Goodwill Bins – Huge Find!

good morning YouTube guys and gals it is bin day goodwill bin day I just got to the bins they opened about two minutes ago so no more putzing around let's get in there and let's see what cool vintage stuff hopefully that we'll be able to find let's get in there and start digging so I found this if this is what I think it is when we are in so I just finished at Goodwill it was pretty busy in there today but I think I got a really good find if it is what I think it is first my total was six dollars and 66 cents I wanted to add like a pair of sunglasses or something to not have that jinx if you believe in that kind of stuff so anyway I got another vintage textile a nice tablecloth I will have to wash it there are some stains but a lot of times if I don't sell these Oh throws a big stain Thanks I use these when about the flea market to put on my tables cuz it just makes it look nicer I did pick up that seagull sculpture it is signed on the back I think it's Jones Joel 78 I know there are some artists where these kind of metal sculptures do really really well I think that actually these are sleek singles they're probably plumbers which are little birds that like to hang out the ocean they were bringing out new bins so it was like a mad rush not new bins have clothes new bins of the house or Zimbrick brac so as soon as the bin came out it was like like seagulls on a french fry and I'm I can't I guess maybe anxious when that happens or I don't like being in the wash of it like the mishmash of it and getting pushed and having stuff thrown around of course you know if you want to be a picker you have to get in there and you have to pick but I guess I'd like to do it a little more civilized I did get this Pyrex Bowl it is the Brittany design I looked it up this was just sitting inside of a box there are some marks on it online they seem to do fairly well me in the 15 to 20 some dollar range depending on excuse me whether or not shipping is included you know some of the bowls are super cheap it's like 10 bucks but then shipping is $12 so we'll see how that does but that really doesn't matter because I found this I'm honestly if this is what I think it is then I've done really well this is a salvaged denim hat but if my research suits me correctly this should be what they call a Daisy Mae hat that was military World War two maybe a little bit before World War two I do know a little bit about World War two I did study it in grad school so I always tried to you know look on eBay for other things that have to do with World War two and what sells and I know that denim salvaged denim is really popular and I mean there's no there's no tags inside though but the markings the stitching everything looks to be like this is a Daisy Mae hat I can see why this would have been just tossed aside in the bins I found at the bottom because it just looks like you know I'm just a normal hat like maybe even like a kid's hat but you know if if you're an expert on this if you've seen this before you know leave it leave a comment in the comment section but I'm almost positive my Instagram keeps going off I'm almost positive that this would be a Daisy Mae salvaged denim hat so this will pay for everything and future trips to Goodwill if it is what I think it is but I'm pretty sure it is so with finding that did not do too bad today I'm probably gonna head to the Karen sherrier I didn't spend as much time as I wanted to in goodwill because I just wanted to get out with this before it somehow it ended up not in my cart so we'll go to Karen chair see they have there and yeah see either so these are the silent auction items look at that cute fish sprang from the National Bank was saturd and dolls amazing Bergman Simon I'm sure going little Christmas tree I'm sorry I'm Cara bottle opener you might brothers pottery snowman so the bids on the dollar at forty twenty Wow super cute so we are done with Karen share at the way and pay I didn't really find anything I found one shirt but there was a man that had his cart full of Linens and the lady behind him had her car full of vases I mean full I was not gonna wait there for them to go through cuz she run in every single vase wrapped individually so I thought enough for one shirt forget it so I went through the variety store next door I picked up this little green shoe I'll add this to my st. Patrick's Day decor which I don't have that much of and then you saw on the video I also picked up the Easter Bugs Bunny I don't do I don't really sell plush I do have a lot of eighties plush from when I was little my mom pretty much kept all of my toys so at one point that will come in very handy when I go through them and want to resell but Bugs Bunny people still watch Looney Tunes when I was growing up they had Tiny Toon Adventures which I guess was the little kids of the Looney tune characters so I used to watch that but you know Bugs Bunny there are still people that collect him so people that love him this is for Easter he isn't in that bad of a shape I can probably clean up his teeth with a magic eraser you know his first still nice he's not really that dirty and he his tag has those original tag and he's from 1971 mighty star Warner Brothers so I paid 399 for him maybe a little much but I figured I could probably at least get twenty dollars so we'll see how that goes but otherwise the best find of the day was that denim hat at the goodwill bin see that is why it pays to really dig down and just take your time and look and don't be concerned about all the other people around you so just take your time and the Pyrex Bowl that was pretty good Oh either I might just take that to the flea market and sell it on salt that way it'll probably be easier I won't have to worry about shipping it and things like that so yeah so not a bad day thrifting day I hope you guys enjoyed the video hit that like button tell your friends subscribe I'm going to put out another video soon that goes over some of the paper that I purchased at the flea market from my friend so be on the lookout for that but until then thanks for watching and I will see you guys next time

49 thoughts on “Goodwill Bins – Huge Find!

  • I shop by feel. Wearing gloves are suggested but as far as textiles I have to feel it. Have not been to the bins here….yet.

