Grow and Thrive with Quicken Loans in Detroit

♪ (music) ♪ Team member 1: The growth we’re seeing
in Detroit as it relates to technology is definitely something
that’s exciting to be a part of. Team member 2: We, as a technology company,
we want to be leading edge and we’re right there
moving our business forward. Team member 3: You get inside our office spaces,
and they’re bright and vibrant and open. It’s like a university
or a college campus, and each building is unique
in the way of the designs. The colors are different, the furniture’s different. Team member 4: It’s fun. You don’t have to sit
in the same boring meeting room in a building in another city somewhere. You’re in Detroit,
and every window has a view. Team member 3: The way we empower
our team members to do things — we’re not like any other company. Team member 5: When you have the right culture,
when you have the right team that fits, I think you’re bound to do amazing things. ♪ (music) ♪

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