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I want to go home with you my family calls it my superpower it's my ability to see value in things that other people might overlook sometimes they go picking with my boyfriend sometimes it's my best friend Sue and sometimes it's my kids but at the end of the day it's all about having fun and hopefully just maybe making a profit all right well I've got my sidekick with me today we've got sissy and worried about to head into this thrift store it's a local community aid it's kind of like a Goodwill or Salvation Army but they do a lot more for the community than those big cheese places so we're gonna head in here see if we can't find any treasures that we can flip for profit um and well let's see what we can get here we go right sis yeah we're gonna bring our Starbucks in right yeah yeah all right here we go well compared to normal the shop has been a little bit slim pickins today I'm gonna go over a real quick everything I've got in my card cuz I just kind of went through real quick and grabbed a few things and I say a few things because there really isn't a whole lot that I grabbed all right so we've got Juliet's boots in here she just threw her boots in here I've got this dear I want to say that it is Morton pottery I'm don't quote me on that drew is my Morton pottery expert he is not here there are no chips or cracks on it I'm gonna set it down before there are chips and cracks on it I love the color of it so that's why I grabbed that they're asking $2 for it I think that's pretty decent I've got the owl I don't think he's very old I don't think he's a very old at all perhaps he's a very wise owl however I like owls can I say shame its price on him oh wait that's because my hands covering it you know I drop him though he's $2.00 so got the owl oh nice ceramic owl I grab some some pottery today I grabbed this piece now it is marked I don't want my glasses on I think it says Hank Goodman it's $10 ooh you know what I didn't notice the price before I might throw that back for $10 that's a bit pricey I'm not gonna give that to you because you know what you're missin if Elise snotty-nosed and you're gonna drop it as much as they love you this I really likes now this doesn't have any markings at all it could be modern it could be vintage it's got some chipping around the edges you know sue or drew would tell me to throw it back but I really like it and I like it for four dollars so I'm gonna keep it I'm gonna sell it but I'm going to leave it in my cart is what I'm saying I just love the shape of it I love the colors I think it's great this guy oh my gosh like I wanted to say he was the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland but obviously he's not the white rabbit so I don't know he's just as oh yeah I almost did that he's just like this adapter a little rabbit or the bowtie for dollars he's too cute to pass up so that's everything I got I got this book as well I look at books every so often for like reference books sissie and I grabbed this book carousel animals because I looked inside and I liked the pictures I mean check it out I think what we're gonna do is we're actually gonna head down the road to the goodwill that's where I've had the most luck recently I'm surprised we've had pretty good luck here in the past but clearly there's not a whole lot on the shelves so we're gonna move on down the road see what we can get all right so I decided to go down the aisles one more time to see if there just happens to be anything I missed now at the very very end work right before I turn right after I turned around I went a little bit farther down and I found this now it's kind of celadon glaze on it and it's got this mark that I don't happen to recognize I found four of them on the shelf they were asking me two dollars a piece I don't immediately recognize the mark but I like the quality of them I don't know if they're old but again I like the quality of them so I'm gonna take a chance on them it may be one of those paying to learn experiences for me but I'm gonna give you a close-up and maybe by the time I do my haul video I'll have figured out what they are here we go um this is what I grabbed they're actually four of them on the shelf and I grabbed all four there were two dollars each oh it's a good thing that thing has a rubber on it hostas otherwise your brother would be pretty upset since you're using his alright give me one sec you can see the mark on here I'm just not sure about these but I like the quality of them I really do so I liked the quality I decided to take a gamble I've got four of them total so two bucks apiece alright now sissy what is it you wanted to show that go this way okay okay oh you know what that is that is for fishy tanks but I don't think your fishy would fit in there because he's a really big goldfish and he just keeps getting bigger he wouldn't fit in there he'd get stuck what would you do with it and then what how about we find something else for your window because you've already got your cat on your window and I bet we could find something cooler than a fish thing oh well you know what we're going to another store where they have more cool stuff pewter dinosaurs there is one last thing I wanted to talk about we were actually heading out the door Juliet had to go potty and then I kind of got derailed this right here is a moon and stars compote that used to be worth a lot more money than they are now right now this would sell between fifteen and twenty dollars and they're asking six for it so between the hassle and shipping and all the supplies it had to get the ship but it's really not worth the resale value so it's gonna stay right here but when you see this pattern here I believe it's Elly Smith that makes this moon and stars but they have little compote sand they have bowls and you know it comes in green and it comes in amber and that's what this pattern is right here so you'll know it when you see it but again it's just not worth it six bucks isn't that really worth it at all even if it was the two dollars you know the hassle of shipping it when it only sells for fifteen to twenty at that size I mean if it was something little like this and I can make that profit I could stick it in a six by six by six cube that's a different story but not happening with that sighs all right Juliet you ready on to the goodwill here we go okay well Julia and I had pretty good luck at the community aid there at the end oh we're at the goodwill now we're gonna head and see what we can find hopefully we find some goodies this place is hit or miss sometimes I leave with nothing sometimes I leave with a hundred and twenty dollars worth of stuff so we're gonna go see what we can find hopefully we find some stuff right cess yeah yeah she says hurry huh all right well I learned my lesson from the last time we were here and I decided to start with the lamps I did find this nice little I don't know if it's maybe Italian possibly fringe but I found this little country lamp I decided to grab it they want $6.00 for it it's vintage it's missing it's a finial I think somebody comes through here and just steals finials off of lamps because I come through here and all the fingers are missing so everything has this lamp I'm looking at the other lamps here I'll take a minute while the music's not playing we've got like the milk glass lamps are all pushed to the back because nobody's grabbing them oh we've got some lamps these little boudoir lamps only sell for like $20 and there's nothing no value there no value there um what I know you do but we're not gonna go stuffed animal here lemon this is not it's glass I could tell by lifting it it's light I told you guys you know that's like the first clue is to lift it to see if it's heavy it could be crystal that's like your first clue and if it's heavy we go from there but if it's not it's more than likely glass we're looking at ease this is vintage but it's not really I mean you've got this kind of like Deco styling probably in 1930s 1940s not something I would go for yes man I know you do let me finish talking this right here is chalk maybe not maybe it's nut shot no it definitely is it's just too heavy I'm not gonna bother with that the rest is just not my thing not my thing I kind of do like these I'm not gonna lie I do like that and there's two of them there's one right here – who – I do like those but I'm not gonna do it good another have no class yes your neck hurts let me touch it massage it for you right under here where it's tickly don't worry I'll tickle it for you it'll feel all better well does that help sissy does that tickling help I just found it looks like somebody repurposed a milk glass vase and they spray painted it black I've never seen this before but it's kind of funky and it might be a fun idea for Halloween you can pick them up for a buck apiece and get spray paint and black that would be a cool decorating idea for Halloween yes look what I see come here yes yes we've been in all the aisles at least three times that's the rule of thumb I want to go home with you I love you you're so much fun to shop with okay I'll stop come on do it again you're no fun what about this one can't wait you what about this wooden shoe that's an old one – it's no wooden shoe No this right here is a beautiful beautiful piece of Capodimonte unfortunately like most pieces of Capodimonte it is horribly mangled and chipped you can see all the chips all over here but it does have the capita monte mark down here and with the crown that stands for Naples or it was made it's such a shame would have been such a beautiful piece but it was probably dropped and cracked and these these petals are so fragile that just the littlest bump and they just snap right off that was a beautiful piece that would have been worth good money with all the petals and whatnot unfortunately it is busted alright ladies know I usually steered clear of clothes but I just found this and grinnin it's not gonna fit on this one but it's 24 months and it is a vintage French toast snow suit and it would look darling on somebody's baby I'm not planning on having any babies or near-term share in them but I'm putting it on my Etsy store because I think that somebody needs to have this somebody needs to have that it's not me obviously it's not you because it's not gonna fit on you alright well I did pick up one last thing I think this is really the last thing I keep saying them says he found this she traded her other things today I did find a teapot the e sugar and creamer I kind of had to shove everything in here it's a lot harder with a child in the front it's this luster where it's a blue luster where the inside is though orange less to where it's not worth a ton of money that stuff isn't really worth the time I mean but there's no chips or cracks that I could see there's also no price so I'm gonna find out how much they want for it so you want too much it's gonna stay I'm not going to pay more than six dollars for it if they want like ten is saying I'm not taking with me so let's go see what's that you're so silly oh my goodness again we've got a long line so we're gonna be sent in here for a while house s yeah all right well we've got sis back here munching on some cheese curls but we had a pretty good day at the goodwill um I'd say it wasn't like the best day ever they really hadn't put a whole lot of new stuff out on the shelf I was seeing a lot of the same stuff we saw like two weeks ago so obviously they hadn't been restocking that much in the past two weeks I'm assuming that's probably because they're transitioning over to spring stuff I just I don't know anyway um we've got some good items I'm gonna be doing my haul video tomorrow here on the channel so I'll be talking a little bit about everything I got what I paid for it and how much I think it's worth so make sure you stay tuned for that and we're gonna get headin home it's about a 45-minute Drive so I'll catch you guys next time Peter don't forget to Like and subscribe and if you spot it's something that you just can't live without don't worry I've put a link to our Etsy store down in the description

