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hey nesters welcome back to the channel today we're going back to Goodwill to see what we can find for vintage treasures and let's go ahead and get started let's see what we can find they had this nice pair of German beer stein mugs here and I think they were asking six dollars apiece for them you know not not too bad of a deal really I think the ones that actually have the metal lids on them are worth way more though I really thought this Eagle picture here was absolutely gorgeous I had this really nice blue inside of it they were asking eight dollars for it and you know it's still not really that bad of a deal I would have liked it to been a little bit cheaper for the thrift store now this piece here appeared to look to be handmade just by the inscribing on the bottom there but it's super well painted there's a princess on this side and on the other side there's a prince I thought this was really adorable there is some chipping around the edging of it though so you know I wouldn't think you would want to use it for food per se but maybe you could find a different use for it let me know in the comments below if you guys have a certain size coffee mug you have to have I really like this Las Vegas one here but I thought it was a little bit on the smaller side so I decided to not get it but had it been just a little bit larger I definitely would have grabbed it let me know below how important you guys think having the base to the gravy boats are I so often see gorgeous gravy boats like this but they don't have the tray that typically goes underneath it let me know if you guys think that's a deal breaker if I could resell it just like that or if I would need the bottom to it they had some were these Corningware wildflower designed casserole dishes none of these had lids but I really do enjoy this set I think they're quite beautiful they seem to have a ton of Corningware today this is the set in the Forever Yours pattern I'm not a big fan of hearts you know heart shape thing so that's not my favorite pattern in the world but I'd be understood know if any of you guys like it I really wanted this vintage log cabin syrup dispenser but I don't know if you guys can see underneath there it was so disgusting I didn't know how long that had been there and I was a little nervous if I could actually get that clean enough where there wasn't gonna be any mold or anything in there so I did ultimately end up putting it back I did have it in my cart for a little bit but hopefully I can find one of those in a much cleaner state soon I really like these plates down here in this kind of flower design and had the black and white stripes around the edging super-gorgeous likely really modern but I think they would pair well with a lot of different kind of decor I started moving this stuff because I could see in the way back something that looked like a Pyrex lid but it wasn't so I was kind of disappointed there I thought this cherry oval platter here it was really gorgeous someone used it to hang on their wall and I guess it was made in Italy so yeah it was a really nice piece here now this actually is the perfect sized mug to me I think it's just a little bit larger than the average size and this is actually really nice disney mug here I'm not a huge Disney fan I know there's a lot of Disney fanatics out there I do like Donald Duck I think he's pretty cool I really like this sign the most beautiful gift we can give each other is the truth I my number one pet peeve really is people that lie I also found this little fox here he's like a pretty heavy gold-medal Fox Billy liked the looks of this coaster set here now the outside was really nice the coasters I took the tape off to see how what kind of shape they're in and they weren't in the best shape lots of water damage you can kind of tell with the box it's kind of the same deal but it looks like it's like a little shoeshine kit and house where you would put your boot on the side they're super adorable piece for sure you don't typically come across the vintage brown like this nice chocolate brown candy dish too often so you know five dollars isn't really that bad of a price on that I really like the looks of these jars down here they are modern but they had these really nice copper tops to them I could see those in someone's bathroom for you know cotton ball storage or something like that maybe you guys can help me out here I cannot figure out what this was intended to be used for it looks like something you would like keep a big stock of and then would roll down and pull up I don't really know let me know if you guys have any ideas this is an absolutely stunning set down here here's a nice little depiction of Maine where I live I've actually seen quite a few moose in my lifetime I thought this piece was really stunning quite beautiful but I couldn't really understand how you would go about using it which you just put some fake flowers in it and display it that way what would you guys use that for I was trying to figure out what exactly this was it kind of looked like a lamp base that's the best I could come up with it was quite nice anyways and I really enjoyed the strawberry painting on it do any of you display these copper molds on your kitchen wall I've known some people to do it and it was really popular in the 80s and I come across these often so I'm not sure if it's just something people are getting away from or if you know they're just changing up the decor and there's still people that would you know appreciate me picking these up so they could buy them I got excited when I saw these president head bust things here but they actually come apart so apparent they came with some kind of lotion or something in them originally probably an Avon thing the parties weren't too bad I I was very tempted to get the abraham lincoln one i potentially might regret that i guess i actually did see that it was a vine for sure and it was originally aftershave so that's kind of interesting very fun that clown was so awesome I really was happy to find that I thought this is a really nice toothpick holder here I really like the ones that have this dates on them well that's gonna do it for today's thrift along with me guys make sure you subscribe so you catch tomorrow's haul to this video as well as part one to this video I got two separate hauls to go with these two so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed let me know below if you saw anything you would have picked up and we'll catch you the next one bye

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