Grandfather Who Dropped His 2 Year Old Granddaughter Off Of Freedom of the Seas Charged

everybody it’s Bruce here with Travis
bris I’ve got an update for you on a story that came out this past July from
San Juan Puerto Rico you may remember the story about the grandfather that had
dropped his two-year-old granddaughter from the 11th deck of the Freedom of the
Seas while the ship was docked in San Juan getting ready to start a cruise the
child was pronounced dead at the scene and it was a tragic story it made news
all around the world the grandfather named Salvador NLO today
has been charged by prosecutors in San Juan Puerto Rico with negligent homicide
rumors have been circulating for a few weeks that a charge was coming and it’s
now official apparently the grandfather is in custody at the moment being held
on an 80 thousand dollar bond and that he is scheduled to appear in court
starting November 20 less than a month from now well we’ll stay on top of the
story see if more details come out about it it’s a tragic tragic story that was
really the talk of the summer it’s a sad story but it happened
join me for updates we’ll keep you posted thanks everybody bye for now

32 thoughts on “Grandfather Who Dropped His 2 Year Old Granddaughter Off Of Freedom of the Seas Charged

  • This guy is living in a virtual prison I’m sure. I am not cutting him any slack, he left her sitting on the railing by the window.

  • He picked up the child and sat her on a window because the kid would always like to do so but the window he placed her at was open and when he sat her on it she fell through the other end he didn’t mean it and his family forgave him personally I don’t think he should be prosecuted yes it was a mistake but he truly didn’t mean it they say it like he did feel bad for the family and the gran dad

  • It's both tragic and accidental. What degree will he be charged? Third? First degree of stupidity. Sadly, he will suffer the rest of his life. One cannot get over this grief.

  • Still trying to understand why anyone would place a toddler on a windowsill, regardless if it’s opened or closed. Super sad story

  • you know what's even more sadder that the family actually tried to sue the the cruise ship when the real person to blame was standing right in front of them

  • Clearly folks, there are no winners in this situation.The grandfather is in his own self made hell until the day he dies

  • This was definitely an accident as the grandfather obviously didn't mean for his granddaughter to die. The crime is the family suing RCCL for negligence. I was on the Adventure of the Seas this past summer. The difference between the open windows & closed windows is obvious for a few reasons
    1) The windows are tinted green…and there is a big difference in color between the open ones and the closed ones.
    2) On the 11th deck…no matter what the weather… ( I saw cool & breezy when we sailed from NJ to blistering hot in the Bahamas) there is an obvious breeze coming from the open windows.
    3) There is at least a 6 in gap from the railing to the window. The fact that he let the baby stand on that even if the window was closed could have caused her injury if he lost his grip…as she could have gotten some of herself wedged in there.
    The grandfather I'm sure is suffering…but my sympathy is taken away due to the fact that the family can't own this mistake and are blaming/suing the cruise line.

  • The parents ought to be arrested for admitting they let her bang on glass windows at hockey games with their negligent , stupid asses.

  • i dont know why it took so long to charge him this entire indecent was a disgrace and the family and there lawyer are also a disgrace just trying to blame everyone but the person who did it and needless to say trying to get some money out of the cruise ship

  • 100% The grandfather is liable for the death of the little girl. She wanted to bang on the glass or look out the window. The grandfather wanted to give his granddaughter whatever she wanted. But he should have stopped and asked himself if it was safe. He should have used more common sense.

    I think the parents wanted to blame the cruise ship because that was the only way they could face the grandfather. They put the blame on someone else instead of the grandfather.

    It’s hard to say what the punishment would be as I’m sure he’s punishing himself enough every day. Maybe he could head up a foundation in his granddaughter’s name that would help less fortunate children?

  • The thing is, I'm guessing the family didn't initiate the lawsuit, I'd pretty much bet that they were contacted by the Attorney who "had sued cruise lines in the past", and with the thought he'd get the publicity as well as the $$ from suing a company with deep pockets. As tragic as this is, the blame here rests solely with the family (or the grandfather himself, who will carry this for the rest of his life) for putting the child on the railing. These ships are designed to prevent "accidental" falls and if you read the passage contract when you take a cruise it specifically states that "climbing on the railings, furniture or sitting on railings" are not allowed, and are grounds for getting put off the ship. A recent example was on RCCL where a woman and her partner were put off the ship and banned from any future sailing on RCCL for life for taking a selfie while the woman was on the outside of the balcony railing when the ship was at sea. The saddest part of the whole situation, if the little girl wanted to lean against the glass, the bottom (floor) level of windows in that area are fixed non opening windows, so why didn't grandpa just put her on the floor, rather than on the railing? Horrible mistake, but apparently you really can't fix stupid. Bottom line here is that the railing is to prevent accidental falls, NOT to sit on, and the fact that the window was open really isn't the point, and that will come out in Court. The family might get some "nuisance" money from RCCL, but it won't bring their daughter back, and it won't ease their pain.

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  • I always expected charges to be filed on the grandfather, (Step-grandfather). If it had not been for him and his actions, the child would be alive. He caused the death of another. I would say it was Involuntary Manslaughter, Negligent Homicide. There was no intent to harm her, but his actions with the child were negligent. I’m a grandparent of 11 and babysat all of them when they were babies, you take no chances with their safety. That child could have easily entertained herself banging on the lower glass panel. (IMHO it is dumb to allow a baby to bang on any glass partition). There was zero need to lift her up to bang on the glass. I believe grandpa saw the open panel and went over to check out what he could see from that vantage point, and the toddler either jackknifed out of his arms and fell or he placed her there and she fell to her death. It’s a sickeningly sad story. I feel for the entire family, but charges had to be filed, or anyone could harm someone and just say it was an accident. Grandpa is in his own hell.

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