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hey nesters welcome back to the channel today we're going back to good well to do some more shopping this is part two to my goodwill shop with me trips so if you missed part one be sure to check that out and let's go ahead and see what else we can find I thought this is a really gorgeous tissue holder here I absolutely loved the design around it I'm not sure what that material is I'm kind of like a marble ass kind of thing it was really shiny and pretty anyways and then I really liked this set here and I really wanted to get both of them the napkin holder was gorgeous and in perfect condition but the canister had some damage to it so I wasn't really sure what to do with this do you think this is only made to be on a basket wall because it just think about odd the design of it and then with a one handle on it I'm not quite sure what else it would have been used for other than decor I know this is kind of hard to see in the bag here but this is actually a vintage set of noël letters it spells out in a while and they have these little angels on them they're pretty cute normally it doesn't bother me to just pick up one book end but this one here even though it was super adorable and unusual I just kind of felt that it felt a little weird because you could obviously tell she was talking into the little can there and she needed to talk to a friend right so I left it behind just because it was only one it just seemed like it really needed a pair let me know in the comments below how you guys feel about fake fruit I've always felt very weird about it myself I don't understand why you would just decorate with fake fruit when you could buy the real fruit and just you know eat it and makes no sense to me I really do like anything that kind of has a wooden element to it to use in my own personal home decor and I thought this was the neatest item here it's obviously a wine rack right but I was contemplating trying to get it if I can you know think of some other use for it I thought this is a very unique duck geese wand whatever is there very neat piece these guys here even though they were really cute they wanted $12 for this set and I feel like that's a little steep for the thrift store not a lot of room to make any profit on so I couldn't get those it never ceases to amaze me all the weird things that I find at thrift stores the weird things that people make this is a little raccoon or squirrel measuring its strength at one of those fair things it's just so funny you now this would have went home with me had it not been priced at $10 I really loved the wood design to it not exactly sure it is but I would have just used it to set a plant inside I think it would have been gorgeous now you guys know I really like this piece here but unfortunately it did have chips and several spots on it so I did have to leave it behind there was lots of little nicks in it and I just don't really you know like to get dishes that I potentially put food and that has any kind of Nicks with it if it was you know a bass or something that I'm not gonna eat out of you know I would have gotten it but something like that I'm just not going to now I know there's a few of my Watchers here that like snowman so I do try to show you guys then when I see some cute ones I do buy them sometimes I'm trying to keep an eye out for the ones that are more vintage so I can list them on Etsy for you guys but yeah I have a hard time finding vintage snowmen for some reason you now I was a little confused of what this was of course so I had to pull it out to see and it's some kind of a handmade tree it was quite large even though it's kind of pretty I was just trying to imagine it in someone's home and I couldn't quite place where someone would decorate with this in their home had it been half the size I probably would have got it but it was just really large took me a minute to figure out what this was exactly of course it's a toothbrush holder right and I thought that was a pretty intricate design on it that was quite wild I did end up leaving this behind I wanted some cat lady to get to enjoy it for a good price so I'm sure someone scooped that up now this tree here I wish I would have got it's so cute I'm not sure what my reasoning behind not getting it was I do regret that one when I first started my antique booth I had done some research and a few people that had antique booths has said that cookie jar sell well so I picked them up every now and then and they never really sold well for me so that just goes to show you that it really just depends on the area and okay so even if you don't like dogs how cute is this you have to love this right I love how it's all the different types of dogs on it and how they're dressed up as little reindeer so adorable I really like this size of this nativity set I thought it was quite nice they're only asking $10 for it which you know I didn't think was too bad of a price and the interesting thing about this one it appeared to be all attached so you don't have all the individual pieces which you know I actually thought was really nice because often times that's how they get lost and broken right as being all individualized like that so overall it's actually a really nice piece I've actually never seen anything like this before this was pretty interesting and so it's a four piece set of bears that play instruments and I guess it plays 21 Christmas songs so that's pretty neat I think you can actually just hang them on the tree and they'll kind of just play I'm not sure how it works exactly I guess there's some kind of a music box that you probably turn on I thought this manger set was really adorable here and I think st. Nicholas Square or something you can usually buy it Kohl's I think that's where the brand usually comes from but they were asking 15 dollars for it and I thought that was a bit pricey for a thrift store how neat are these pressed flower wall sconces they did have the metal pokey thing in it where you have to put a candle on it so it'd be harder to put a fake candle on but actually maybe you could even just stick a plan on there I didn't really think of that if you got like a small planter that could have been cute yeah so I was turning this thing every which way trying to figure out what it was and how you hung it I'm still not exactly sure what it is but I guess you would put a plant on the base there that's the best I could come up with I have a subscriber Miranda that likes cow so I wanted to show her this I thought that was pretty cute thanks so much for watching if you missed part one to the shopping trip be sure to check it out I'll link it in the description below as well as put it on the in screen there so you just go ahead and click the video and make sure you're subscribed if you want to catch the haul of everything that I picked up today and we'll catch you the next one bye

37 thoughts on “Goodwill Thrift With Me | The Regret Is Real! | Reselling

  • I'm an artist.. Right brained people don't need a purpose.. Don't over think.. Could very well just be someone's creation.

