Goodwill Outlet Haul – Turning $87 Into $1000+

hey guys it's Nicole and today I have a goodwill outlet haul if you don't know what they could well outlet is it is goodwills discount center where they basically roll out everything in these giant bins and you pick the rip and my good wallet they charge a dollar thirty pound yesterday I spent eighty seven dollars which is approximately 67 pounds of items and I should be able to turn that $87 into about a thousand dollars when everything is listed and photographed and sells on my preferred site which is Poshmark I use Fox mark if you never use polish mark before it's a great app on your phone you can also use it on your desktop him by itself fashion pretty awesome so you gonna find my links down below if you are interested in checking that out but let's dive into it these are the items that I bought there's quite a lot for the short period of time I was there yesterday I was probably there for about two hours in total well yeah I'm pretty happy with my haul so this guy was in a bin with a bunch of random stuff not just clothing and I think that most people didn't go through this bin and that's why I was able to find that this is a Burberry men's suit jacket then older piece it is 100% wool yeah here is the tag my ketball surprisingly only wanted 15 dollars for this I don't know if when they price it they just saw they didn't see the Burberry side and they maybe just saw the sex with avenue and they didn't realize what it was because my goodwill would not have priceless at fifty dollars so that's exciting my next piece is a lucky 13 which is a rockabilly brand think like retro pinup style clothing greaser sort of thing its immense size medium and is a snap front western style shirt this is their logo and then it's on the back as well it should be a little Issus for about $30 or so these are some j.crew seersucker like striped shorts this I didn't realize it size tag it's kind of which is the bummer but that's okay I'll measure them or we'll read Onate them depending on how I'm feeling that day but that's a bummer I usually try especially with like Mullins like bread-and-butter stuff I won't buy them if the size is cut up this was so cute this is a kid vintage shirt it is just like a unpair D of a Donald Duck maybe it's a slam dunk duck duck like quack quack duck and it's totally like a vintage kid shirt so I grabbed it will see Heidi with it these are avid Edith girls shorts I do sell a lot of kid stuff they're really cute and bonus they're brand new ATAG so that's always a plus when I find at new a tag items they're just little herb garden towards I thought I looked at around 15 to 20 like what is that what is that they're just really cute I might um the Tigers have it but I kind of just bought it for myself because out of office it's a burnout like slub cotton t-shirt from Banana Republic really cute the little graphic pretty I don't know this brand um ABS denim collection by someone Fox from oh that's what business I think this the writing is very small um but I just liked it like a chambray – Nicki dress I love this fabric this fabric is really popular I believe this is probably a tennis it'll probably saying that wrong probably gonna hit myself in the face with this whatever I love buying those pieces this is a Nike hoodie it's got the funnel neck on it so it's a newer Nike this is like a funnel style neck it does need to be washed there's some grease stains on these which are pretty common you can get those out usually with some done like the blue dish soap squirt it on soak it in and get it out so this is a really cute honey though this is so funny because I actually saw this at a goodwill a few weeks ago and I wanted to get it but I didn't want to pay $25 for it mrs. Carlisle which is an expensive brand I try to only pick up the newer Carlisle pieces this is a newer Carlisle tag might not be their newest but it's not like the vintage tag and this is a gorgeous jacket I was so excited when I saw this at the band I knew exactly what it was because I literally seen it not that long ago at the regular Goodwill and there I left the tag on it was $25 and I did not buy it though yay for me adjust my camera just a tiny bit like there's too much space up here and there needs to be filming down here okay this is a sundry some of their pieces do really well some of them do not be really well but this is a cute open knit like kind of waterfall front doesn't have the waterfall it's just like an open part again but it is really cute I thought these when I saw these I was like oh those would be a low goddess leggings you guys don't know the alo brand very very popular they make it legging and just like this and I usually sell those between forty to fifty dollars but however these are Nike so Nike just totally ripped off that design that they have anyway these are Nike I might keep these for myself they're really heel so I'll look them up this is a adidas track suit jacket adidas is pretty popular this is just like your classic adidas original trucks ooh got the gold three stripes down the arms everyone seen those you know about those this is a brand new with tags ro Indy blouse with these awesome big bell sleeves it's from Nordstrom Rack size medium I was excited to find this I actually found this and AB in the head out been out for a long time I didn't get there till about 9:00 and my bins open at 7:00 and this benefit out since opening and I