Goodwill Offering and Kindest Wishes

hello everybody this is Christine Chandler coming to you live from within the first floor area of the dish Arnage sanitarium where I come here my own volition and go well on a mission of peace and goodwill I'm here because recently I've made a drawing inspired by what happened here in de Charlotte and the innocent children and adults who were robbed of their rights and they suffered from the mental scars and all that anyway I am leaving for them this photo copy of the lovely drawing and I wrote a lovely message on the back so that hopefully those who find it in the future and I do pray that these halls this building but one day become renovated restored this would become a good positive mental health facility or otherwise a general or Children's Hospital that's my hope and wish for this sanitarium and also for peace and goodwill and the freedom for all the lost and trapped souls in here to feel free to leave and move on leaving the old not-so-great memories around here behind and Joe Joe who's dead to roam these halls to be out of here anyway with that my lovely soul friend my lovely souls of this sanitarium I leave this lovely piece of artwork as an offering to you and its presence within this initial area right in front of the front entrance rather bouncing off of may bring a very colorful and positive life to all of you and give you all the encouragement and feeling of freedom to leave here and allow this place to be reached to be restored as a very good functioning hospital facility elitists and humble good will for all of you please enjoy not only good karma points for me but just leaving an awesome memento thank you all and y'all have a good enough li day

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