Good will

shopping at Goodwill hope you guys enjoy this job is so poor yeah be nice hopeful customer comes in soon [Applause] finish one that should be good hi I would like to buy this study I know it does look expensive but I am rich rich right now sounds good just be shopping at Goodwill you know you always have to buy something less than what you normally buy how much is it there will be 95 dollars not expensive there's ninety five dollars thank you for shopping at Goodwill yep – no problem I'll put the Charlie back sign guys this is just my setup so it's just my um you know thank you okay so she's gone made $95 already oh excuse me what's your least amount of money what's your most your most what's your least expensive toy it is probably that Cowell my daughter happy hating the person right now cuz I'm trying oh and if you know if you want you could buy a jelly cake how much hard challenge cakes about a dollar oh how much is that toy this toy that's at least 50 cents Oh should I believe a towel or get me cake I'm gonna buy that um ma'am 50 cents Oh I only have 50 fun cents so nope the problem you're just one son off I am yeah but you can still take your toy thank you now for the so guys I I have to grab a few more people so just hold on a minute guys make sure you like and subscribe yeah turn on push notifications so you know when I always upload and then I'll go live when I hit 1 million subscribers oh and I will be putting up my like tables and like walkers yeah bye guys and go follow me on Instagram

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