was like what is this is probably a throwback from someone who had got in and then didn't want it um I guess people are looking for different items so yeah these are level 99 jeans and they're just a nice Flair leg these are my boot cut this is like a true Flair right there it says Slayer on him so we can verify that do probably around 25 one of my friends I shout out to you it gave me a bit sunburned catalog quilted red vest which is great it does have a spot in his to be Squatch but it's just a surface stain it's just like a some dirt on the back so I will just go ahead and wash that right up this is a pair of jeans from Kat and Jack for my son not that exciting um that various I said let's be real boys though they pants like crazy I was excited to find this a lot of you might not be excited to buy this because it's not the prettiest thing in the world that you guys this is a land of Salzburg it is a flannel full-length nightgown these have a following especially for women who are modest I'll probably be able to sell this one for about 30 to 50 dollars I haven't checked concert I used to sell these all the time one time I got eight Disney one that was brand new with tags of the bins and I believe I've sold it for $100 so definitely keep your eyes peeled for these flannel nightgown – I'll add the salt burger however you pronounce it this is just a little Navy key but it is brand new tags so I went ahead and grabbed it I have nothing else I can wear it it's just like a long tunic length shirt goodwill 196 ninety nine for it this is a theory sweater tag is off on one side but there is Theory brand just like an open cardigan I'm really cute I have know this brand but I liked the design of these shorts and if nothing else Joe will wear them my husband 10 field they felt really nice I am cool again I have no idea what these are they might be nothing I didn't have a time there so I represent cotton so we'll see I'll look them up yeah at the bins or the good violet you can do stuff like that because you're not paying very much for stuff so it's like I think something is cool and a lot of time I'll just get it I was starving I hadn't eaten sitting there on my friend sorting and I just kept nodding and I was so just like done um I was like I have to leave I need don't go to the bins than you're hungry garnet he'll I believe this is a good material let's say yeah 100% Morano wool just a cute little cardigan this is what are you me too we which I believe is anthropology Urban Outfitters like kind of athletic geez 40 we're just a rib long-sleeve shirt you are what the skies are blue a little polka dot blouse very tiny it's extra small petite but that's okay there are people out there that are extra small petite and they need shirts and I can provide them with them so I'm not picky when it comes to sizes this is just another pair of pants for the kid brand-new this is a jacket by Cole Haan I saw the tag and a bid that was just coming out and it was literally laying like this and I did the jerk thing where I if somebody was digging I know she doesn't want this kind of stuff though and she wasn't reaching for this I can't like scoot it around and grabbed it it was just kind of a jerk move you don't want to pick over someone but like I know it's a taste you don't want this decade didn't care but word to the wise if you're at the goodwill outlet for the first time don't pick in the same spot where someone else is picking it's rude you don't need to do that there's plenty of space for everyone don't make it crazy don't do what I did to this jacket that is rude bad on me back to this jacket the trench coat by kahan it is super cute I was very excited to get this trench coat goodwill wanted $30 for that's probably why I did not sell I got a lot of stuff for the few short amount of time I was there um this is a Marc by Marc Jacobs sweater and it's just a cute little cardigan 100% cashmere fantastic but what my mother 1499 we're just kind of surprising for them might have surprises look I got these of their new attacks that is the only reason I got these they are not akka thick corduroy men and I mean they are pleated the whole deal but look somebody's gonna buy these suggested retail is 85 they were at Marshall's for 29 if it is new attacked I will generally pick it up if it's something okay someone will want these all make $15 I can't complain about that it was $15 more than I had before even and Olivia really really pretty floral blouse with some late in sets where are you ro nd again this is just like Nordstrom Rack is usually where this is sold a cute little bell sleeve shirt yeah I got these they were new tags a friend of mine gave them to me actually which is kind of nice right there Talbots that's an older toilets house but they're still new with tag so I grabbed up they are a size 16 which is a pretty good size nice pair of pins this is a Target brand this was a collaboration from last year this is just a cute little romper it says party time on it it's probably name of tags from junk food this is a loft this is an older loft piece I'm kind of surprised I grabbed this old our loft but it's still just like a great little career shirt this is another target this one is nuit size target collaboration this is from their minis 90th birthday stuff junk food this is my thighs I might actually keep this it is pretty huge just like a basic little dress this is a really nice REI outdoor shirt it's not