Going to Buju Banton's "Long Walk to Freedom Concert" w/ Bestie | The FULL Experience pt2

hey guys welcome back to my channel how are you guys thank again for tuning in for yet again another video I just wanted to return it for those who joined the party late I'm in the same outfit that I was in for the last couple of videos because this is a blast from the past I'm doing I wanted to show you guys some of the footage that I've accumulated from not being on YouTube and not posting anything so I want today I wanted to do it like this so that's why I'm in the same outfit for the last couple of videos and as you can tell from the title this is wrong want to freedom Buju concert part two I hope you guys enjoy the first part because I know that's why you're here for the second part right no because they D like the first part so yeah this is part 2 of booty concert again I don't remember where I stopped power on one in terms of editing but it should be somewhere interesting and I know that you guys want to see the actual concert so let me stop talking right now and get straight into the concert and everyone girl everyone hi is Megan I passed to interrupt regularly scheduled programming just be mindful I was excited chronics is my fave some horrible singing is ahead I apologize but do do please enjoy the rest of the video what I feel inside goodnight Oh my know what I feel inside Oh amazing my I'm feeling fine right like I was with club with five minutes later where is he now any moment now right now where [Applause] really no we wrote [Applause] the phone gone again get it together people man valets do beautiful [Applause] [Applause] happy face [Applause] Wow don't even it [Applause] and tonight tomorrow [Applause] okay yes so it's just I won't don't it was an amazing yeah it was an amazing like top five best things I've ever done in my life like all the performance is really boring I would yeah yeah all the performances were good good juice essentials amazing and it was a it was just a good experience especially to be the first two people to see him perform after 10 years 10 years but anyways we're about to head out I'm gonna show I just got back home it's let me tell you the time right no it is 3:12 a.m. it was a day well spent like it was so amazing I wish I could have recorded every single bit of it but I also didn't want to be oh my gosh I need to get this phone video but at the same time I wanted to enjoy the show and enjoy what's going on because it was a really historic was really monumental and it was really fun I enjoyed it so much so I did get bits and pieces here and there I didn't get all of Bush's performance got most of it you guys you guys already saw a while ago but it was amazing I'm so happy that I went and it was a well needed break from all the stress and the trials and tribulations of school and I hope that other artists can take a page out of would use book and do it right because he certainly did it right for his homecoming performance or concert it was amazing so thank you guys so much for watching and I'll definitely see you in my next video and don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up share with all your friends that wanted to go to the budget concert but cool endure to the concert let them have a second hand experience through my video thank you guys again so much for watching don't forget to subscribe I don't remember saying that subscribe that subscribe or middle to become a part of my little growing family again for the last time thank you guys so so so so so for watching I'll see you in my next one bye

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