  • That wrought iron sign that was next to the book end with the girl/kitten on it is from the 70s, I definitely would've bought that from you!!

  • Just started watching your channel. I love that your goodwill puts the tags on the sides so you can easily see markings. My goodwill puts them on the bottom, which is suuuuuper annnnoying . You make Great videos.

  • 10:33….that was part of a lamp. It hung on the wall with a shade on it. The shade was milk glass. It hooked into a part attached to the wall which allowed it to move from side to side.

  • The Come in sit down trivet was in my house growing up at my Grandma's. I would of loved to have that…….. MAKES me sad that I didn't see it……….

  • In the antique business "stone fruit" is highly collectible and valuable. These pieces are hand carved and painted marble or alabaster. They are works of art that get imitated by manufacturers of "fake/faux" fruit. A good quality fake can add to the display of wood and ceramic pedastals. Might be worth a second glance to find an original.

  • I just love your videos …I would of loved that Christmas plate with the dogs. My birthday is Christmas Eve and I'm a dog lover.

  • The other day I went to Goodwill and that was the first time I went since Christmas. I quit going there because their prices were getting so crazy high. I won't go back because their prices were even higher then last time. A worker told me that nothing was under 1.99 anymore. Did all the Goodwill change or is it just my Goodwill? When the worker told me that I asked her if someone donated a toy they bought for 50 cent at Walmart how much was goodwill going to price it at and she said 1.99 that just seemed so crazy and money hungry to me. I will stick to my church thrift store and yardsales.

  • The wooden box is a tissue holder also. It was upside down. When you turned it over you could see the small opening for the tissue to come out. The big opening is where you insert the box of tissues.

  • my mother got a dish like that at a surplus store in the 60s for 1.00 she got rid of it my qunt still had hers just something more to dust

  • I don’t know where my head is at after having an epic nerf gun battle eight year old birthday party today… but I thought your bookend was drinking a beer. And I’m like, what in the world kind of figurine is that?! And why does that angel look so innocent?! Okay… I’m going to go do something productive now. Hahaha.

  • I don't like fake fruit either, often it looks too fake! With some things I also have something like, there was a time that someone really bought that back then and now we don't want it for free. with some things you just have that. But they are still fun to look at, plus for small kids or pre teens its fun for in there rooms…. ( i bought things like that as a kid)

  • "I like to decorate with pieces with a wooden element to it." and "I don't understand why people decorate with fake fruit." You are so sweet! You obviously did not grow up in the 1970s LOL!!! LOVE your videos by the way. You move the camera nice and slow and let us actually see what you are looking at. I appreciate that!! Keep up the good work!

  • Jag Mic i was thing the same thing , hand towels would look so nice : ) : ) : ) pls let ur boys have the snowman ! give them a chance !! i know u dont like them but let them decide HUGE part of the holidays ! tfs

  • Good Sunday morning from Jonesborough Tenn….I am a thrifter and love watching you. As I thrifted yesterday I came across several corelle cups in gold and grenn and though of you

  • Would use the wood wine rack in the kitchen to hold dishtowels/cloths or maybe napkins. I've actually seen them used for silverware

  • Break the pointy thing off on sconces and add a glass candle holder. The piece you didn't know what it was is for oil lamps you mount them to your wall or cupboards and sit oil lamp in. They are great for when the electricity goes out and always out of the way

  • I don't use faux fruit in my home, but I think you could use them as props in your booth.
    Flip the wood box over, it's another tissue box cover.
    The other one you 1st looked at are shells. Can't remember the name of them but, they are from the Philippines.

  • The Exodus 20 thing is to not bow down and worship the graven image. I kinda think that anything that keeps your focus on Jesus is a good thing. If its wrong to have a picture I am sure we can be forgiven for it. I have "Christ at Hearts Door" on my wall. It shows people entering my home that it is a christian home and that Jesus is the most important to us. It keeps our focus on him and his sacrifice for us. I think we can be forgiven for it. Our God is a jealous God. As long as our focus is upon him I see no harm in it. Just like a photo of our family we do not worship those. They are reminders of good days and to watch our kids grow. But anything spiritual can't be bad. Its our focus and our love for him that must come first always. Over all things he must be first over all.

  • I don't know if this is the real use for the wicker basket but, I would use it for passing dinner rolls at a long dinner table….or probably hang it on my wall as a conversation piece.

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