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hey nesters today I went to the goodwill in my area the larger one last week I went to the smarter one and yeah so I hope you guys enjoy this and definitely let me know below if you see anything that you would have picked up all right so the first thing I saw when I walked in right off the bat was this really awesome mirrored tray and it's actually on a lazy susan I thought this was a really neat piece now I thought this piece was really interesting what is the Continental trademark hand-wrought I believe aluminum tray and I'm not really sure what you would use this for let me know what you guys think how gorgeous is the patina on this silver piece here now I'm not sure the exact use for this I believe you would put a plate or some kind of a bowl inside of it just to keep it off of the table if it was hot or something like that so if you guys know any different definitely let me know I thought this was kind of an interesting trivet piece but you can tell it had some damage to it they kind of glued the leg back on so I wasn't sure how well that would hold up lots of fun metal pieces and trivets especially today this gravy boat actually is the post you have a tray that goes underneath of it and they had it marked at five dollars I believe it's in early 1900s P so it's a pretty fair price wholly decorative teapots Batman this box here is actually in the same spot that I found that last Indian style box and the one I got was a much nicer condition than this but yeah that one one was ten dollars as well so you're about to see what I was talking about with my lamps at my store is usually quite a bit of junk but I did find those two cool ones a couple weeks ago and I'm curious if you guys know what these blue cone shaped glass things are and they some kind of an insulator I've never seen these before now these I know are insulators I feel like the teal are the most common color that's the ones I tend to come across the most actually have one myself I know it depends on which one it is but I feel like you know they're the common ones don't really sell for that much but they are collectible and a lot of people like them especially for more farmhouse style decor I did think this music staff I guess is what it is lamp was really neat I like the design of it and it seemed to be more of a modern piece but I definitely liked how it looked and you know I think with the right buyer it would sell well now I don't know if you guys know this about me but I am kind of globe obsessed I have a small globe collection and I did not have one in this color I was sad to see that this had some damage to it but overall it's a pretty nice condition and I think they were asking around eight for this goodwill always has a lot of interesting shelf wear and I've picked up a lot of different items like this to display items in my antique booth so I thought these pieces were kind of cute they're both kind of birdhouse style they had some interesting laminated bird prints from 1979 that one said so I'm not sure someone used this for two core or they just were into birds and liked to you know keep it in the portfolio or something but I thought those are kind of neat and I really like this painting that's behind this one here I thought this was gorgeous the price was a little higher than I wanted to pay for it I unfortunately did not get it this time but if it's still there for a discounted price I'll probably pick it up had a little bit of damage to the paint there was some staining on it but you know at ten bucks I don't know I just wasn't feeling it today looking through the wall art is one of my favorite places to look in the thrift store when I first opened my antique booth I bought a ton of wall art but it actually doesn't sell that well an antique booth so if you guys ever open up one I would be surprised if you guys had better luck than me you know so yeah just something to look out for if you guys want to open a booth I did think this sign was really cute you know I live in a house with all boys so my husband and my two boys and my two dogs are boys so I did like this now I stood here for a good solid five minutes trying to figure out what I could use this for so I thought it was absolutely gorgeous it's a nice glass tiled piece I loved the design to it I just did not know what to use it for initially I thought they wanted $10 a piece for this I kind of just did didn't see the set on theirs on the top shelf so you know I think it's a pretty fair price if it you know it's for the full set this bowl is absolutely gorgeous it's a German piece from a brand called studio and I'm not sure that's exact word but I thought it was really nice and I would guess it's probably maybe at least a $30 bowl this stuff is turning up everywhere now if you guys saw my Salvation Army shop with me you would know that I had this as a kid these plates are absolutely gorgeous I don't know if I would feel comfortable putting food on it I think I would feel bad I'm not sure if they're for decorative use or not they kind of seem like they would be but they're really nice this just makes me super sad to think about how this ended up here I'm assuming someone inherited by you know someone passed away and they didn't want it this is actually Vermillion rose by Triumph it's an American limo geez set here and you know it has to be a pretty specific buyer I would think that would want this I don't think it sells for a whole lot maybe the saucers maybe a couple bucks and the plates maybe five apiece but you know I don't think there's a whole lot of profit to be made here you know based on the prices they had this 1964 plate actually could be pretty collectible to history buffs because in this year puts it in Johnson actually