Goodwill Furniture Makeover..

hi friends it's your homegirl here and I'm back with another good wheel furniture makeover now I got this piece from the goodwill of course and I only paid nine dollars and 97 cents for it and today I'm going to be using the barrel marquee this is just a regular white paint with primer and I got these beautiful knobs from Hobby Lobby I think they're like $3 apiece and I thought they would look good with this a little Mike standard I got for my daughter this nightstand is going in my daughter's room um it came on only as one and didn't come as a pair so I was a little disappointed about that but I still thought it would be cute just to fix up and put it in her room where she can store her toys now right now you just see me just cleaning it I'm just using regular vinegar and water to clean it and I'm going to use a little Lysol to spray the inside of the drawers and I'm just cleaning the bottle one thing you guys got to remember about Goodwill that this is secondhand furniture so you have to make sure that you're thoroughly cleaning it now I want to show you guys this piece I did this piece last week I got these from the good world as well it actually came in a pair and I'm showing you right now the top of the table I just stained it in a walnut stain I'm sorry I think it was American oak or something I don't remember guys but I just stained the top of it and I painted the bottom the same color as I painted by my sister's nightstands and I think they turned out great they look great to me I love it I love that rustic antique look to furniture so right now back to my little nightstand for my daughter I'm just unloosen in the hardware just taking them out this screwdriver was actually giving me a hard time so I end up using just a regular manual screwdriver and I'm just giving this one a like sanding this one actually didn't need it to be scented that much because it was already at its bare wood but I wanted to send it anyway just to make sure that you know my pain everything will stick to it now I'm pulled out my good old vinegar and water and I'm just wiping down all the sand also just cleaning it up now you guys know I love painting in the inside of the house so I moved my piece to my house and now I'm just going to slap on some paint and this is just a regular white paint you guys and I wasn't a fan of this paint brush either if I can make any recommendations do not purchase Walmarts paint brush like y'all this paint brush was just shedding so bad and I kept having to mess up the paint and peel some of the little strands off of my table it was horrible so I end up just dumping these and got me a handy-dandy roller and it made this whole process just quicker yeah I just end up just finishing up in like less than 20 minutes with the roller so the roller saved me a lot of time and now I'm just using the Minwax polycrylic as a topcoat I'm just going to apply a thin coat of that on I let it dry for a while and now I'm going to just send it you guys I'm a big fan of sanding and I like to give things a light sanding when they're done just to make sure there is not any bumps or cracks in the paint and this is the finished product I think it looks good her room she already has other white furniture in her room so I got this one blended in well through my hardware on and yeah put her little figurines on the table and it turned out great thank you guys for watching I catch you guys on the next one

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