Goodwill Review With Walk-Through & Bonuses

hey this is Chris with affiliate tuber and today I'm going to do a goodwill review for you this is another product by Brendan mace and Juno Armstrong now if you bought any of their products in the past you know that they have good high quality products and proven strategies that have earned them a lot of money and so that's why I like recommending their products and what I'm going to do is show you around in the members area here explain a little bit about what the product does and how it works and as usual you can find links under this video there's a link there that'll take you to my website where you can learn more about the upsells the pricing and even pick up some bonuses if you buy goodwill through my website and under that there'll be other resource links for video and affiliate marketing that you guys may be interested in as well okay so let's talk about goodwill this is a very unique strategy that most people do not use but has been around for a while and the reason most people don't use a strategy is because they don't like giving away good quality content for free and that's exactly what this strategy teaches so for example over here on the left hand side you can see that there's several different topics here the first one is your freebie and this is their video course that they're allowing you to promote as an affiliate to give away to your customers for free so if I click on this link here's a video that explains more about it and what you have to do is you click on this button it's going to take you to warrior plus now if you don't have an account with warrior plus you need to go here and register and sign up and there'll be a button here that says request approval and what you want to do is click that and once approved they're going to give you a link that looks like this here and this link is actually going it is what you're going to use to promote their free product with so you would send this to your list or you would post this to your YouTube page or however you want to promote it so if I just go here and let's open up in a new tab and this is where it's going to take us access your free training this is all it is and guys this strategy works extremely well don't think this is you know all that's generic this is all it is because there's nothing else on this page there's nothing else for them to do but to click here and get this product for free okay they do this because they know it works and so what they do is they click here they add the product to their cart and they go here and they buy it okay you can see I've already got this product the other day I went through the process to learn more about it and then how this works is that because you used your affiliate link then when the customers that you promote this to go in there and they check out this high quality video course there's gonna be other links within that course where they can buy additional training additional services software whatever it is that they're offering in there and anything else that they buy in that course while they're watching it you get Commission for and so that's what makes this so powerful they're not having to buy anything up front to get access to the course which is goodwill that's something that's very good for them and also it makes you look good because you you recommended something to them that was for free and now that they're in there they have the option to buy these upsells and additional training and if they do you're gonna make Commission's from it and along with that in this course what they're going to do is they're giving you access to their high-quality video training course to promote as the freebie now you can do this with products of your own also so if you have your own training course even if it's just one video on how to do something you can create that you can set up some kind of a free membership site for it and when they go in there you can have recommendations within that or underneath that video or somewhere where they can also pick up this or buy this or get additional training here and so where they will be offered those additional upsells where you can make front money from and that's what goodwill is all about now they've also included on top of that some software to use for Instagram to give you traffic to that offer so if you don't have any other form of traffic to use this is a method they've been using and it works I've actually used the software in the past before and then they have additional training videos down here which goes over the entire process of the goodwill strategy the goodwill paid which I've already showed you it was that really small page where they just accessed a product how to disguise your link and using the mini chat formula this is really unique it's really popular and it's and a lot of people using this because it is so effective because so many people today don't open their emails when they see them they'll just skip over them trash and put them in the spam whatever it is well with mini chat it's different it goes to your facebook Messenger people gets a message and they open it up so your open rates gonna be so much higher and then there's also how you can use YouTube Facebook groups and other traffic suggestions for it so this is what goodwill is it's a great idea it works it's very effective if you implement it so obviously as with any of these courses that I recommend and show you guys how they work and what to do you can buy the courses but if they just set there and you never do anything with them obviously you're never going to make anything from them so I highly recommend if you pick up goodwill like I said I believe it's gonna be less than $15 there will be a few other upsells I will have all that information on my website you guys can go there and check it out so that's it for this goodwill review if you guys like these types of videos of me going in members area and showing you exactly what products are for you buy them please subscribe to my channel and click at bell so as soon as I upload these new videos you'll get a notification about it so that's it for this video until next time you guys have a good day

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