Golden Ring of Freedom 2015 Inductees

well we’re proud to recognize this year’s
four inductees to the golden ring of freedom in honor given to those who make
significant contributions to the NRA’s defense of the second amendment let me introduce them three years ago we
gave Ruger CEO Mike Pfeiffer for gold jacket today chief operating officer Chris Killoy will receive a second jacket for the
company he’s been instrumental in expanding the brand into one of the
leading firearms manufacturers in the world we are grateful for Ruger’s continued
support and I’m very humbled tour be representing
the folks at Ruger I was serving as vice president sales
and marketing and that’s the job I had up until I January of, uh, last year now when I was brought to the president
and chief operating officer Mike Pfeiffer was the first recipient on the the arena freedom jacket and you noted to be able to be up there on
stage with some the great names in this industry in so many great
supporters the array really is awesome is highly respected and very
knowledgeable frankly he’s the key day-to-day guy at Ruger that makes everything happen Sturm Ruger & Company was founded in 1949 by Will B. Ruger and Alexander Star mister rumors really one of the greatest
firearms designs small-time he came out with great products and the
company’s just took off overnight and going really well so we had to take
a different approach after Bill Ruger was cock we worked hard on developing new
products and some others were long-term and
pretty soon we were growing 20 percent a year and that was exciting last couple years rumors panda top
producer firearms in the United States and now won the top exporters firearms
as well we have now over 100 engineers router and all that much sooner say all
love guns somehow their specialties key is product
innovation new product development and making sure
your customers think if you’ve got a were gone you got a
problem with that will take care before that’s the kinda company I’m always
amazed within the rumor factories just that one
proud people are to be part of a rumor how hard working they are how committed
they are to produce great great firearms a few years ago we had the one main gun
challenge to raise fun funds for the oppressed he said would
donate dollar from every gun to the NRA and help us meet
the goal of giving an arraignment now and being the first US men fashion to build and sell on the Indians in a
single year was was a amazing the NRA does great work
for all of us %ah in now i Justi the industry but more
importantly for citizens the United States protecting the second an hour our Personal Rights so it’s important
make sure that we can perpetuate great legs because when the leading
firearms company in the world I think it’s doubly important that we
set the example that we step up to the table first an invite others to
follow us the NRA as about every man and woman in
america and protecting their gun rights Steve
Taylor morning handsome American Legacy
firearms have been engraving specially firearms since 2004 with every engraving project they take
on they find some way to give back with 13
employees their companies small but in only four years they have given
one million dollars to the NRA Stephen in Warren know we have to act
today to protect our future thank you for your
generous iPhone American actually firearms in
2004 first years were kinda rocky built it to
where it’s at now brought in a partner warrant that we
brought in a 2007 with great farms we try to were worth
lot different groups raise money you all are going to shoot a ball
they’re all there not reproduction don’t be afraid to handle on everything up and wrong they won their
first game comes off the line you know just kinda like a proud parent
see that again come out we want something that’s gonna be there for the test the time Stephen I
want Florida Africa a couple years ago we took our you know I rifles and which
are game with those guns to we want to show
that we do use these guns to homework you know a
lot of people say a with me I wouldn’t do you shoot a gun
stoop readership yes it’s beautiful but thing token you
know it’s a gathers has a purpose and misuse we started 56 years ago trying to get with Wayne
LaPierre to figure out how to get into the NRA how to give them money and what we’re able to you’re with him
and I understand that we really wanted to give I’ll he gave us the avenues to research
in get to that point became heavily
involved with the NRA on this level and 2012 to Chevron gurgle Jack and spent four
years potential while nearly all copyright
mine that’s probably a promise from what I can see it get this jack and I wish every in this crowd that’s
watching this with no the onset accomplishment if we don’t
have them standing up for our rights and you know
who’s going to be there for us if the the american role and we all can
prosper on Roger solidified the next generation
and the generation after if everybody now owns a farm but each one new person house he farms
are one person that comes this convention
one person in the generate time one person we double every year I want to keep this
country to stay 3 can deliver gonna do their support me an
array a little bit here a little bit there from every little company two huge companies can make a world of
difference I would love to see 15 or 20 people up
on stage getting cold jack connector just imagine what they can and donation in 2005 LifeLock founder and CEO Todd
Davis recognize the need for identity theft protection under his leadership the company has
gained over three and a half million members thank you to all the employees and
lifelike in Todd welcome to the golden ring
freedom about ten years ago I A was reading news
stories about identity theft when the most reported
crimes in america and it would typically give your really
40 story about how someone just liked
devastated and it cost them their jobs marriage for
some terrible hardship and you get to the end the store in the
back while I want that to happen be so we provide proactive identity
protection subscribe to our service and we make sure if we see their
information being used out there to credit cards people making
changes on your check save means Bascom retirement accounts
when we see it we try to get the chance for them to
stop the crime before it happens but then also to get them the peace of
mind knowing if something happens we’ve got your back we want to join
because it power you have irresponsible to yourself to
your loved ones take advantage of it don’t live in sheer
to have this partnership with the NRA is about giving peace of
mind we want them to be able to take that value to the member so it’s
very clear that mom get a great return on my membership fee because I know exactly what I’m saying
life like to be able to go to them and say hey I think we can mutually benefit cuz I love what you
guys have tried we’ll get some more structured what the
NRA’s really all lapd this coming together this
congregation ok people who actually have extremely
diverse lifestyles experiences perspectives I know this group is so highly respected
I know that they got a voice that is certainly given
consideration by its its member banks it is much
bigger than just the second in re: is a
representation the protection of freaked spot just one segment there are so many
great opportunities are places you can sport specific initiatives group I can’t
believe that alia we’ve done this week week we did
what we set out to do being able to be inducted been able to
get the gold jacket ayatollah it’s it’s almost surreal I’m
so humbled by the people I get to be associated with I think it’s
it is about the idea that you gonna be up for something much
bigger than whatever you’re trying to ensure company really just down to a simple team ok do
what you should not witchy Kenya and ABL you will reap what you sow universal Coin & bullion president Mike
fortunes america’s gold X he appreciates the
story behind each point he comes across everyone
knows Mike supports gun safety and education and has taken a special interest in
supporting any legal guns a program thank you for your commitment Mike and congratulations points are special
to me for what they mean industry they don’t have to be the most
expensive point I’ll of the stories behind the coins universal Coin & bullion is one of the
leading retailers are rare coins and precious metals I
praise all the coins the comment we started with five employees and we
now have nearly a hundred employees and its Aug grown over the last 21 years
to be one of the leaders in the industry being a history buff I think it’s very
important the right to bearing keep arms I first got involved
with the NRA about ten years ago with largest
advertiser in the interim magazines the NRA is the best organization from
many aspects from shooting sports to protecting the
Second Amendment to gun safety I strongly support the mission on safety
with the eddie eagle program it’s a simple message stop don’t touch
tell an adult the message is very simple one but
training on gun safety is important their other companies that should
support the emirate from safety to supporting law enforcement we
supported numerous programs for law enforcement and approves back getting the gold jacket is what I’ve
striped to to have to be able to show people in
other fields to support the NRA it’s also really for all the people who helped me get to
this point my employees partners the work we’ve all done towards
what this goal jacket means and I hold other companies who advertise were involved with the NRA step up and
do likewise in well I hope everyone takes a few
minutes to congratulate our newest inductees this weekend we’re grateful for their contributions
and leadership thank you for your support E well

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  • American Legacy Firearms' Steve Faler and Warren Hanson  received the golden jacket award during the Golden Ring of Freedom 2015 event in honor to those who make significant contributions to the NRA's defense of the Second Amendment.

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