GoodWill Hunting Thrifting furniture Kitchenware walk through 2018

so I am in good well right now it's been a while since I've been here but here we have a TV stand and that's gonna be dirty that TV stand are like a duck our computer desk but then I feel like that would be in this way maybe you could just lift that up probably I'll lift that up if you really wanted to that's gonna be 30 but else do they have here oh look at this table so I found that table here they want let's look at that price they want 150 for that table how much do they want for the chairs the chairs are gonna be one okay I think it's a set because the chairs say 150 there's no way goodwill is gonna charge 150 per chair right I hope not and then we have this table right here you could definitely refurbish that definitely that has a good one right there like a good project how much do they want 130 for that one yeah you could totally redo that 130 here we have some tables right here this one right here is going to be 50 they want 50 for that you could if you were you can make this into a Lego table for your kids or big chop table indoors you know chalk paint it up or whatever you want these ones will probably better as a Lego table because a smaller and Lego tables are expensive I did that for my kids when they were younger I did IKEA lack table it was like 10 bucks and then I bought like Lego boards and super glue them on hot glued on and yeah and what else is behind me okay 30 for that right here wow it's been such a long time since I stepped into did well let's see 150 for this whole piece right here it looks like this right here in front of me is gonna be 80 84 that one looks like it came from a hotel you know how hotels how that and I think this pops out right here yeah that's gonna pop out oh yeah I definitely came from like some type of hotel or something but you could fix that up too we have some jars take it definitely 199 I'm looking at a lot of 199 right here 129 some nice sense let's see we've got a couple here and more up here those are gonna be $0.99 in front of me yeah this whole place right here Scylla jars right here look at this one right here this is kind of cool-looking look at the colors on that it's gonna be $1.99 that is really cool actually that's me we got that base right here that's gonna be 10 and then that blue one right here it's gonna be 3 let's see if I can move this one right here or in front of me that it's gonna be 5 there I found like a pearl white one this is gonna be 5/5 for that one we're looking at 3 there's a little angel thing I've seen these before that's broke in there I think that's a candle thing you got a pig right here says Grampy uh-oh the grandpa's won six dollars for that one what is that one right here oh they got quite a bit here look at this yellow one see if I can make my way back there without breaking there's that yellow one let's see how much they want for that five that's gonna be five you know what honestly sometimes that good well when I look at the prices I feel like sometimes they're a little too high in my opinion for a goodwill I don't know but maybe it's me here's like a plastic thing that's 99 cents look at that one we could seen that at Burlington that's gonna be eight so here's like a pirate look at that I found a pirate thanked kit I don't know how much there's no price on that one well that is something interesting I found there's that right here we've got a couple of these pieces which I seen stuff like this at Burlington they want 299 for those right there let's say look at these frog ones right here these frog ones are gonna be three so here from another one and you can find this at HomeGoods t.j.maxx Ross they want 13 here that's what I'm talking about like why is this so much here at Goodwill when at the store it's already but that price I do know on days goodwill has like the half off days though and they are color-coded here so maybe it fits into that I don't know here we're gonna have a lot of glasses right here 150 some unknown I sense we got some shot glasses right there all at different prices here's one we got Maryland Wisconsin Tennessee yeah they got a whole bunch of state shot glasses right there look at this Colorado one right here what was that more here these are wine glasses down here and 99 cents all of them look like they're about to be 99 cents right here more down here we got some margarita ones those are gonna be 150 more glasses right here look about $1.99 for that one here's a call like a beer one $1.99 was that like half a Stein or Stein we got some more down here a lot a lot of stuff down here hey look this one vanilla latte cappuccino that's gonna be fixed right there for that here we have some plates I found $1.99 a piece look at this one $1.99 that is really that is definitely different Alice in Wonderland look how that looks that is neat look at that one blue the little guy see this is Lake Tahoe was so expensive I can only afford half a cup it has half a cup and that's funny right Kasich up there well so they have some more plates right here oh look at that someone set here China Japan $1.99 with sa like it made in Japan I don't know $1.99 so get a whole set right there and then the big ones are gonna be $2.99 here we're getting into the plate section let's let's see $1.99 for this right here a piece I've got a bowls and plates right there I got some saucers look at this one get that one out that one's a little different right there let's see we've got chicken two tons of bowls you just have to look it's really crowded today oh my goodness a lot a lot of interesting stuff look at that back there and they have more this is somebody this is something this has to be something I'm gonna say you can pull that out so we have this right here right that's gonna be for was I saying this was designed for Toyo trading company made in China I don't know but look there's a couple more back there trying to get them out can you see if we pull one out there's more here is the other one very nice it's very nice and there's this one right here – all right so I just checked eBay – look up these plates because this definitely had to be something so we're looking at like $30 a piece yes $20 shipping oh yeah someone want $10 and then they're charging 20 for shipping get out of here I used to do eBay and this is why don't do it even no more because eBay will shipping costs went up anyway so but anyways but that was pretty cool to see oh wait so many much more before using a UPS maybe maybe okay you guys how's gonna pay for this little goodwill walkthrough I mean sounds kind of bit here like a bit of interesting pieces it is very very crowded today so that's gonna be it um thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next video oh my gosh

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