vented usually when I'm buying these outdoor I love to make sure that it's a vented one because if it has like a in the back it usually does better for camping and outdoors but it's still really nice it feels like it's brand-new it's in perfect condition it does have the tab like rolled sleeves I'll probably listen around $18 hey next last of this first bag here another target piece this is just a target extra-large romper or sorry this is a jumpsuit it's like a cute little floral piece another dress I don't know this brand Marcel I don't know this do you know this brand I do not know this brand but it is a cute little dress and I think it's a bigger size besides 2x that's why I got it plus size really cute pieces I generally will just grab a lot of plus size customers and I find a cute piece in their size especially fixing with hogs I don't think it up no matter what brand this morning with tag stuff Banana Republic just a fitted button-down a solid black shirt you can't go wrong with that okay then an old maybe new attack button down pull it out shirt very basic but it's been with bags but I grab it this is no banana republic cute little jacket it's like a tweed almost like a pico style those how's that double-breasted in the front that's not a newer Banana Republic tank but it's still a nice piece come to me come to me items this is a limited like a boxy little shirt and this is a who what where skirt I love the color is in the skirt and it's like a mini length it's actually might size up maybe a little better it's got this really pretty tie in the front how fun would this be for fall maybe I need it in my life but it's just target okay this is another REI piece but this is actually one of the outdoor shirts that's vented so you can see it has are you fill it in here there's not actually vents on this one there's not it looks like there is but there's not okay yeah okay it is like an event in here it does have some side and ventilation on it which I love when I find these pieces especially their nylon that's the even better this is just a Athleta tagged all twisted Athleta shirt of some sort hold on it's just like a long-sleeve cowl-neck with this open back pepper on off-white give me you know bootcut yes bootcut jeans probably my favorite fine because I never find these jeans I think I just like I've ever found a pair of the wild I think I bought a color pair like Nordstrom Rack to flip but I don't think I've ever found them at Goodwill or at the gibreel outlet so I got these frame denim super cute they kind of have like a raw edge really nice I left brine denim so I was super excited to get these I might try though because the right size and I could really use some new jeans so myself am I kind of wealthy but I was excited to get them this is Alan Alan they're like kind of like a lion look they're an expensive linen brands it's an extra-large skirt this is a in Xela I just sold at Nordstrom's it's just our in-house athletic wear brand but is an extra-large cute little tank oh I like this up it's an extra-large kind of peasanty style sure it might be able Navy but it's cute and it's cute and I like it I buy it that's my rules this is a gimmick this is from like BJ buckle buckle which is a stone we were like a ball brand store they carry alarmed NL I'm a lot of stuff like this there it is this is a cute shirt it's got a lot of embroidery a lot of fancy or detailing on it and luckily I selling for 50 bucks oh no this isn't a bed that was picked over and I touched it I don't wear gloves because I need to touch the stuff I wash my hands I use hand sanitizer never had any issues but I need to be able to feel the fabric so I touched this and I was like this is quality what is this but at first and this is what I think happened in my non grabbed it when I looked at it I was like oh the tag is missing no tag isn't missing it's like oh wait no it was like this but either way it looks like the tag is missing no just like all the way down in here because it's like a big weird the neckline is very weird but it is soft surroundings it's a great brand to pick up and it's a really nice little shirt so the great thing about software makes it there will be a stay on them around here right here it's a cell number two eight eight zero five and you can see all the information you want about it how are you my daughter is Ella or a lot of it there's two of these anyway there's two of these Zella kids laying in the same size so all your a lot that not for Poshmark or give them to my daughter these are cut from the cloth I don't let every cup in the cloth by any means but there are certain styles that Purdue well for me especially Plus Sizes so this is a size 18 and they are cute they have like the chewed hem at the bottom they are the Emma ankle straight leg and they should do well a probably this stuff about 30 I'm taking offer between 20 to 25 dollars on I was really excited anymore cancer my sources super excited if I'm Ardennes these are just Hudson flat pocket like bootcut kind of the classic Hudson I'm gonna like fall forward right Jared you'd like a little table here with everything stats um our kittens first which is a stitch fix house brand how pretty is this floral shirt another stitch fix house brand Malo probably from the same boss this shirt I have seen for so many years now they have made this shirt and a ton of different colors and I've been picking it up since I started resale a stitch fix