GSH Case Study | Freedom Wheelchair Skills

I’m Stuart Wheeler T4 paraplegic after
a car accident in 1993 and I’m the founder of freedom wheelchair skills which is an
independent manual wheelchair skills training business I’m a family man I’ve got wife
and son do a bit of gardening at home I like to go live gigs the theatre and
just generally out and about and lead an active life as a can my
everyday day chair is a TiLite which I find is suitable for my needs
I’ve got total confidence in it and I’ve also got a smart drive to look after my
shoulders I use it primarily for if I’m going long distance and I know I’m gonna be
pushing for a long time I recognised the need for wheelchair skills
training for people that don’t have that opportunity to be taught by someone that
lives it and freedom wheelchair skills offers training to be able to manage a
wheelchair in an every day setting to be able to overcome those everyday environmental
challenges that you might find when you just pop down the shop for a pint of milk you
know and the cambers on the path and there’s potholes to negotiate over and
different surfaces I offer peer led training I’ve had a spinal cord injury
for 26 years now I made a lot of mistakes and I’ve learned from those
mistakes and I want to pass that knowledge on to help others be confident and independent going about their everyday lives it’s all from the heart you know
everything all my training you know When I’ve put the training sessions
together each skill that I teach has got a scenario where I’m where I’ve used it
and it possibly had gone wrong and why you need to do it correctly and how
to avoid falling out or doing it wrong and injuring yourself or other people Yeah it’s very rewarding

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