’s why the deep state is waging war on it why because a world of
sovereign nations is much more difficult to enslave right if you have independent
sovereign self-governing nations like the United States we can protect the
rights and the freedoms and the economy of our people the French can protect
their own rights in their own economy right
the Congolese can protect theirs but once you get rid of that barrier that
the protective layer that protects our ability to govern ourselves that protect
that puts a check on the power of governments you suddenly open the door
to enormous dangers that are a threat to the freedom not just of Americans but to
people all over the world folks get up to speed on this stuff it’s incredibly
important again it’s a crucial tactic of the deep state I mean the the the
European Union is best understood as just a tool of the deep state so if you
want to get involved in stopping it make sure you understand these things watch
the episodes we did and then make sure you like subscribe and share this video
go to the new American comm and subscribe there thanks for watching I’m
Alex Newman with behind the deep state and until next week god bless

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  • Conspiracy Theorist!
    Anyone that has said these two words as to ad hominid attack those that warned, will be to blame for the fall of freedom!
    Useful idiots!

  • But once everybody is convinced to get the RFID chip in their hand, like some employees by the thousands already do at many companies – ( connected to GPS location/banking records/monetary transactions/health records, etc. ) – then the beloved leaders from Central Planning will really start to show their love for the people.

  • United States of Europe Under Germany was Hitler's endgame and the plan went goes back to the Kaisers – or at the wish. So, who won? Euopean idjuts?

  • Excellent presentation Alex. That is the real history of the EU. It was the plan from the beginning but they have brainwashed and indoctrinated everyone with lies till the moment there is no way back. Our leaders are all globalists and corrupt, all nationalists are taken down with lies, propaganda, demonetization and with real corruption. These people belongs in jail forever.

  • Globalism means no more boundaries which means no more countries which means no more sovereignty! Don’t say you haven’t been warned!

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  • Putin isn't building a Euraisan union. Soros has been booted from Russia because of the threat to the federation. Russia's presence thwarts globalism. It did so in Syria and Venezuela. Russia's booting of Soros & resistance to globalism is why she's blamed for everything by our globalist apparatus.

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