okay I’m hi kids I’m in here into the
Google patents today and we are typing in in Peach and I was kind of shocked
that there’s a lot in here about impeachment and impeaching so I’m going
to look at this is a method and system for providing electronic discovery on
computer databases about impeachment and so let me see
nothing is highlighted on this one let me see if I can do a ctrl F let’s see I
am PE a CH okay so I did a control up to highlight impeach on my document because
I I just like to see how many times it’s on here and so then we highlight okay so
method and system for providing electronic discovery on computer
databases and archives using statement analysis to detect false statements and
recover relevant data so we’re looking for false statements which is this is
kind of related to the president being impeached like president and all the
politicians being impeached abstract electronic discovery on computer systems
and archives is providing by using statement and analysis to identify false
statements so as to retrieve relevant impeachment data and other evidence
related to recorded statements the recorded statement is analyzed for
possible false statements and corresponding transcript data of the
false statement any precipitating question and any follow-up questions are
selected for use in the query the selected text can be further processed
before beginning used in the query before being used in the query the query
can be used in a search engine or used to train smart search agents the search
engine query or smart search agents are released onto target computers and/or
archives to search for Responsive data and doc
notification reports and indexing of responsive data and documents can be
provided to produce relevant results the analysis of recorded statement is
preferably done by voice stress analysis and so there’s a bunch of images here
let me see what oh okay there’s an image there oh I like drawing like that too oh
this is cool okay now how do I exit out of that I
want to just go back over here okay so I wanna okay okay so I’m just gonna
there’s a little box up there okay and so then it takes that away so I want to
go down here and okay right here we’ve got more about impeachment a method for
providing electronic discovery on computer databases and archiving the
archives using artificial intelligence to produce smart search agents to locate
relevant impeachment data and data related to the false statement
compromising inputting information relevant to desired data related to an
issue on to neural network training the neural network to produce a search
algorithm in the form of a smart search agent wherein said training comprises a
query produced by analyze recorded statements for potential false
statements and selecting transcript data corresponding to set potentially false
statements as input for queries selecting a target computer database and
archives to search for a response and data documents searching the target
computer database and archives using said Smart Search agent okay I’m not
gonna read all of this this is the field of invention related applications I want
to get down to the impeachment do we oh we’ve got a lot here there there is
legal documents and stuff in here well maybe I should read some of this some of
this is legal information back I will start here background information as
discussed in the parent application now patent
number six seven three seven six zero business and institutions today
maintained massive volumes of electronic and paper data wonder how they get the
paper on their these entities are often called on to sift through and discover
relevant data a process that is extremely time consumer consuming labor
intensive and expensive for example discovery requests during litigation can
cause various problems for the parties with respect to hard copies computer
databases and archives for the party making discovery requests the primary
problems are I the enormous amount of data to be sifted through resulting from
broad discovery requests and to the failure to discover broadly distributed
information resulting from narrow discovery requests for parties
responding to discovery requests the primary problems are one the enormous
amount of data which must be kept and/or turned over as a result of the
litigation and to the unintended production of new discoverable material
problems can also arise before a complaint is filed as soon as one party
knows where there is a potential dispute that party will want to search its own
records and interview its employees to assess risk and find evidence of
problematic documents the party will also want to send a document
preservation letter to the other side early in the process once a complaint is
filed the litigant is under a duty to preserve what is known or reasonably
should know is relevant in the action is reasonably calculated to lead to the
discovery of admissible evidence is reasonably likely to be requested during
discovery and or is the subject of a pending request
oh-o-oh 7 on the response site is now fairly clear that automatic electronic
document destruction cannot continue after the responding company
thieves discovery requests subpoenas or other similar legal process on the other
hand the company does not want full-scale disruption of its data
retention policy oh-o-oh 8 beyond the management of old archival documents a
substantial problem exists in the area of newly created data once litigation is
filed does every email created after the lawsuit become fair game the famous
Microsoft antitrust case seems to indicate the answer is yes there is
currently no software system that can that helps a company manage the creation
of new responsive and potentially embarrassing data
oh-o-oh 9 likewise similar situations occur with respect to creation