signed the Civil Rights Act which actually ended segregation so it's pretty neat now I did find some pirates these are the a missed bowls but they wanted so much money they wanted $15 for that one and then they actually had more throughout this door for whatever reason they couldn't put the set together and just sell it as a set for a reasonable price I thought these plates really neat with the extra lip there kind of was like a handle this was a nice little pottery piece here some kind of a crock I would say so here's some old town blue patter and mugs here these came out in the early 70s you guys watch my channel you know I collect all the Pirates compatibles so I picked these up so the salt pepper shakers were cute but I was curious what was poking out underneath here and it's actually a collector's plate from this day I live in Maine and it looks pretty vintage it was only two dollars and then I did a little happy dance on my hand there as they put it into my cart now this here is Japan less to wear less to wear it comes in many different patterns but the overall look is a you know relatively the same this is actually a really nice pattern and I think you could probably stand to make more money on this set than you would you know the basic ones with no design probably about 10 to 15 per teacup and saucer set I really love purple and I thought this was really gorgeous but you can tell it had been repaired to some kind of a cement glue job done to the pedestal so I wasn't sure how secure that would be in the long run I like this salt cellar but I feel like it should have had a lid and I wasn't sure that anyone really wanted without a lid also today I tried out a local to me thrift store and I saw a birds-of-paradise painting there so it kind of made me laugh when I saw these birds of paradise bow flowers I really like these silver-plated coasters I've picked up coasters a lot for my antique booth but they don't really sell well so I don't know if I'd have any better luck online now I've seen this a few times before but I'm always attracted to it because of the fun colors and I forget it's Avon and it originally had some kind of bath oil that came in to it it just sold recently on eBay for a whopping two bucks so though cute obviously not a good item to pick up for resale value I always see so many gorgeous ginger jars I don't know if anyone actually uses them but I do pick them up every now and then how fun is this chip and dip set in the seashell pattern here it almost looks like a mother of pearl coloring to it I thought this is really nice and I would say these are probably sulfur at least you know twenty twenty-five bucks for writing you know the condition that it's in my thrift store seems to always be peppered with pieces I don't know if it's a thing that like people just don't use anymore but there's always a lots of cute ones and sometimes I pick them up here's some more luster where here you can see how you can kind of tell just by the you know style of it what it is I swear I have an eagle eye for butterfly gold Corral I'm always gonna pick up the larger plate some bowls if it's a great deal and the most hard for me to find are the woodland pattern and the snowflake so yeah I'm always trying to find those but I'd never come across them really right now my personal collection pretty much consists of the spring blossom and butterfly gold with just a few pieces of the others so I really thought this sugar in creamer set was absolutely gorgeous this is a vintage fire king set and I saw a couple listings that sold on eBay somewhat recently but the sugar had a lid on both of those that sold and they only sold for 10 bucks for the set and these were three dollars a piece so there's really no profit to be made there and the gold trim was kind of wearing off as well this amber glass deviled egg and I guess veggie tray is pretty cool but it's super heavy I've been really attracted to this transferware stuff lately so I don't know it might be something I might have to get into like I told you there were more of the purple Pyrex bowls around they wanted 10 bucks for this one 15 for the other what do you guys think do you think someone bought this for themselves or do you think someone gifted it to them because they liked wine I thought this mini little nesting set was adorable I believe it's a vintage piece for maybe the seventies or eighties or maybe it's a reproduction just made to look old I'm not quite sure I really thought these cotillion floral plates were absolutely gorgeous and I don't know what you guys but if I see something that should go with things at Goodwill I always have to stick it together I don't know it just the neat freak in me I guess why do I keep finding such cute ashtrays I was has such mixed feelings about picking these up because yeah I don't condone smoking at all I think this is an ashtray anyways I thought the ceramic piece was really interesting I think it's some type of a cornucopia I'm not really sure what it's supposed to be here but it kind of resembles majolica to me a little bit it's not quite fancy-pants enough to be majolica but it definitely has you know the similar design elements so one new subscriber left me a comment the other day that she had only watched three videos and she figured out that my favorite color was probably green so yes you guys know I do like my green glassware and so let me know below if you think I picked those up so there was a lot to take in at the goodwill today so I actually ended up making this a two-part video so if you want to see the second part to this make sure you're subscribed and maybe even hit that Bell so you're notified when that comes out tomorrow so thank you guys so much for watching and we'll catch you the next one bye you

