Goodwill Thrift Haul-Come Thrifting with Me and My Mom!+Home Decor Finds!

mom you have any words on this I am a survivor hey guys I'm welcome back to my channel today we are doing some mother-daughter drifting at Goodwill alright so we're gonna go in and show you what we see and hopefully not get too much addicted so this would be totally cute with a tank top layered underneath it so check out these epic pants my mom found oh the things you'll find with their store [Applause] so the first thing my mom scored at the goodwill I actually found it for her it was on the bottom shelf behind a bunch of stuff but it's this ceramic glaze hot and it does have two drainage holes down there but this was only $6.99 so another thing my mom picked up at the goodwill was this banana hangar bananas not included she got this for a dollar 69 it looks like it came from Walmart and then this is another one that I found and she liked it it's a wooden bowl you could put candies in it or whatever you want and it's some kind of laurel wood I can't quite read that I'm actually jealous I should have kept this one for myself so she did end up getting this white picture it did have a small chip right here and she was able to talk the lady down usually they won't go down in prices at the goodwill it was 399 and she was able to get it down to a dollar 99 Half Price it says it's made in Italy there she is she did end up getting this vanity mirror it's got a magnifier on one side and it's just a regular mirror on the other this was actually from Ross you can still see the Ross the price tag on it and I've seen these there before and I think they're like $5.99 $6.99 but she was able to get this for a dollar ninety-nine and another thing my mom found was this really cool throw pillow it was a dollar 59 and it's just a cream color with a blue design another thing she found was this really cool vegetarian cookbook and this was only a dollar paperback book here it's got a lot of good vegetarian recipes so the last thing my mom picked up was this wooden pineapple and I think it may either be I don't think it's a cutting board but it might be a trivet it does have this leather strap here so you could hang it on the wall if you really wanted to it was really cute it's a nice wood and it says it is truck echo Hawaii this was only a dollar ninety-nine you believe once upon a time 20-some years ago I used to hate doing gosh I used to hate going through things even think of going in the store

41 thoughts on “Goodwill Thrift Haul-Come Thrifting with Me and My Mom!+Home Decor Finds!

  • Oh my goodness your mom looks so good, she could be your sister! I love your thrifting videos, you always get the best things. I really liked those green & brass vases.

  • Your Mom looks so young and she's pretty like you! She got some nice things. Thanks for taking us along. 🙂

  • New subscriber here!!!
    Wish I had known about Odorklenz before now!!!
    Washed and soaked about 20 loads of clothes before and used Borax and Ammonia.

  • My kids always hated going thrifting with me…they would say..,what if I see my friends in there…lol…well they were there as well!!! 😂😂😂 now she loves going thrifting!!!

  • Ha! I was the same way as a teenager 20+ yrs ago…I hated Goodwill! I thought they were dirty and gross. Now, I buy ALL my clothes and kids' clothes at resale shops. Socks and underwear are the only things I buy brand new. What I love about resale shops… I can actually buy name brand things at affordable prices. I could never afford them otherwise. Plus…it is fun. Some things you have to grow into.😎😃😍👌😜

  • I've been thrifting since the 1970's. My daughter won't set foot in one. Too sad. I've found some really nice things over the years. Prices have sure gone so much higher!!! 😵

  • Mom got a lot of good deals. I was hoping one of you would get the miniature cabinet with the miniatures. I have been collecting those since high school.

  • Did you say Mother?….that Woman is so youthful and vibrant. Both of you look like Sisters! Both of you are beautiful ladies. Tell your Mother I said…You Go Girl 🙂

  • OH GOLLY GEE; YOU TWO LOOK LIKE TWINS….beautiful that silver shirt you showed would really look good under a blazer with some jeans; casual Fall/Spring brunch, evening party, or dinner….I have the same pitcher..little; throw pillows are our goodwill is about 5.00 good finds, I love the wooden bowl…lol

  • Your thrift shop has all kinds of intriguing stuff — looks like a fun place to shop! Is it just me, or does the grass always seem greener in thrift shop videos?

  • That's awesome that you go with your mom. I can relate in a way. My dad had the largest camera collection of any private collector in the world…the world and all when I was growing up I was dragged into thrift and antique shops. He passed in 2008 and I actually now have an Etsy shop where I sell vintage cameras and jewelry I make from them and I am always at thrift shops and yard sales…who would have ever thunk?

  • The thrift shop I shop at is so awful. So disorganized and dirty. I shop there but you want to hurry up and get out. The ones I see on youtube are so neat and clean,

  • Hahaha yep you learn from the best… You didn't get enything, i could swear you would go for the handbag or basket vase. When i saw the pineapple cutting board part in the video, i had to laugh. 2:08 Your mom whent like, thats mine thank you verry mutch hahaha…. She got great things, next time it will be your turn….

  • Nice meeting your mum. I love the pineapple board. I spotted a cute white angel ornament at the beginning of the video, I think that would have gone in Robins basket for her Christmas decor 🙂

  • Some great items. Your Mums a very classy lady. I LOVE her style. Sending you both some love from England.xx

  • I need that cup now😂. Your mom got some nice things. Love that cute pineapple cutting board. Tfs💖❤️💖

  • I have never been able to leave a thrift store without buying something, you have great will power😜. Your mom found some nice stuff, I love the wooden bowl.

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