GMFS Mortgage digital tools help realtors, loan officers and borrowers

your information your email your text
messages and you can go to part of things like the appraisals going out
it’s going on your on your sim processing things like that things that
you as a realtor would want to know throughout the process absolutely and I
think that’s so important to the process it’s such an added value when I’ve
worked with GMS FS in the past and and they’re privy to that to mollify it’s
been great and i’ll tell you why a lot of times buyers have questions and if
they can’t get the lender because let’s face it you guys can’t sit by the phone
24 hours is dad you’ve got work to do you’ve got people getting half of this
right and so when they call us they say well you know call my mom so I couldn’t
get up I want to know about this or where am I in the process even though we
don’t know their private information at least we can say well you know what I
can tell that you’re here in the process and that means this so right now you’re
causing underwriting that means they’re taking them look at everything closely
there’s scrub it up your file and you’re getting closer to closing right and so
it really helps to be able to offer that kind of information
another thing is is important to give them peace of mind know if I know you
know we are a team at that point and I can basically reinforce and hey you know
it’s happening this is where we are don’t worry about it
all clients are here or whatever the conversational topics it’s gonna be but
I can literally back you up and say oh no he’s he’s gonna there this is where
we are you know and you don’t have to worry so that peace of mind basically
having it in a communication everyone’s all one accord and so it’s a smoother
process that way because you know people fall off and they’ll have fear and so
forth everything or first-time buyers special

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