Goodwill Thrift Store, And That! and Garden Flowers #goodwill, #thrift #thriftstore

okay real quick I know we're on a limited time here want to show you guys these these are the rhododendrons and you have a limited window with blooming but I must say the flowers are spectacular this year and there's a difference every year this is a good year you so these are my peonies woke up to this this morning super excited look at how beautiful they are and now that they're open as time goes on the interior will get really red and beautiful so just want to show you you so I went to Christmas tree shops I'll show you what I got in I hit good will this is for the big read big read I was trying to find a something for my wreath and I will add this to it and show you how it looks at the end I think it's adorable they had the burlap one and they had the blue one $7.99 but I'm liking that look at this right here really really you're gonna do this right now Rolie Polie Olie but I like the bigness and the thickness of it it's like a velvet on the bed on a velvet what's that cold felt it's a felt back yeah hi hi cookie alright so I'll hang this up at the end and I'll show you how it looks and we're gonna coffee dilemma here and the maple no no no no all right I'm a metal through that this is a awesome 399 to Goodwill and it's for art so it's an easel I don't have to prop my canvas anymore I can just go to town with this little thing and I'm gonna show me this morning that it extends out for a bigger canvas so oh you can't see that it extends out for a bigger canvas so for $3.99 its stores flat yeah it's hearty I think it's hard to find an easel that you like no no I'm so upset that the Christmas tree shops is out out out of my coffee all right you guys I've seen me in this I have a floral jumper it's a rapper and the other day I put it on for work and I just needed a little something to go over it this is like a see-through material so I'm just going to put this over it I like the lace bottom and also got I also got a skirt from Walmart that is a lot of stripes in it and I just couldn't find a color to match I love the green envelope toss they're kind of velvety I have a blue one and a great one so this is an army green color and believe it or not with all the colorful stripes in the skirt there is army green to set it off so I like to pick the unusual color and so this will go well with that skirt all right now I had to go round and round around with this there were a lot of these there like I'm talking about a lot of platforms a lot of platforms there this one is too it's too rough to use for the for what was made for and it's a butcher block but it's it's too far gone now and that's why somebody donated it but it was very well-loved for a dollar ninety-nine I'm gonna paint it distress it I'm gonna sand it I'm probably gonna take the belt sander to it and go to town and use it as a platform and it is no longer to be used for food it'll be for decorative purposes only in the farmhouse so we're gonna give that a little TLC that's gonna be like an upcycled to be a thrift store flip and today was day four thrift store flips again another one and I was hemming and hauling around at this one I was waiting for a ride to come down the aisle but this much was this 99 cents yeah I thought for 99 cents I'll throw this bad boy outside but I thought well this would be a good thrift store flip and then I flipped it around and it's got a little spot right here for a tea light so I asked the hubby and I said can you cut that and he goes yeah I cut it because I thought it would be great to put a little scene in here a little Halloween scene or maybe one of those witches that I bought the other day that could go in there I'm I don't know I kind of don't want to change the color because it's a ready rusty fringe but I don't like these up here these wire beads I don't like those I can always oh yeah I could cut those off with wire cutters see there at the top I could easily cut those off with wire cutters and then I think I'd be happy with it this has a lot of potential a lot of potential so I was happy about that it was a great price – great price and since we're in this mode here the girls were distraught at goodwill they were upset hours there with each other bicker in this guy $0.99 whoo he is a fire glazed pumpkin and he's got a spot in the back for a candle but he's glazed inside and out and he is a mustard color I like this distressing here on the leaf not a big fan of the face but I think he'd be great for a background piece in like a Halloween vignette so for 99 cents yeah I can take the chance on you buddy I can take that chance yes I can all right and then 99 cents I don't know what these are but these are going into so these are going into the palm of the beach palm floral arrangement just fun white little whatever's 99 cents and then this too is 59 cents it's just a burlap ball I'm gonna throw that on top of my coastal mantle but I'm right down this one it's rest recipes for book 99 industry I've never heard of this I'm not heard of this I'm not heard of this but when he was flipping through it he just bought me a recipe book that's similar to this it's got beautiful designs and pictures and I thought well this would be sucess brand-new and he's right look it hasn't even been open look it's still got the tape all the pages are taped together so you know this would be good you can I might make this my my holiday recipe book where I just have you know special dips and you know for hosting but it's really cute I'm glad he found it because I just skipped right over it I missed it so if you would please give me a thumbs up like share comment subscribe if you would go over to Pinterest I greatly appreciate it I got a ton of pens at secondhand Tracy N and I also have a hashtag secondhand Tracy and I'm up to 32 posts so check that out and of course Twitter I got Twitter in between but also on Instagram bye for now from secondhand Tracy

