Greetings to West Sumatera|Azlin Osman|Malaysia|Our Hope 2.0|AIESEC in UNAND INDONESIA|

hi my name is Alina smile and my friend call me Ali I am from sabah malaysia i am a student in university Malaysia Sabah they came cars science and nutrition major in food technology and bioprocess I love to travel and JE nature and try out new foods taking pictures and videos of places I went as the things I enjoy doing I chose this project our hope because I believe this project will enable me to discover new culture in I will be teaching English and share about the importance of drinking clean water to maintain good health my expectation regarding this project is that it will help me to enhance my communication skills and also my skills in dealing with people besides this project the author elbows need to meet up with new people in fact and also wonders from other country so this will give me the chance to broaden my circle of friends not only that this project will also give me the chance to share my knowledge and to introduce my country to others is that it has a lot of cultures places to visit historical places be chest and – enjoying the food place the our good name maspiro so this I would like to taste in Padang itself sovereign territory gentlementlemen gentlemen and if I die soon

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