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oh hell no yo what's going on everybody is JD and we are back for God of War alright we're moving right along I'm on Episode four chapter whatever I don't know what exactly whoa whoa I forgot I pushed the wrong button and I had at Reyes start to aim towards me all right so we we made it here I did slight upgrades and I also realized that down on the d-pad will give you a quick 180 so that way I can fight people better so yeah we've been learning what's up at Reyes I think we should what is that something trying to attack us oh there's bad guys here already okay all right well here we go Oh another way I also upgraded at Reyes with some moves so that he can fight alongside me unless I did that in the last episode I don't remember doing it oh another one of these oh whoa whoa oh okay all right so it's a whole bunch of fighting going on right now saw that coming I wonder why they don't get along I mean they're just down at her alone boy okay I got a new what's it called that's cool got a new waist guard without having to pay for it I appreciate that roll up Oh some are kenton some bracers yes let's get it alright that's cool I didn't know you could pick up these like just mid-game going this way I definitely missed to something on the floor back there or not on the floor but something I missed it's okay though not a big deal oh okay course oh I always get hit by her Oh oh wait sorry man dang are you kidding me I deserved that I was I was pushing square thinking that it was my punch button but it's the kids attack button all right y'all we're back to fighting this revenant who's coming up so let's let's get this going I'm blocking that bro alright sorry for not talking I'm just like focused at this point and I want to go back and search I pick that up or no okay yeah Basu okay alright so what is this over here no idea okay what about over this way where we originally supposed to probably go through this area probably so let's instead go the opposite way because this whole area is covered in that but smoke or actually this might be the way that we were supposed to go I don't know whoa whoa my controllers acting weird whoa what the heck what is this hidden chambers oh yeah haven't we looked at one of these before it's locked I don't know Nuala Oh new location found okay obviously punching it is not gonna do anything JD I think we need my axe right yeah no we need something else not a runic huh okay I don't I don't understand the hidden chambers I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do with that not a big deal all right there's smoke right here that also does nothing I'm just I'm interested in what we're supposed to do in the lore but I have no idea what I guess what you're supposed to do with those two parts I suppose we'll be back all right for right now let's just go through this get my controllers acting so weird all right here we go into the icy caverns of Mount Olympus or wherever this is Mount maybe I can carry her I told you know why she meant more to me than you anyway what I just meant I spend more time with hunting it'll serve you to stop talking oh that yes okay all right I focus JD focus focus focus I was kind of looking at all the characters that we were just fighting on all right pick up a few trinkets something tells me that explodes something tells me these all explode and I guess I should have used them yeah I could have used them while fighting okay not a big deal not only shut down half all right how do I get around here pry up them blow up you know this is I feel like I'm being mad boring and I'm not trying to I'm just focused so what's up y'all how are you doing how is this oh I got a new shoulder gauntlet yes okay not really the cutest color but it's cool cute JD this game is not about being cute about being the god of war all right let's see all right cool so we got these new shoulder straps you know this okay they're okay I guess you could say I got the talisman yo these are trash look at these oh here we go oh you can blow them up okay and there we go let's get this chess yeah I do not like these shoulder pads they look so bad charge of the white bear a light running rune excuse me light Roenick attack how do we how do we get this oh that looks dope that looks dope let's can we use this equip and can we upgrade it sure can for a thousand all right cool hell's touch we can know that was the XP I use no I thought that was money oh I play myself Yoho and these ugly yellow shoulder pads they look so bad all right I'm taking a lot I'm taking my time a lot so for those of you for those of you who want me to maybe hurry up and progress I don't blame you all right we're good we looked around let's go in here whatever here is what the oh my god oh my god you really oh my god I'm not ready sorry y'all oh my goodness oh my god I'm not ready okay what the he's throwing bad guys what's the heck let's go shoot oh my god y'all alright if I lose this first one you understand what I can't I know I'm almost dead kid trying to find health on the floor I don't see any there's no health on the floor this is all I can do let's bring him a help back oh there we go there we go oh that's that some behind me no now I thought I've dodged that bro okay I dodged that I can't get out of there once there we go let's get him our three destroy oh shoot r1 + L to open hey r1 and r2 whole wait a minutes not over oh we got me you got me come on yeah right I would have been pissed if we lost that symbol of truth ririn champion champion increases strength and ruling by three okay give me my help though legendary and impossible material that houses the rage of fire and the temper of ice generated through the mighty battles used to upgrade the Leviathan axe thank god help anyone there's no health around here still well y'all know it is all right well at least I survived it first try I would have done way better if I was like more focused on the fighting mechanics for I just should've dodged more dodge and roll let's hope that through this door I can