39 thoughts on “Goodwill Thrift With Me | So Much To Take In Today!

  • The blue glass cones are candle holders that you put in an wrought iron support with the point down. My mother has the same ones but in yellow . I couldn’t find an exact image but the closest I could find was

  • I have Avon collection beer stein and cutie pies call clowns need to sell them not to make money just not to go to junkyard

  • Clearly, you young thing, did not live through the 70's. Is all that hideous crap making a comeback? I cant believe it. Speaking for all of my generation whose childhood was 60's/70's, we never want to see any of this ugly stuff again.

  • Hi, I like your channel, very informative. What advise do you have for a new eBay vendor? What type of items that hot to sell. Thanks

  • The blue glass "cones" look like small glasses/vases that fit into a open ended holder……clear glass insulators are much more prevalent here in east Texas.

  • Hi again……Many people do not know that Corning sold their complete housewares division to World Kitchens, Inc. in 1996….names and rights to manufacture PYREX, Corningware, Correlle….all of it. Do some internet searches on "exploding pyrex". They changed the original Pyrex borosilicate glass formula to what McKee Glass used to make GLASBAKE out of….soda lime glass….which is not as heat/oven stable as the old original Pyrex…..too bad. Want GOOD PYREX today, buy the old pieces not new ones. Wish I had been with you this day…..big sigh.

  • The lemon server, or the item that was thought to be an ashtray, is called a nappy
    in Japan. They have that little handle attached in the dish.

  • I own one of those silver plate ring stands. It came with a crystal serving bowl. I was born in 1940, married in 1962. Many of the items shown are either still in my home or have been at one time. Loved the tour.

  • For those that like that chunky old hippie pottery…the glaze can be scratchy on the bottom and gouge glass or wood table tops. Sand down or glue on slices of cork to prevent this.

  • Hello, I usually don't comment on Good Will thrifting because I get so frustrated that Good Will has jacked up prices so high now that it's almost crazy to even bother. Especially with household/vintage items. Now when I lost 100 pounds they were a godsend in the clothes department lol especially because it happened so fast, my wallet couldn't keep up. All that being said, the blue cones in the beginning aren't really deep enough to be a vase. I have 2 cone vases (deeper reservoir) from the late 1800's to early 1900's that were used on the sides (inside or out) of horse drawn hearses. They were held in by wrought iron rings or spirals. My late grandmother's father drove the horse drawn hearses and she gave me the vases from her hutch. They are georgeous! I'm wondering if the blue cones here might have been candle sconces? … and then at 5:05ish the 'plates' you weren't sure you would eat off from, they look like chargers that go under your plates to catch drips and spills. Thanks for the video 🙂

  • I saw several pieces of Currier and Ives by Royal China. Depending on the price of the piece, you can make some good money on it. I saw the gravy boat with tray and also a cup in your video

  • The bright colored plates are chargers. Setting a table you would put it under the plate someone would eat off of. So yes, decorative.

  • Hi! Love your videos! The first piece that was a glass piece that rotates reminds me of a perfume tray you could keep on your bureau. The second metal piece is from the 60’s. It is a serving piece mainly used for candy or little desserts that have paper wrappers underneath them. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to put pickles and olives on it but I would feel safer with food that had a little candy cup underneath it. Love the Gilmore Girl tee shirt too!😊

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