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  • Beautiful music (and I don't mean "relativistically anything going" to be true beauty) is cultural resonance with God, the Creator of all things, including the minds of those who are attuned to such beauty by means of their God-given talents and the Holy Spirit of God Who can barely resist rushing in upon us: So that who in TRUTH – IN TRUTH! – can deny after listening to Beethoven's 9nth Symphony (all of it) that Beethoven was spiritually disposed to and resonant with God? To answer my question, there are two such "whos": "The fool who says in his heart 'There is no God!'" (Psalm 14:1) and the cowardly crowd-placating "Pontius Pilates" of these and all times who, were Truth Himself to stand before them as well, would also say, like the original, "Truth? What is that?" (John 18:31) Truth came into being in the Person of Jesus Christ… believe in… resonate with Him with a constant yearning using your resources to facilitate your God-given talents, including the aptitude and gift to simply listen to or look upon and value what is not only aesthetically beautiful but that which can be of much greater value, the spiritual artistic medium of the Cross, God's palette whereupon He employed the Sacred media and paint of the Love, Body, Blood and suffering of Himself – God Incarnate! – as His means to portray and deliberated to create for us – despite the maliciously murderous designs of men – a portrait of how great His love is, the otherwise incomprehensible degree thereof which could only be communicated to us on our ground by means of becoming His own Creature, the God man, Jesus Christ! This music that we call and know to be beautiful on this site saves us from total despair and preserves and provides a bridge – a free grace/opportunity – whereby we recognize the creative love nature of God Who made us, painting us from the materials of the earth as creatures destined – if disposed to Him – to become portraits of His love! But music is merely a creature-thing made possible for us by God, and we must not stop with it and worship it as our salvation nor as a god else we offend the true God: Keep searching, keep yearning for the Author of all true earthly beauty, aesthetic and spiritual! We MUST therefore choose to become more and more disposed to and so resonant with our Creator by reverently employing the Name of Jesus and the paint also of our temporal liberty by subjecting it to the Vision of the Word, Will, Truth and Law of God's Love, apart from which – or if it is used as a cloak of covetousness and wickedness (1st Thessalonians 2:5; 1st Peter 2:16) – we lose moral restraint, our hope and our sanity and so perish (Proverbs 29:18) and destroy ourselves and one another and our God-given eternal lives, divine rights and seven universal resources but whereby we may otherwise promote, perpetuate, share and defend our best means which is the love evidenced of the purest of all religions (James 1:27) and whereby to best serve God and the eternally common good of all. 5/20/19

  • My wandering soul will be a prisoner of this song forever and will continue to stray .

    From Tokyo in Japan
    Which national are you watching this video ?

  • Las melodías del piano se corresponden armoniosamente con cada detalle del cuadro. Inmenso, Edvar Grieg.

  • Going through this mysterious forest will result in the happiness of the eternal soul .
    And there may be a world of bliss

  • If anyone wants to learn this song, there's a piano tutorial for it at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaO8Kw9o8a8, It's just a youtube video.

  • After I took off my body,
    my soul would wander over the sea and the town.
    And on the side of that street lamp.
    I will be reunited with someone
    I met once on a young day.

    Greetings from Japan .
    Which national person are you seeing this video ?

  • Grieg is so sentimental and longing in his works for piano, love it… true romanticism with haunting harmonies 🙂 Thanks for the upload! Subscribed

  • _;*;"*;"I ONLY KNOW.,.BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL.,.,., MUSIC FOR THE SOUL,.,.,.,FOR THE HEART;";"'"_ mine Gloria_

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