find some help maybe there's some help over no I no health over there Dow I see I'm looking for a little green things on the floor I don't see any all right here we go I got to take off these goofy arm pads by the way mountain base oh there's no indeed I'm also dying right now boy here we go this should bring me back here we go brought me back a little bit how do we get into these porcupine shrubs you got to like set off some fire hold on speaking of which we can upgrade Leviathan how do we options no Leviathan wooden grip or maybe I have to take Leviathan to the shop first we have nothing no runic s' for the boy we got to give her these shoulder pads they're so bad let's go back to the blue one why not all right yeah okay skills I need to build up my skills but I haven't used them I got I need to get my XP up all right here we go the boy look like a football player oh wait here we go this this thing's doubt it can we cut through I do not care I think I do not care what we're here if we're here why not just why not just solve the problem for him Kratos Kratos just solved the no all right I guess there must be an option to fix this eventually but we'll do that later right now let's go up this mountain father oh boy I knock you off the cliff father smoke that ain't no goddamn smoke the hell is that stay back boy get Joe goofy-ass away from there boy must find another way up which she was here then she could get us past this my magic is useless against the black breath and there's no way around it Odin saw to that long ago oh yeah making sure you can finish your journey why would to warn us I was busy saving my friend if you remember the black breath is a corruption of magic even I can't dispel only the pure light of all time is strong enough to break through but that road is long what does this girl mean to you it's everything follow me why help us maybe I see more of myself in you that I'm willing to admit maybe maybe by helping you I'll make up for a lifetime of mistakes or maybe I just like you even though he shot your friend even though you shot my friend yes where must we go to a realm beyond your own why did this chick not teach us path the mountain is that an episode are we done no we got more time because I've wasted a lot of time trying to do stuff but wait hello lady you could teleport this whole time for a little while this whole time trick a switch has been able to teleport she could have saved us a trip if she wanted to teleport us all the way here unless she's doing astral projection on some luke skywalker stuff alright I'm having fun though I like this game is fun wait did we come through that door she's gonna fix the branches I knew it we'll use this gray thigh syndrome red dwarf at the foot of these hills we got here no one was there when I passed by perhaps he finished dwarves are awfully resourceful and irritating based on the two we have met that to wait the dwarf isn't there anymore does he like not exist or something was he all but a dream hold on before we do that look at all this I need you all to move so I can all right there we can throw these down at those little areas and get get out the way here's temple is at the center of the lake yes from there we travel to all time thankfully it's no longer underwater why is that creature in the bay no one knows he just appeared one day soon after Thor attacked and their battle could be felt across all the realms look here we go dome this solar return to Odin empty-handed the Serpent's stayed and grew so large he now spans all of Midgard that one works see told you they've hated each other ever since destined to kill each other come Ragnarok these beasts door at least all this from Marvel they stole these stories from Marvel Comics an exaggeration I'm good with languages even ones I've never heard before oh when he talks I can't understand any of it sadly no one can he speaks a dead tongue Oh what are we doing we going backwards watch your step just along here are you sure we came through here before and there's no way see is that so let me show you something are you watching lioska elven architecture my bowstring was soaked in the light of all time it can now reawaken the magic of the elves wait he won't just disappear will it not as long as the light shines free this way I want one those roots what kind of magic is its van air from then on you know if it just doors other than sandwich about the van your guts just that they're always at war with the a seer as compared to learn the door there's a good guy there are no good gods boy thought I taught you that because you killed them all brat all the ones that wanted to be good he's dead alright so what's the plan are we gonna read this stuff are we gonna throw our all hime at this or what no what are we doing are we supposed to be reading hold on those rooms the fire realm no place for children even brave ones the tongue of nifflheim a foul place of ice and we're supposed to go back i'm trimmed whorfin mischief sorry i'm thinking that we had stuff to do in those rooms all right we came all this way just to go backwards tears temple build with help from the giant great tear used it to travel the nine realms then keep the peace between them it seemed very peaceful everywhere we go we're attack especially by dead things the RISM dead grow ever more numerous once the roads and trails would have been full of people now all have hid or fled safe for the Reavers savage enough to survive in such a world all right make a ride at the bottom of these stairs okay hey another one of those like horses wait there while I real waken the life that did it what are we doing exactly mending the disrepair start by lifting that axle I don't trust her some fishy about this lady good now push it back into place now push the bridge along the track how is the whole entire bridge turning boy you're really strong just keep pushing until the bridge reaches its first position tired yet no he's always been really strong this is all very suspicious but very cool someone call him he'll walk but what are they they are