tops Browns used to go like put my reflection over there hairnet story they used to be over a lot more than they do now but I still think about especially the bins that probably talk to me a quarter I'm fine with selling it for 10 bucks what are you this is the j.crew piece this is a j.crew jacket but check this out hold on let me let me show you how cool this is it has these like super neat snappy things that's the official term in case you're wondering yes nappy thingies it can't even make a snappy thingy sound when you shut them I said he ready okay okay okay the rut snappies are so cool I love this so I thought this piece was really nice um I don't know if it's older I think yeah from 2010 whatever it's classic I bought it I liked it look at Papa thing I don't know if it's worth anything it's a halter dress it feels pretty good it feels like it's kind of quality it's made in Italy the sizes in here comment down below it tell me is the whole you need to learn about IRM brands because that brand is he spends it Nicole that brand is totally fast why did you buy it I know what you think honesty guys ha here is a vintage shirt Colombia vented the this event in the back that's what you want especially right now with the camping and hiking season upon us I love to sell things like that this is just target target shirt just the Target brand new pants I am making the worst sounds I'm sorry I get a lot of comments on my videos talking about how horrible my voice is so shout out to you sorry if it hurts you inside to listen to me talk or see no make sounds it's gonna be okay more pants more things here's the other so here's the other envelop it so like I said I can either lock these up and lift them together give it to my kid we'll see so very wrinkled blended which does not have a good resale value and I like it makes me think that because I make good stuff and I like it I don't know but I'm not touching my own character he knows a little oh my fingers on my lips um that's one big popover shirt I can't help but buy it I love it but not a lot of other people love it it's fine these are just Hannah Anderson leggings in my daughter sighs somebody will go into her closet because this is what she wears every single day does not like pants but she will wear those leggings okay I'm weird enough right here guys soft and sexy tea by American Eagle Outfitters I actually like to lock these up that's my goal in my head I have a bunch of them in my to be listed pile and I'm trying to lock them up and groups of like two or three because I feel like they'll sell better from my research on the internet we'll see this is another soft and sexy tea so yeah a lot like short sleeves same size as long sleeves later the same size but I'll just grab all the my big line and then I probably won't list them as singles anymore okay these are so cute everybody they're probably the cutest Victoria Secret pajamas I've ever seen they are 11 you guys leave is lemon Victoria T grant there is the shirt and then here is the little matching shorts super lightweight perfect for summer size extra large I loved them I definitely was excited I don't need a ton of pajamas when I first started out I did a lot of pajamas not so much anymore but those are too cute who what where little tie front shirts and a Columbia baby please which sell for 15 bucks pretty quickly for me so I think about one per bag and then one giant deal which will make me a hundred dollars but I'll stay back to lend so it is a heart good I want to talk about that for a second um vertigo Paris this is just a chunky and knit waterfall party in this is that J gel silk blouse these are two Athleta tank tops and I will lock them up into like you know a lot of – I like this this is a Ralph Lauren the red then what is that denim in supply my Ralph Lauren and it's just like a hoodie with this American flag on the front I don't usually buy this brand but this shirt is covered in little penguins novelty prints do well for me it's a size large so those little penguins how cute is this it's just like a button um blouse in penguins fabric are you polyester probably unfortunately it's probably a polyester I don't know why I'm obsessed with finding out right now yeah under for some polyester but it's very cute someone will love it this is a gel sweater yes it is is a pure jail kimono style sweater a button-down shirt I obviously hit the button down shirt bin I'm by Michael Kors shirt and then this is a Hannah Andrew say in it I believe these are the scooter skirts but it is my daughter size again it's just a little floral skirt another old navy tunic and it's size large if it's just like a little floral shirt more leggings for my daughter more I have I've got a bunch of stuff from my daughter there was like a bin with a bunch of stuff in it for her ok next up we have a Columbia either just workout leggings but also for 15 to 20 bucks um the airy pants berry work pants just a little of trousers and this is a brand new with tags on – and it isn't girls just like a button-down shirt or house this really pretty floral in the back and but it's really cute and since its new with tags I went ahead and grabbed it so the next thing is a calvess no another Michael Kors piece Michael Kors little jacket which is really nice and then a pair of jeans for myself from Target I need Jesus you guys but they're brand new attacks but they don't fit me correctly I just sold a dress for $100 yeah