Government Killed Internet Freedom

what are you getting so bent out of shape about when it comes to internet privacy seriously did you just figure this out I love what it hits people all of a sudden oh my god they have my information look Sparky let me see if I can explain it to you this way assume I'm the internet or Google art it doesn't matter I've been trying to explain it to you this way look you came to me Google or whatever I never bothered you fine leave me give Yahoo a shout or or join the six other people on being whatever that is you came to me you accept my rules and that cell phone you're using you did read the terms and conditions of your carrier right and that iPhone do you know the deals that Steve Jobs cut with the feds oh yeah ask Bill Gates why his PCs are so slow I'll let that one sink in and then you complain about Facebook changing to Timeline where's the gun you know the gun the gun they're putting to your head to make you sign up for this free stuff who exactly do you think you are you have no right to social media it's our product take it or leave it and just who do you think you are with this sense of entitlement since day one folks have sold your information and a dress for marketing where've you been and listen I'm sure you knew this about the feds on us we've got an agreement what do you think some of us got our seed money oh and if you're upset about this stuff wait until it hits you what we've really done remember that Patriot Act phase we went through with all that post 9/11 stuff well we were hit with executive orders and PD DS yeah PD DS look it up on Google that you hate so much but we were hit with it take it or leave it they told us post 9-11 stuff it would make your head spin and you're crying like babies over data hey let me ask you a question does your computer have a microphone on it trust me it does let me ask you a question when you started getting all those ads and emails and promotions about dog food how do they know you had a dog he's your dog every bark let me ask you again did your computer have a microphone you didn't know they were listening did you know does your desktop have a camera what do you mean it's not turned on because the little green lights not on you're kidding me right if I were you I'd cover that up trust me and listen I hope you're sitting down if you knew what tenth of what information and data are available on you you'd you'd be surprised to say the least and if you knew who had the information you died there here come it as you see fit

10 thoughts on “Government Killed Internet Freedom

  • I love you. You help all the corporations, our foreign enemies, and rich keep us scared. Sure you are on the opposite side (lol) telling us how much they are after us… But of course, for the fear propaganda machine to work, you need the "other" side… And that is your role sir isn't it. You do it well, that message of keeping us divided and scared… Just like Hitler used… My hat is off to you dear sir. I love how you manipulate us to be fearful of the other side, but all the time just playing that important role…please keep telling me all the ways I should be scared so I can learn to hate large groups of people, keeping this country divided. Very interesting…your role. Thanks for making America great again!

  • Where was the media when all this was happening and now is a done deal? Oh, let me take a guess maybe selling the stuff, and putting the technocratic elite on a pedestal. I hope we find out what happened before they all take off to destinations unknown.

  • @Bdot202 because they are built with all these backdoor programs that spy and report on you to the government – its a fact. 😛

  • HAY!!! I like BING. Also, the camera on my "PC" IS COVERED. And, Umm, I took out the voice message stuff. I only use it when I"m TO DRUNK TO TYPE!!! HA!!! So um, well, I think I'm safe..

    Or am I???

  • SO true, and i wish more people would think b4 they sign up for facebook, etc and give away even more details of their life.. nothing is private on the internet,,alot of people dont realize that

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