maintenance and recovery of information relevant to other activities such as but
not limited to legal issues like regulatory compliance eg EEO EPA FTC etc
mergers and acquisitions liabilities indemnification etc due diligence
inquiries freedom of Act information foi a FOIA requests the legislative
political processes homeland security and criminal law enforcement
0:01 0 however some litigation and law enforcement problems not directly
addressed by patent number six seven three eight seven six zero include the
issue of identifying relevant data for impeaching witnessed opponents and other
speakers or leading to user or other data closely related to making false
statements as well as the issue of determining with when it is high highly
likely that a witness or deponent is making a false statement subject to
impeachment indeed when the speaker makes a false statement it is essential
to identify the documents that relate to the false statement both for impeachment
purposes and for further probing of other lines of inquiry
the prior art lacks any means for identifying training material for the AI
technology of patent number six seven three eight seven six zero to address
potentially false statements for any other reasons such as regulatory
compliance background checks or law enforcement
0:01 one a known means for determining when it is highly likely that a subject
is making a false statement is a voice-stress analyzer the voice-stress
analyzer first be came into being in law enforcement arena during the early 1970s
through research and development by private individuals in the US Army
originally developed from the form of psychological stress evaluator pse its
purpose was to graphically display stress in the voice of a speaker when
asked relevant questions human speech is generated by the vocal cords and by
turbulence as expelled air moves through the vocal tract creating a resonance of
the cavities in the head the throat the lungs the mouth the nose and the sinus
cavity previous experiments show three types of voice change as a result of
stress the first of these usually manifests itself in audible audible
perceptible changes in a speaking rate volume voice tremor spacing between
syllables and fundamental pitch or frequency of the voice the second type
of voice change is not discernable to the human ear but it is an apparent
unconscious manifestation of the slight tensing of the vocal chords under even
minor stress resulting in a dampening of selected frequency variations when
graphically portrayed the difference is readily discernible between unstressed
or normal vocalization and vocalization under mild stress attempts to deceive or
adverse attitudes these patterns have held true over a wide range of human
voices of both sexes at various ages and under
situation conditions the third is an infrasonic or subsonic frequency
modulation which is present in the time in some degree in both the vocal chord
sounds and the and the formant sounds this signal is typically 8 and 12 Hertz
accordingly it is not audible in the human ear do this the fact that this
characteristic constitutes frequency modulation as distinguished from
amplitude modulation it is not directly discernible on time base amplitude chart
recordings however this infrastructures – as micro tremors is one of the more
significant voice indicators of psychological stress and is theorized
that this stress can be indicative of a false statement oh that’s interesting
yeah I actually I’ve kind of found that in myself is that I’ve had little voice
tremors due to stress myself and and so I would feel the little voice tremors
you know just from the things that I’ve been going – oh that’s interesting I
believe that it does create a false it would be a false wouldn’t say a false
positive yeah a false statement statement but the thing is is with with
this little frequency thing they’re talking about then a person could just
be under stress and then this machine would actually lead someone to think
that the person is lying when they’re actually telling the truth but they’re
just under a lot of stress that makes a whole lot of sense and the same thing
same would be true for kids – or kids any adult under a lot of stress their
voice is going to be modulating in a different way 0:01 three software tools
for this type of way stress analysis are available for use with personal
computers one such tool is the open-source liar liar tool available
under GNU public license from liar liar’ there are currently many
other voice stress analyzers VSA on the market today the
major BSA vendor market their products on a laptop with specific software while
a few others are sold as an electronic device with the software embedded on its
chips okay so okay so we’re looking at we’re going to go over here and look at
more of the impeaching though a process of using statement analysis and
artificial intelligence to find impeachment data related to a recorded
statement comprising inputting appropriate data related to said
recorded statement into an artificial intelligence system developing a search
algorithm using the artificial intelligence system convert converting
the search algorithm into a smart search agent wherein the smart search agent
comprises of a query portion produced by analyzing the recorded statement for
potential false statements the selecting wouldn’t be useless what the politicians
it should use this on the current policy politicians not not the new future ones
because we need to give them a chance but the current ones yes could since
they approve this stuff I’m somebody’s approving this and so the data
corresponding to said potentially false statements as input for said query and
deploying said smart search agent on relevant computer systems to identify

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