Goodwill Bins Oregon

what's going on guys so let's see what's at the Goodwill bins today got a bunch of good stuff Andres over here somewhere this is goodwill bin some organ guys figured I would show you guys off shoes what's going on James welcome in and closed down this row let's go on flip in how are you what's going on Melissa we have Andre over here Andre what's going on my man we're live on YouTube good good guys picked up this for the little guy 1999 another Bible guys look at you preacher man preacher man and then see I picked up this I don't know if it's worth anything I had to check so and Andre so far is picked up a it's a picked up little tent for little guys Andre can't find you on Poshmark I don't know if you have a Poshmark Andre do you I don't have a flashlight No so hopefully everybody's doing good having a good football season my FanDuel didn't go very good Andre my FanDuel and up NFL I think possibly uh yeah okay give us the tour Andre is there anything good here is there anything got books remember smash that like guys especially like don't forget to so I'll be on a I'll be on a live show today on the bearded Pickers Channel our first live show this is all clothes a lot more packed than it was before James you didn't have to do that my man but I truly appreciate your support that is amazing thank you so much buddy and so if you need think please reach out to me please reach out to me if you want to come on the show anything like that but look how packed this place is now today it's like wow it's really packed so they didn't have a lot of sealed games today yeah we have a car here but you can see there's a lot of I mean this place is hopping today compared to the last video I did so there's a lot of people here today I wanted to try to catch it and then you have this whole row back here so I wanted to try to catch it when it was like really hopping but this is still pretty busy yeah a lot of people so you should my tip to you guys if you go to the bins is force yourself to go three times within three weeks guys because you're gonna get timid when you first come here you'll probably walk out within the first 15 minutes and you need like three or four times to kind of get used to it and stuff so and then you have all the furniture back here more these guys yeah so try to do at least three times breehn breehn somebody to because it how it kind of helps I think when you bring somebody X to the bins see how that supports because you're you it could I don't know how all the bins are but there's a snowboard skis oh yeah now it's number two I don't know anything about snowboards though they wanted 50 bucks for it hope you guys can see that and here's the yeah what do you think about that snowboard I love I don't know if you guys I love the books see Andres over there I love the books and I love obviously the clothes there you guys decided for basketball season coming up so the bins come out like this you have to wait until one full row comes out I just saw the bin Pickers put out a new video there from this area and they used to go to these bins all the time you guys want to see the prices so so this is the prices right there you guys can see that prices and shoes per book I believe let's see no no that oh sorry 219 per pound okay here's the see so hard books yeah yeah you're right hard books 229 but they're always super kind to me and do the kids costs which is cheaper but yeah so I can't get a little spensive yeah no it definitely can't get expensive for sure but there's a lady up here that's super nice and she charges me the kids and if you look kids it's 39 cents so all those Bibles that you guys seem that I got those were the kids price so they only charged me 39 cents okay yeah it's awesome class glass he needs a home guys he needs a home seriously oh I know and then you got this back rows here yeah the books are not bad I'll show you kind of the book situation they kind of put them everywhere so this is the book situation here it's quite a bit I mean this place is massive though I mean look how big it is Simon the place is pretty big I'll get a sneak peek inside if you guys want you guys want a sneak peek inside and when you get tired of shopping you come over here and you relax and check out all your goods check comps what I do is I'll come over here and all I'll sit in one of these bad boys and I'll check my comps pull my little card up here let's see if we can get a little snapshot up I'm probably gonna get kicked out here see but yeah it's pretty pretty big pretty big in there all right guys day forward of the bins and Ben is doing a lot of bins recently I haven't been to the bintz in a couple months actually so it's been it's been a while but I figured I would stop by and last four days I've been going with entrees but it's going pretty good anyways guys I'm gonna call it don't forget to go to the live show tonight recording hey check decide right here what are you okay let me let me show you guys what do we got oh it's for a TV are you gonna are you gonna put a TV on there okay let's read the rules here doesn't say no filming anywhere let's see damage it doesn't say no filming does it does it say no image no filming is not on there oh man does it say no camera no filming Oh yep yeah okay think of me as Robin Hood guys that break the rules for everybody all right am i Robin Hood sure sure okay guys yep yes all right guys have an awesome day don't forget that live show tonight at 6:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time oh sorry 7:00 p.m. anyway let's go on Peters paprika channel the bearded picker and you guys can see we're gonna go live with five five of us our guys talk to you soon see ya

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