I love selling it as $400 that I only had listed for like a day okay I thought you guys might like to see the dress that just sold so I went and grabbed it um here it is is Anita dumb Murray this isn't it this is this is not an exclusive anthropology line but this dress was all the anthropology serious the tag it was $10 I sold it for a hundred so it was a great slip it was only listed for about a day they make really gorgeous pieces and what is it Kate Middleton actually wore one of her dresses and whenever Kate Middleton wears addressed by a company it goes wild it was not this particular dress though so yeah definitely bolo on this brand I've never found it before but when I touched it I could tell it was quality and it's totally new to me so yeah selling it for $100 in about 24 hours fantastic cops were all over the place I probably should have gotten more if I would have held out but cash flow is everything and I don't like sitting on money so if I'm gonna be able to turn ten dollars into I think I made 70 something after Poshmark fees and stuff yeah I'm gonna go ahead and do that so perfect I wanted to show you guys that really quick let's move on to the next item huh huh I'm not not $100 shirt Banana Republic and knit it's like super heavy oh my god gives me one sailor vibe shirt they wanted $12.99 for that they wanted more for that shirt that my dress I could okay that's cool just keep on doing that this is a brand new with tags tunic I got it closed a 1x so it's a cute plus-sized tunic and it is plus size and your cog valador huh generally buy it if it's cute more target just a wrapper on target but its new a tag what are you Beatrix OST which is a pretty spendy little brand this is a cute net like tunic kind of asymmetrical I can see that right there Oh curtain nuts on a curtain at all another Michael Kors jacket now Michael Kors collection unfortunately just so regular old Michael Michael Kors but it's like I metallic we've check it in a size 14 what are you violet and Claire Wells I like all these cute little glasses I put off my store people bundle of it works awesome for me if it is a certain style I will grab it halogen medium poppy Wow another blouse a limited red pokhara blouse so many losses so many but they're still lightweight of the bins I love them Daniel Raine this a black has the Oh what is this call to buy is um the yoke this is a crocheted yoke more love more stuff this is a hot project extra-large floral blouse it's a new at times Old Navy I'm telling you new attacks a something like that it is girls size 8 which will fit my daughter or fits a little girl across the street who honestly wears stuff like this my daughter is not wear stuff like this so know there's someone and you guys oh I say everything ever like ever in so Qi so pumped on this I'm gonna try and make des fit into it but I don't know if you will there's a vintage don't duck crewneck how q you guys the tag is gone I don't know how old it is but it was definitely old and is so cool wait it's uh Spiteri over here it's weird um Alice took out like a weird little tag in there but I saw that and I was like yeah it was about other duck shirt I showed you earlier by the way don't ask why this is just a really nice oversized cream neck Dress Barn side look I've been studying some Dress Barn stuff and I throw it up and making like 10 bucks on dresses like this so yeah okay take these dresses um this is a cute little dress a dress right uh what is this this looks like Lucky Brand yep Lucky Brand corn again it's a gap I think these are men actually this is a pair of gap men she is Mountain Hardwear short and a Roy Becca blouse last but not least a Roy back applause not a bad find this is the good one yet 100% silk Roy Becca this stuff is expensive okay a little 11 shirt um let's just say Lululemon oh it still has the hang tag in it that makes my life easier so it's for strappy shirt this is like yep sitting on top of a fan I don't know what's that Burberry jacket I don't know why no one grabbed that stuff so okay this thing would make me about a hundred bucks I will show it to you hard goods honestly make me the most money I don't love selling that I'm not passionate about it but when I see something that I know will make me money I pick it up I just sold like a scrubbing bubble thing for a hundred and something dollars on Macari I sold that dollhouse recently I made about two hundred fifty dollars off of a dollhouse I still love Macari stuff like that sells I don't love hard goods but I do like making money so this is a it's still soft intercept this is an IKEA chair cover it is brand new it's for the plastic like home how are you say it chair I look these up they were selling in the hundred dollar range so I will get this listed a brahmacari and sell it IKEA covers generally do really well I have sold I see a covers in the past for really good money I have a lot of older videos on that if you guys want to check those out I used to go to the IKEA like as a section of the store and buy covers and flip them on eBay I did pretty well with that so it's definitely an option there's tons of money to be made in so many plays with you guys anyway have a great night thank you so much for watching the video let me have here any questions leave a comment down below like subscribe hit the notification button all of that stuff and I'll talk to you guys later bye

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