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hey nesters welcome back to my channel today we're heading back to Goodwill for some more thrift shopping let's see what we can find so my eyes lit up when I saw this German canister setup here there were several pieces unfortunately there was some significant damage to quite a few of the pieces and if these were I'm like you know not chipped at least I probably would have got them I saw a recent set sell on eBay it was a 12 piece set for $65 where these were all individually priced and you know if they were in good condition I probably would have took a chance on them but I I just I knew I couldn't make any money off of them and I didn't have any use for him myself but I looked down a little bit further and I noticed they had some like spice jars as well such a cute set now what would you put inside of this could you do like some succulents or some folk plants I'm not really sure what the intention for this was but it was kind of a nice piece someone probably made this for their sweetheart for Valentine's Day many years ago I thought that was pretty adorable I know somebody's gonna scream at me for not looking at that kitten mug in the back there but I didn't even see it I was distracted by this piece here so I have a question for you guys how do you clean the inside of these small bud bases like this because it's really hard to get down in there to you know scrub it so I'm curious how you guys do it how cute is this little dolphin figurine I'm always finding things lately the runs me a lot of Lisa Frank if you guys are an 80s 90s kid you know guys probably you're familiar with that is there was a lot of dolphin stuff on you know like Trapper Keepers and stuff like that anybody really use napkin holders anymore I see them all the time but I don't know if people actually still use these so I'm always hesitant to pick them up does anybody remember this guy here who didn't have one of these in their homes growing up or at their grandmother's house at least I thought this one was super nice it's probably the best one I've ever seen I love the blueberries on it of course being from Maine so yeah I thought this one was really nice I come across them often but usually they're chipped get yourself a bag of seashells does anyone use these to decorate with I'd like to pick them up on the beach myself the fake ones I don't really know if they'd do anything for me but I do enjoy you know going out to the beach in searching form this planter is super gorgeous I was pretty stunned when I was looking around it just seeing all the detailing on it I don't think I've ever seen one quite so nice can you spy that up on the top shelf there's a clown glass up there and I totally missed it do you guys remember I just picked up one of these recently at Salvation Army but it didn't say the 50th anniversary on it so I'm wondering if mine originally was this and that was scraped off or if it just was part of a set and only one set it so I'm gonna have to check out the one that I picked up and compare them skimming through the clear glassware is probably my least favorite but I do find some gems in there every once in a while so I always take a look but it's kind of always overwhelming for me because it's all just kind of looks the same after a while now I don't know if these are older or not I thought it was a pretty interesting set my mother always decorated in lighthouses in her home when I was growing up so I thought you know these are pretty interesting you know living in Maine a lot of people like to decorate with this kind of style stuff but I've never seen him in the glasses I thought those are pretty neat here's master twice I always like to look down in this area with the blades to hopefully find some vintage Pyrex lids but I've never found any but I still hold out hope that I will because often I picked them up and they're missing their lids a month ago I wouldn't have even known what this was but I saw joseline pick these up I guess she used to make these cookies with these with her mother growing up so I know what it is now they're from the 1990s joseline is the crazy lamp lady Channel if you guys are wondering what I was talking about you so when I first looked down I thought it said smelly station and then I realized said stationary so I was intrigued you know normally when you say something smelly it's not a good thing you think they would have just named it scented but actually didn't smell too bad I feel like there was a time about 10 years ago where everyone gifted each other candles you basically just traded candles at Christmas time and for birthdays every year I feel like with things like Scentsy and you know like the wax scented wax and the essential oils people are kind of not doing candles as much anymore so I'm not sure if you know picking up candle paraphernalia type items is wise but those little Rose ones were super cute so they had this nice Scottie dog figurine here I'm not sure if this one was older or not it you know it probably was at least from the 80s but yeah these were really popular back in the 1930s and 40s you know around the Depression era and you know President Franklin D Roosevelt had one which probably you know heightens and the popularity just because it was a well-known dog and some celebrities and stuff but yeah it was definitely a very well-known dog along with a poodle that was used a lot in vintage decor now I've heard some people be pretty surprised that my goodwill keeps out oh you know a lot of Christmas stuff year-round and this is one of the reasons why I hosted my thrift mists in July last year I do plan to do that again this year so if you are a youtuber stay tuned for that to be on the lookout for Christmas items to share in a hall last year I had 48 participants and I was super fine but what kind of thing I was talking about you can pick up Christmas items offseason for a really reasonable price and then if your reseller you can obviously you know stock up then and flip for a profit or you just want to decorate you know your own home this is definitely the best time of year to pick up Christmas items I do you know you get better prices and yard sales probably as well but yeah my thrift store keeps it out so let me know if you guys have their stores I keep out Christmas stuff year-round how darling is this hand-painted sleigh I'm trying to think what I would put inside of it I've been to probably about 10 different Goodwill's in my state and I definitely think mine here locally is my favorite I really like how they set it up and it's really easy to shop they do organize it fairly well and they did just recently change the layout a little bit but it's not too bad I've gotten used to it now so yeah I I'm happy I got one of the better ones in my area I'm sure somebody could come up with a really awesome DIY if those hexagons trays there you so I was trying to figure out what this was exactly it appears you just kind of put it on top of a door and it just kind of helps decorate a door casing I've never seen something like that before I thought that was kind of interesting how cute is this little tea set here now it's a little bit too close to Eastern now and I don't really want to pick up you know too much Easter decor unless I can get it like clearance prices or something but I did think this was really nice and yeah I hope you guys all have a great Easter weekend this will probably be around when you know Easter weekend is happening okay I really need to stop picking up globes but I've never seen one like this just sitting any plastic basin so I I got it guys Shh really thought this clock was quite beautiful it seemed to be on the older side to me just you know the overall style of it but it actually was from Christmas tree shop and that's actually one of my favorite stores to go to that isn't thrift related thanks so much for shopping along with me today guys make sure you subscribe so you catch the halt to this video and your till season's coming up right around the corner so we'll be going yard sailing together as well we'll catch you in the next one bye

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