Goodwill Thrift Haul | Vintage Thrift Store “Junk” Reselling for Profit

okay there it's nichole on this New Haven today I have a good wall vintage Hall to share with you most of these items I plan to keep myself as a couple things I am planning to resell but for the most part everything I do plan to hang on to you now I have a pretty large collection of vintage colored glassware so I did find a couple more pieces to add to my collection I got this kind of banana boat I guess though it's I don't know if it's coming off but it's a really light pink and I don't come across the pink glass often now it is a little rough around the edges here but I don't really plan to really use it for you know food or anything like that I just display it basically for decor purposes and I really liked it yellow tag was a dollar that day so I got it for a dollar and then on top of that I got 25% off everything so I actually got for 75 cents so you know I figured for 75 cents even though it does have a little bit of issue around the edges where I'm just displaying it up on a shelf that I would go ahead and pick it up I really like the pink to it I hope it comes across to the camera as that really nice light pink because it was really pretty and I guess I'll just show you the other glass I got this is the light blue bubble glass I have the same exact bowl but it's in a smaller version that's probably like chip and dip bowl size like the other ones about with the dip size I paid three for it so 225 after the discount and this seemed to be issue free I couldn't feel any you know chips or anything if you guys pick up glassware always you know carefully run your fingers across to feel the chips because you're not always going to be able to see you know any flaws in the glass and stuff so I usually do it across the bottom and the top and I just do it very lightly because it obviously don't want to cut yourself but you can usually feel any blemishes in it and this seem to be overall in really good condition so I did get that that was a good find so I got that and then I couldn't resist this cute little picture here only a dollar and then I guess 75 cents I paid for it I just thought it was really precious and I just couldn't not grab it so I did go ahead and get that now I picked up one of these Tupperware pictures these are the ones that have the vacuum type seal when you push the button down to release the top I can't really do it one hand but yeah releases the top and I don't like seal it in to tighten it so it seemed to be in pretty good condition and I only paid a dollar 50 for it and I do plan to resell this in my antique booth just because I have enough pictures at the moment I just didn't really want another one but yeah I got that to resell I plan to do kind of a Tupperware section when I go back and do overhaul for my upcoming holiday season just know I have been collecting it throughout the summer so I went ahead and grabbed it just to add to it and I picked up this cute little vintage looking ow couple here when sleeping ones wide awake we know the one that sleeping is the male right because they're the only ones who can ever sleep with the woman's up all the thoughts in her head she can't go to sleep seems to be the way when we and my husband anyways so this was marked $2 so I Pete a dollar 50 for that and I thought that was really really cute I really love the coloring on it with the kind of pink in the yellow there and then this here it doesn't have a tag on it because they had it marked – we can see this a little chip in the front of it there it doesn't go all the way through through its long on the inside so I mean you could still likely use it for food storage purposes if you wanted to I wanted it because at garden and marigold seeds and sunflower seeds one of the other I'm going to use it for to store it in for the following season because if you guys garden you know especially if you can grow marigolds or sunflowers and save the seeds you know you get a ton of seeds so you can't really just put it in like a little ziplock or something I mean I suppose you can get a bigger one but I just thought this would be cute to store the seeds in for that this is made in France has the mushrooms and tomatoes like all kinds of garden stuff on it I just really liked it and I asked him if they would take a dollar for it instead of the two since it was chipped which normally if you see a flaw at Goodwill and you can go ahead and ask them if you don't think the price is reasonable and they will often go ahead and give you a discount so just guys didn't know that is a little tip for you and so the next thing I got was this cute little gnome I used to have this huge gnome collection and I actually sold Muslim in my booth just because I was just selecting so much stuff that I just had something out of giveaway I really do like gnomes though I went ahead and picked him up he has kind of the Christmas colors to him so I'm contemplating whether I want to resell him or keep him for Christmas decor purposes but think I think I'm leaning towards selling him I really like how he was like smiling she looks super cute but I'm pretty sure I'm going to resell them I have to clean him up a little bit and yeah but dudes only 75 cents so I think that was a great find for that for sure and then I was excited to find these Strawberry Shortcake glass where we got this little candy dish I guess canister here the very good this was a dollar already even though it was yellow tag so I got it for 75 cents and that's what it looks like all the way around they're just really cute it's in great condition and then I found one of these strawberry shortcake glasses so yeah it was $2.00 so I paid a dollar 50 for this one so there's more where this comes from or where this came from I guess some American Greetings Corp mcm-l xxx I don't read no Roman numeral so I didn't look this up I know it's you know at least we're all in the 70s and 80s I would guess I think I think that's uh where they came from so I remember her from when I was little girl and I just always pick up stuff from like you know that weight seventies early eighties era just think that it's always like cute and fun and bright so I will be keeping those for myself I have a kind of a eighties collection of toys and stuff like that that I always hang on to and the last thing I got was a piece of vintage Pyrex it was priced at five so I got it for $3.75 is the early American pattern that's actually real gold that's 22 karat gold that you see the like eagles and stuff on this with this is a divided dish what they call a divided dish and actually did a whole video on a pirate's haul vintage Pyrex haul that I'll link you want to know more information about this I had it's up one and the other pattern pattern but the color of this pattern it also comes in a white on brown which isn't what the gold come in various parks pieces so if you want to see that I'll link it so you guys can go watch that after these were made from 1962 to 1971 so I was happy to find that Pyrex is my go-to thing I know where they usually put it if they have it in so I was run through the door basically and go see what they got if they got any pirates when they go so that is gonna do it for this a vintage goodwill haul guys I hope you enjoyed it let me know below what your favorite item was and be sure to give this video a like if you did enjoy it and subscribe if you're not subscribed already and if you are subscribed already thank you so much for sticking around and supporting me and my channel and we'll catch you next time guys

