Google Hangout: Application Tips From Previous Grant Recipients – Mission Main Street – Chase

Google Hangout: Application Tips From Previous
Grant Recipients — Mission Main Street — Chase How did you find out about the program and
what made you decide to register for it? I found out about the grant program through an architect friend
of mine from college. She participated in the program and when I looked a little more into it I realized
I was also qualified to participate. I looked at the application and I started to write and re-write and edit
and wrote some more and with only about three weeks left in the time period, we jumped in. If I don’t
try, I can’t win. So I sat down with a couple friends and wrote out kind of what I was thinking and submitted
it and that was basically how we started. Once I saw my whole team rally for it that’s when we took
the time to write the essays and move forward. Started gathering the support that we needed from
our friends and family to enter and we were off to the races. Tell us what you learned from being part of
the program? The importance of putting together a really solid application and plan and thinking about
your business and where you want it to go. Announcing it to our customers and our friends and family
and the world that we really were going to grow made it very real. And then I started thinking
how amazing it would be if we actually got that grant, what I could do with it. How amazing it would be
to be able to fund new product development and some of the things that as a small business it’s so
difficult to pay for out of personal funds. So what would you recommend that small business owners keep
in mind or take advantage of in the program? If you pause to think about what do I need to do in the
future to be successful? Which direction do I want to go? How are things going to look in three to five
years and with writing the grant proposal it gave me a chance to think about that. Nourish those ties to
your community and keep them in mind as you go through your day-to-day and your business and think
about your expansion plan. Chase Bank wants to hear what you have to say so take the time to present
your business in a way that Chase Bank can help you. Aside from the grant were there any other
benefits from participating in the program? This is where I’m supposed to be, it’s what I’m supposed to
be doing with my life and it was just a tremendous validation. Participating in this program gave me the
sense of belief, hope and faith that I was on the right path and that someone out there was going to help
me get to where I wanted to go. For those of you at home interested in learning more about Mission
Main Street Grant, visit, applications are being received until October

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