21 thoughts on “Goodwill Thrift Store, And That! and Garden Flowers #goodwill, #thrift #thriftstore

  • Tracey Ann ♡ you made me giggle every time you took a sip of your coffee 😁☕ I am the exact way with my coffee. ♡

  • Wow Beautiful blooming flowers Tracey. Love those peonies. The pumpkin tea light holder is a great buy. Definitely a nice piece for your outdoor space. The recipe file has an awesome cover. I like that too 👍🏻❤️🤗

  • Loved seeing your Rhododendron and peony’s and the iris of course. We moved to SC 3 years ago from NJ. Don’t miss jersey but I do miss all the plants we had. Miss lilacs too!
    Just discovered shopping at Goodwill. Love it!! I also miss Christmas tree Shoppes!! Love your videos! What state do you live in? 💗👍🏻

  • You got video bombed! I just ran out of my coffee find too. We have a close out grocery store and I got three big cans of International coffee mix- vanilla Carmel or something like that. So good and now I am out and they have NO MORE.

  • We are still getting SNOW!!! There are a couple of tulips and daffodils but very few. Liked your coffee cup.

  • Love the idea for the hollow pumpkin! I think I have a set of those pumpkins packed away. Wreath looks beautiful!

  • Your garden blooms are beautiful! I wish we had a Christmas Tree shop near us. That bow is so pretty! The art box will be so handy for you!❤️

  • Oh no, don't mess with a girls coffee.☕ Your flowers are gorgeous!!🌺💐 and your haul is great! Love those🎃 & that🎀. Thanks for sharing🤗

  • I am so envious of your rhodies, we cannot grow them out West. 😥 And your peonies, you would laugh at mine, they are only about six inches tall so far! You found some great decor items also, very fun!

  • Your flowers are beautiful! Love the bow for your coastal wreath. If you are going to put a Halloween scene in the metal pumpkin you could always leave the candle holder in it and sit a tiny witches brew pot, like the little ones in the bags at DT, on it with little sticks glued on the candle holder, painted to look like they are on fire. Then sit one of the little DT witches, you know the ones everyone was gluing on their mason candy jars last year, next to it , with a stick in her hand, like she's stirring it. You could put a little poly fill in the pot with some of the tiny frogs, lizards and spiders they sell at Halloween. Maybe an small dead tree in the corner with tiny bats hanging from it and a full moon behind the tree. OK, sorry, your pumpkin your way but who would have thought your thrifted pumpkin would give me that huge amount of inspiration! Especially in May!!! Lol. I know whatever you do to it will turn out great as usual. Love the shirts, especially the green one. The art box with the easel is a great find. Bought one as a gift for one of my grandsons, at Michaels a couple years ago. Came with all kinds of good quality art supplies inside and it was 60 something dollars back then. Good find! Good find on the recipe book Ron. Well, turned into more than a short comment AGAIN. Y'all have a great day! Hugs from Florida 🌴😎💙😎🌴

  • Such beautiful flowers – especially the peonies, which don’t grow here in Florida. I just checked, and it looks like you can order pumpkin spice coffee pods from Christmas Tree Shop online – I order our coffee from them all the time.

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