  • Please wear gloves! I once saw a woman wipe her kid's snotty nose on a piece of clothing hanging in the thrift store!!

  • Amazing how neat and clean your goodwill bin place is compared to mine in Dayton, Ohio. Ours is a mad house, and while I've found some nice stuff for very cheap, I absolutely hate the place, lol.

  • LOL "Seagulls on a French fry" … too funny! Especially since I have fed fries to seagulls before and if you don't watch out you are in your own version of the movie 'The Birds'๐Ÿ˜€…. I'm new to your channel and have never heard of 'bin day'…they don't offer that in our Goodwills. So how does it work as far as prices on the items go? I didn't see any stickers on items…is it whatever you can put in a bag…or by weight…or is everything the same price? Thanks for sharing your day of thrifting. ๐Ÿ™‹โ€โ™€๏ธ

  • I love our Goodwill Pound store, which is like the Goodwill Bins. I'm in FL, I don't go their a lot. Mostly they sale clothes. I have gotten a few worthy items from time to time. This week I got an almost brand new Halloween tablecloth really nice cotton material. Bright checkered black and orange colors. Also buffalo check black and white shirt, again like new. I am crazy for buffalo checks. Love going their. Seems lately there hasn't been much to pick from. One time I did get about 25 old crochet dollies. The ones like grandma made. That was a real fine. Just found your channel and subscribed.

  • I'm a recent subscriber and all the videos I've watched so far show you dealing with ephemera. When I saw the title of this video, I thought, "How will paper items survive the diggers at the bins?" ๐Ÿ˜€ Now I know you deal with other things, too.

  • Hope you are right on the hat….I have my own spin on it…a "JJ" hat from Good Times. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I just hate when you get us all hyped up on something then donโ€™t follow thru. I saw where you said the hat was sold but nothing else. Thanks. If I missed it Iโ€™m sorry but I went thru the comments and replyโ€™s 3 times.

  • I found hundreds of victorian and early 19th century clothing buttons at the bottom of the bins once. I still have not sold them – I love looking at them – but I expect to make at least $300 when I do finally decide to sell them. I paid less than $2 for the whole lot of them.

  • New subscriber. Iโ€™ve been meaning to check out the bins. I just started posting my thrifting videos! Too fun. I live in MN and they donโ€™t have flea markets like they did when I lived out in NJ but Iโ€™d love to resell. Excited to watch more of your content!

  • Love that "Evil Snowman" in the silent auction case…he looks similar to one I have…mine is the traditional white and hand made. From some angles he looks like a smiling snow guy…but in certain angles and lighting he takes on a whole opposite look…Twilight Zone all the way!

  • My gal and I go to GWill outlet s are they are called "Diggers" by the locals. There are 3 in our area. We never compete with new carts either as our tastes differ from most. There are worst way s to spend time! Our nickname s are Moose + Squirrel, peace out.

  • Sorry, but that Bugs is definitely not from 1971. Everything Warner Bros has 1971 copyright. Something happened to the company at the time & their copyright date was reset & everything after will have that date on it. Plush toys were not made as well or with quality fur. An original from that time frame looks like a Bad Bugs Bunny. Felt eyes instead if glossy plastic, off white fur, along with no attention to detail throughout. No one cared enough & kids didn't know any better.

  • Good luck with the hat. Hope it is the real deal. In the past year I found a pair of 1960s selvedge jeans and a 1960s selvedge denim jacket a few months later. Sold them for a very nice amount. Paid the rent for a while!

  • First time seeing one of your videos you just popped up on my feed. Enjoyed it keep up the good work!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฟ

  • Yeah you gotta have tough skin to shop at Goodwill outlets cause you will get trampled especially when they put out the new bins Manager always warns everyone no running no pushing but nobody listens and Manager doesn't do shit. The one in Queens NY you gotta be in gladiator mode!! lol

  • Your outlet seems so quiet compared to mine. Love the table cloth. I also love to thrift. Check out my channel if you get a chance.

  • Found several bin items myself everyone tried to get from me. I bought them all. It's the famous "If you don't want it, I'll take it routine."

  • The doll is an articulated bisque head German doll of the 1890 to 1910 era without original clothes only original underclothing. Nice doll but not particularly rare.

  • I can't believe that hat could possibly be nearly 100 years old. I don't think it's authentic. I hope you didn't put all your eggs in that basket because it looks more like something bought with an outfit at Kmart in the 90s.

  • It looks like a WWll issued denim hat. Would've been really great if you found the matching coveralls good hunting!

  • Thanks for sharing your bins visit. This is the first video of yours I have watched. I am a bins hustler too. I must say I cringed when I saw your ungloved hand reach for the items in the bins. Yikes! Be safe in there. I'm subscribing now! Thanks again for sharing.

  • I donโ€™t usually go this bin since itโ€™s the worst one in pa imo. But maybe Iโ€™ll have to stop in again

  • I believe the hat is authentic. It should have a tag but it probably was torn out. But it looks good to me. Itโ€™s in great condition too

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