33 thoughts on “Goodwill Thrift Haul | Vintage Thrift Store “Junk” Reselling for Profit

  • Nice haul…really like the two owls…my take is that the closed-eyes owl is the girl, she looks like a person in love, snuggled up to her "hero". Mr. Nome is saying: keep me, keep me!!

  • All Germans have gnomes in their garden. They actually passed a law that other countries surrounding Germany can not import them into the country

  • Hey, Nicole, I know those Roman numerals are confusing. If you already know that your item was made in the 1900’s, then just focus on the last 3 or 4 numbers. Example: L is 50 and X is ten, so if your last 3 numbers are LXX, then you know that it is 1970. I hope that helps. Honestly, we live in America, so why manufacturers even use them. 🤷‍♀️ I’m sure someone is going to come on here and give me a reason, lol. Listen, great finds! Would you believe that I was watching someone on YouTube, yesterday, and they walked out of a thrift store leaving a complete set of the Pyrex pattern you have…pristine condition…$35.00! That was a steal! You have a good day and keep finding and sharing those treasures. (I still think you’re slipping into my kitchen and dining room at night, lol) 😂👍🏻❤️

  • 1980 for the strawberry shortcake glass.
    M = 1000
    C = 100
    C before M = 900 (one hundred from 1000 = 900) (a lower number before a higher number means to subtract the lower number from the higher number, but you need to know the rules about this to know that you can't put X (10) before M (1000) in order to get 990)
    L = 50
    X = 10, so XXX = 30
    1000 + 900 + 50 + 30 = 1980

  • ❤️❤️❤️ Strawberry Shortcake – you got some great goodies this time – I also like the bubble bowl

  • Hi, new subbie here 🙂 My Mom had those owls, so they are at least from the 1980s! Nice haul!! I LOVE vintage!! Sue

  • I am so happy I found your channel! You do such a good job at presenting your items, and finding good deals. I also have enjoyed going to thrift stores to see what good treasures I can find.

  • Nicole, you are very lucky. The GWs in my area never discount anything, no matter how damaged something is. They also never have sales. Poop! Great finds. Joanne

  • Nice finds! Love that photo of the little boy and girl! You find such amazing items! Thanks for the GW tip!😃TSMFS!☺️

  • The portrait is so precious. That strawberry shortcake glass is adorbz. Lots of great finds as usual 😀

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