Goodwill Thrift with Me & Home Decor Haul!

hey guys and welcome back to my channel so I am here at Goodwill and I'm gonna do a little bit of thrifting today to see what I can find so I'm gonna take you along and kind of show you what I see and hopefully I will have a haul to show you at the end of the video I haven't had much luck in the last few weeks so hopefully I can find some goodies so let me take you inside and let's see what we can find [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so the first thing I purchased was this really large heavy Himalayan salt lamp this one was fourteen ninety eight which is a little on the high end for a thrift store price but considering its size I thought it was a pretty good deal since I was gonna get one anyway I have this one here which is half the size and half the weight and I paid $19.99 for this so I thought since I was going to buy another one anyway I wouldn't be able to find this size for this price this size would have at least cost about $30 so I was happy with my purchase and I have it here in my yoga room area and I already had this smaller one here so I wanted to add another one to kind of balance out the plants with the salt lamp and I really love decorating with these so I was super happy to find this especially the size that it was so while I was in the thrift store I came across this set of wooden bowls and at first I was looking at the big one and I really liked it it was five dollars so I really couldn't think of what I would use it for and then I saw behind it there was some smaller wooden bowls one of them was priced $0.49 but these four here were priced at only 59 cents and I thought that was a great deal for wooden bowls so I think I may do a DIY with these I'm not sure exactly what I may give away a couple of these in a future giveaway but I thought at 59 cents each they were a great deal so I was super happy to find these and the last item I found was this really cool embroidery hoop with handmade art inside and it's this really pretty butterfly so at first I thought this butterfly was made out of little beads but when I was looking closer I realized it was made out of different colored zippers so I thought this was really interesting and I felt like I had to rescue this from the thrift store because it was handmade and I thought it was really interesting and it was marked a dollar ninety-nine but they marked it down to nine nonsense so I thought if I couldn't find a place for this in my home I may eventually give this in a future giveaway so if you like this item and you would like to see it in a future giveaway please leave me a comment down below and let me know so that is it for this week's thrift haul I hope you enjoyed this video and I will see you in the next

32 thoughts on “Goodwill Thrift with Me & Home Decor Haul!

  • Oh I love that butterfly! I wonder who came up with the idea for doing needlework with zippers…unusual to say the least. My youngest granddaughter loves butterflies. YES, to seeing it in a future giveaway. You just keep finding pretty wooden bowls. Do you ever find yourself thinking that you should be the ‘keeper’ for the next generation? Good haul. 😊👍🏻

  • I absolutely LOVE the butterfly hoop !!! I always look for items people have put their heart into making. As a crafter myself, most crafts are priceless to me. Thanks for sharing.

  • I have a himalayan salt lamp, mine is a lot bigger though. I gave 600 NOK for it in a health food shop (about 60 USD).

  • I like some of the things that you buy from Goodwill. The Good that I go to here in Miami Florida, let us go into their warehouse to buy clothes, books, and moves. The clothes we're able to buy by the pound.

  • I love those lamps. My cousin has one of those backgammon sets. I always loved played with the magnetic pieces. Those bowls were a great deal. That butterfly is neat.

  • Cute finds!!! Butterfly artwork is cool. Really been into wood bowls lately great to use for small plant holders (hide ugly bases) & pink Himalayan lamp. Gosh that antique lamp base at 2:15 min is really nice. Easy to do DIY lamp repairs.

  • Love the salt lamp and it looks beautiful with the plants. I want a salt lamp too hope I find one. Have a blessed weekend.

  • Reaches in and grabs the silver lamps 😀 – I had to get rid of my salt lamp because it sweated, yuck.

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I loved that lantern lamp. I was hoping you’d get it….. until I saw the price. Maybe it’s just me, but that seemed pricey for a thrift store. Can’t wait to see what you do with the bowls.

  • …can't believe you picked up the little inexpensive elephant painting to admire it, and totally overlooked the white hobnail plates bowls n' vases down below! They are very much in demand right now, and a collector's item where they can be pricey. Because many are into that Farmhouse look, and white kitchen of late, they are popular and sought after by antique dealers, too. I would be curious to know if you did take note of them, and for how much were they selling for…

  • Love what you picked up SCORE on the lamp. Those bowls would look so awesome with plants in like white planters like the IKEA ones it would just pop. I love green plants in white with wood. Just my little home ill thoughts lol

  • Love the butterfly art and the wood bowls. Great finds! Love the salt lamp! They look amazing when lit.

  • I love the salt lamps! I purchased one too, but from Ollie’s instead. They’re soooo beautiful and the perfect night light. Lol (I hate the dark).

  • love the butterfly art work. It would look great in my craft room, but it looks like the color could work in a few of your rooms too. Thanks for taking me shopping with ya.!

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