GTA: Liberty City Stories – Intro & Gameplay HD (PS2/PCSX2)

hey so there is that it so listen Tony I know you did a good thing first I know you’ve been lying low for a long time so I want you to take it easy for a while huh Vincenzo will look after you you need some money yes Kim you need a job lucky i’ll take care of you while market of family guy ask for even my son done got it so good mr. Leone I thought we got history I mean I’ve done a lot for this family and now you’re expecting me to take orders from this this this it just doesn’t seem right Tony I know what you did and no one is more grateful than me honestly but the idea that you walk in here and start to question my leadership right away is quite frankly out-of-order wish I understand boss so when you need something DiVincenzo called on atlantic ki will take care of you want your luck of course boss anything you say tell you what we can go there now got you a nice little place to stay Tony it’s got you written all over it will head there first you’re all heart this is it only home sweet home beautiful and she this shithole is supposed to be my home oh I think it’s very you now you’re disrespecting open Genzo not tough guy get your ass upstairs and go put on some decent clothes I don’t got all day so move take me to my place hey apartments cost money Tony shoe remember who pays the bills around here me that even change so over here so from now on you work for me better see back here real soon hey remember JD O’Toole difficult to forget it’s currently running a sindaco control to be part imeem gentlemen’s club the interesting thing is he wants to be leone now fuck him he made his choice hello brain cell t stony South that you was dumb muscle but I didn’t think anyone was that dumb we can use data to get the drop on sand . those plans it’s gonna be a party inside there’s just one thing he’s been sat on by some taco ape I want you to remove this little obstacle and gets a be on our side capisce because apparently wide to get me ua cannot be will be hey hey just remember your face gonna take you apart piece by piece ok don’t you just gave me some great stuff footage JD you saw that you’re filming me we should be my you i can’t wait to wear the same hey don’t get too excited still owe me money take that tobacco junk cars and what about you guys I’ll take care

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