“God bless Martin O’Malley”: Former Maryland governor takes on acting DHS head in bar

This article originally appeared at Common Dreams. It is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3 0 License. Feel free to republish and share widely.  The night before Thanksgiving is a time for many Americans to head down to the local bar and meet up with old friends from their school days But sometimes — as President Donald Trump’s virulently anti-immigrant acting deputy secretary of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli found out Wednesday — those encounters can leave a sting  Cuccinelli, an outspoken opponent of immigration who has been referred to as a “white supremacist” by Rep Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., and others, was excoriated by former Maryland Gov Martin O’Malley at a Washington pub called the Dubliner during an unofficial meetup for alumni of Gonzaga College High School on Wednesday night Advertisement:  According to The Washington Post, O’Malley “unloaded his frustration at the Trump administration’s separation of migrant children from their parents and detention of immigrants in chain-link enclosures at the southern U S. border.”  “We all let him know how we felt about him putting refugee immigrant kids in cages — certainly not what we were taught by the Jesuits at Gonzaga,” O’Malley told the Post via text message  O’Malley also referred to Cuccinelli as “the son of immigrant grandparents who cages children for a fascist president” in a follow-up text Advertisement:  An immigration hardliner with a long record of anti-immigrant sentiments, Cuccinelli in August said the Statue of Liberty’s greeting should be reinterpreted to read “Give me your tired and your poor who can stand on their own two feet and who will not become a public charge ” The Trump official’s antipathy toward immigrants from the global south was also on display as he made a point of noting that in his view the statue’s message was solely for “people coming from Europe ”  Progressives praised O’Malley for taking a stand.  “God bless Martin O’Malley,” tweeted New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg Advertisement:

11 thoughts on ““God bless Martin O’Malley”: Former Maryland governor takes on acting DHS head in bar

  • Sorry, but God doesn't bless derogatory, wussy, POS 's that want to verbally berate a man when they know the subject of their indignation can't defend themselves without going to jail ! Nor does God Bless moronic, lifeless, rag reporters who condone & glorify (Michelle Goldberg) the actions of those slime-bags. Satan may … but God doesn't !

  • The Kids Obama put in Cages by Obama, This Disqualifies all of the Candidates Running for the Presidential Nomination that were in the Federal govt. in 2014

    AP FACT CHECK: 2014 photo wrongly used to hit Trump policies


    THE FACTS: The photos, taken by The Associated Press, were from 2014, during the Obama administration, but were presented by liberal activists as if they showed the effects of Trump’s immigration policy now. Villaraigosa, Favreau and some others deleted their tweets when the mistake was pointed out.

    They had linked to a June 2014 online story by The Arizona Republic titled “First peek: Immigrant children flood detention center.” The story featured photos taken by AP’s Ross D. Franklin at a center run by the Customs and Border Protection Agency in Nogales, Arizona. One photo shows two unidentified female detainees sleeping in a holding cell. The caption refers to U.S. efforts to process 47,000 unaccompanied children at the Nogales center and another one in Brownsville, Texas.

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