20 thoughts on “Goodwill Thrifting for Treasures | Sidekick Sissy | Buying & Reselling

  • Jocelyn, speak up. Your remarks are very intertaining and informative, but we need to hear you. Thanks, Susan vann

  • Tho the fish could swim around the thing, not through? What did you mean what will Juliette do with that thing on her window ledge? Look at it? She’s got an eye for color. Cute!

  • Goodwill takes the finials off the lamps. They (own) their own antique stores that they sent the really good estate quality items to sell. Now they on line sale. Disgusting, greedy people as they get everything for free.
    How many people do you know that Goodwill has ever helped??? None!

  • Joc… Heres the episode when you were talking about a Schizophrenia guy… I saw your comment from fb

  • The moon and stars set I found at a thrift store recently. I had no idea what it was until just now. I got a whole box of the green for $2. I bought it because it matches the Franciscan rose dinner set I bought at another thrift store. Thanks for the education.

  • Jocelyn….I just discovered your channel last week and I think I have watched all your " thrifting " videos. You have a wonderful sense of humor and you and Sue make a great team.
    I have been an avid thrift store shopper for many years here in Sacramento, California.
    I have never sold anything but enjoy the hunt for " treasure"!

  • I love your baby girl, but I don't care to shop with kids, plus this shopping trip was a dud, so I don't think you should have posted this one.Sorry, it was boring.

  • Videos with your daughter allow us to learn more about why you chose each item as she entertains herself and every now and then growls at the camera

  • Hello Crazy Lamp Lady, just wanted to know if you still have the rabbit with the bow tie? And if you do what the price please? I really want it. Thank you

  • Been binge watching your videos since 5pm yesterday 🙌 & im headed to goodwill today! Yaaaaass!! I suck at this though lol

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