Gnu Freedom

Hello, my name is Didi and I distribute Gnu Snowboards and Gnu Bindings here in Austria. We got the Freedom here. A multi-entry Fastec binding. What does multi-entry mean? You can, like with a normal
traditional binding, of course use the straps and the buckles –
or the Fastec system. And that’s very simple, if you want to get into your binding easily and quickly. Just ‘click’, ‘click’ – enter – ‘boom’
and here we go! A very fast and simple way. Super easy
binding. As you can see, you’re standing very close to the board. Which means you’ve also got a super direct power transmission, a
sturdy aluminium frame, and an asymmetrical highback. Simply a cool binding for all mountain freestyle. Hey, you’re going fast with that binding!
Have fun with it!

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