poor restless souls denied their judgments and their feet by what convened your magic raised event it's good one but this is no spell this flag of dead is but a symptom of a world out of balance something or someone has meddled with powerful forces that is all I know for sure I don't think y'all realize what Kratos was just doing dummy strong my back hurts your back through these doors wait so did the Giants or the eligibility or something all the races helped with its construction it was the last great act of cooperation between the realms before peace disappeared for good follow me boy boy all right lyosha your bowstring stop going its power is now depleted only a few knocks of magic remained in the bowstring and we used them your boat please oh the boy once you claim the light of all time infuse the bowstring with its power don't forget okay you talk like you're not coming with us Oh what is this but measures were taken to keep me away we've been we've been in hearing why the gods don't care for me much so many gods so little time so dark this temple has been asleep underwater for almost a hundred and fifty winters it needs only the light of the Bifrost to reawaken realm travel room sorry I keep cutting my face out because I keep thinking that we're gonna cut seam but I guess not all right I'm sure we'll get one soon enough this game is pretty your magic they aren't these roots are part of the great world tree and make travel between the realms possible alright let's go around to this approach the table how does it work you will need this a Bifrost to create travel between realms that's a cutscene it can capture hold and transfer the light of all time place the Bifrost there with authority now give it a moment the temple needs time to wake up from its long slumber it is from this room and this room alone that you will be able to cross between realms what you see before you represents the temple in which we stand as well as the realm towers that encircle the lake of nine outside all the realms exist in the same physical space reflections of each other these doors the towers outside and the nine realms are all intertwined and coexisting on the branches of the world tree separated only by the Bifrost light of all time this place can focus and control that light and is this the world tree only an artistic representation of it no the Yggdrasil is much much more than this The Tree of Life is bound to the fate of the world just as we are bound to it the tree nourishes our soils the dew from its leaves feeds our valleys and rivers the trees very existence supports all of creation along its bounds its life energy in a Roven into the tapestry of life birth growth death and rebirth every strand transcending time transcending space everything comes back to the tree so that's how it works but I'm guessing you were looking for a more practical answer yes very well the bridge you pushed outside is currently positioned to lead to the realm of Anaheim instead turn the wheel to our actual destination all time all right so you turn this wheel yes the wheel turns the bridge and the bridge aligns to the different realm Towers on the lake outside oh wow wait there's no Tower and that's why realm travel to Jotunheim is impossible without a tower for the bridge to lock into the sequence can't begin okay so we are gonna travel around oh I get it one two the bridge to that realm I'm giving you the one for all fine now you can lock in your destination okay so this is the nine realms this is specifically the story if obviously we knew that Thoreau it in all that stuff I won't let me move okay we're ready remember to take the Bifrost you don't want to lose that now the realm travel bridge will alive and the realm between realms will open how did we get here how did Kratos end up in in the north's each realm has a corresponding one that focuses and amplifies the power of the Bifrost opening the bridge to that realm that's why realm travel is only possible from this room certainly the Jotunheim tower disappeared from all realms over a hundred winters ago when the Giants vanished from Midgard where the tower went and how they moved it remain a mystery complete a realm beyond the Bifrost is dark this trip was its last use there's no going back until it's replenished with the light of all time so we are trapped someone of your ability should have little trouble getting back to Midgard and we'll be able to make that black bread go away with the captured light of all time yes ok so now we have to travel to each of the 9 realms or eight realms good I think we're missing one and then fight a bunch of evildoers and then I don't even know usually there's a purpose behind this I thought we were just trying to spread some ashes all right no biggie is okay we're still back here our boy will still be working there he's gonna be like what did y'all do here we go cutscene welcome to all time gentlemen think you can spot the light I can barely see it something's wrong see that column of light on the horizon it's housed in the heart of a ring temple we'll find what we need there oh oh to restore the Bifrost magic you must step into the light oh hell nah she's not likely um so now we're just on her quest to solve her problems yes please cool it all right nothing yo this is where we're gonna end it though y'all hey this is kind of you know I'm not sure yo why all right y'all I'm ended there yo if you enjoyed this video though hit that like button share the links description below subscribe in the middle you can check out those videos over there on the left hand side of my face wherever I'm trying to point to hey thank you for watching if you enjoy this let's play then let me know by hitting the like button or leaving some comments down below and we will keep it going will you be quiet boy trying to talk alright with that being said I'll catch on the next one patreon is there as well if you would like to support and check out some behind the scenes stuff and I'll see you later I'm out rage

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