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– Fake real meat!
– Fake real meat. – Maybe, like you said Shake Shack,
or Five Guys? – Mm-mm.
– Mm-mm? – Mm-mm.
– Mm-mm! Mm-mm?
– Mm-mm! ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Welcome meat lovers!
– Thank you. Are we meat lovers?
– Meat lovers! – There are five burgers
in front of me, at the moment. – There's five full size burgers here.
This ain't no kid meal burger. – No.
– These are big boy burgers. – I love burgers, however,
I don't like fast food burgers. – I love burgers.
All types of burgers. Big burgers, small burgers,
fast food burgers, any type of burger, I'm a burger guy. – (FBE) So Burger King has undergone
some bad press recently. According to Eater,
a Brooklyn BK chain offered the Impossible Burger
through a food delivery app, which delivered some
unsuspecting customers meat burgers when they specifically ordered
Impossible Burgers. – Oh my God.
– Mm-hmm. – Oh wow! – (FBE) These patties are not yet
available at that location, but the drivers failed
to alert them of the mix up, and people have had
some major beef. – Yeah, I can understand.
You know, if that's your lifestyle, it means a lot to you,
so I get it. – (FBE) Okay, so since there are
some Impossible Burgers available here in L.A.,
we're gonna see if you can determine which of these burgers
is the Impossible Burger. – Okay.
– Alright! I'm with it!
– Right now, just by looking at them I cannot tell.
– Yeah no they all look like a burger. – I could take a guess.
I couldn't guarantee that I was right but I feel like I could
try to find some clues in the meats. – For sure.
– (FBE) Based on looks alone, which do you think
is the Impossible Burger? – I feel like if I had to choose,
it would be C? – I think D and E are meat for sure.
B has double patties, so I feel like they're not throwing
double the Impossible meat, that's hard to come by.
So I'm also gonna go with you. I'm gonna go C.
– I'm gonna go with E. – The one that looks
the most off to me, just based off the meat alone
has to be C. – So C and A are my suspicious ones.
The other ones, I'm pretty sure are real,
but you'll never know, until you taste it. – (FBE) Alright, now it's time
to try the burgers. Let's try A.
– It looks like a burger. – Looks like they
tried to make a burger. I feel like you could make
a better burger at a cookout. I smell the tomato more than anything.
– This for sure is meat. – You think so?
– Yeah. – So much lettuce. It has that McDonald's, like,
where they just have made millions and millions
of these patties. – Yeah, it kinda tastes like
[bleep] beef, so. – (laughs) Oh, it's beef,
it's [bleep] beef. – I don't think it's
the Impossible Burger. – This one tastes like
school lunch hamburgers. – It does, it does!
– Like you got this from a cafeteria. Fake real meat.
– Fake real meat. – Tastes like meat,
looks like meat, also looks like
it got stepped on by feet. – (FBE) Let's try burger B. ♪ (playful music) ♪ – See this tastes good.
B is just much less processed tasting than A was, tastes like
a higher quality meat. If it's a fast food restaurant, it's like a higher
fast food restaurant. Maybe like you said Shake Shack,
or Five Guys? – This is one of my options
for the Impossible Burger. – Really? – Even though I don't think
this is the one, but I actually,
I'm not gonna say no right away. – Mm, mm-hmm. (laughs)
– Mmm. – That has flavor.
Oh that has a lot of flavor though. Oh my God.
(Brittany laughs) That's real meat, bro!
– That's real meat. – I can't, oh!
– Yeah, for sure. – It definitely had
a lot more flavor than A, I can tell you that for sure.
– Yeah. – It was [bleep] good.
– I feel like this one's meat. – I don't know! – The Impossible Burger,
like the meat is made to like… – Emulate?
– Yeah, so. – It's made to emulate,
it's made to fool people. Also the fact that
they threw on two patties, it's almost like they're
overcompensating for it. They're like "oh, there's not
enough meat in here, let's throw double the plants!"
– Can't wait to try it. – And now I'm like damn,
they're smart! They're really figuring me out.
They're like "damn meat eaters!" "Gonna get you to eat a plant." – (FBE) Why don't we move on to C? – This is the one I thought
was a veggie burger. – No, I don't think
it's a veggie burger. – Yeah, I'm gonna have
the meat first. – It tastes like meat, dude. I think they're trying to trick us
with this one, and it's like… – Maybe.
– …a patty where it's, they cooked like onions,
and like peppers and stuff into it. I think letter C, for sure is meat.
– I'm on the fence about C. I really don't know.
It's kind of… It doesn't taste like meat,
but it could be. – Really, we gotta work–
– I'm still saying it's C. – Yeah?
– This one has a little hint of something.
– It's a [bleep] plant, man. – I feel like it's this one. If this one's actual meat,
I will be so surprised. – Yeah, remind me
to avoid that restaurant. – It's more bland. Also feel like it's
a little more chewy. So far, this is my best guess,
as to this is not the actual beef one. This is the Impossible.
– I'm not confident, because I keep going
back and forth between these two. And so I think I have to finish
D and E to like very confidently remove those from the playing field,
and then I can come back and focus on my two top choices.
– (FBE) Here's burger D. – I think this is meat.
– Yeah, it tastes like real meat. I feel like I can say for sure
that that one is meat. – First one's a little questionable.
I still feel. – Mm-mm.
– A, but, I don't know. I have my little heart set on E. – It's pretty bland.
– Yeah. – But I think it's real beef.
– Yeah, it's a burger. – Who knows, it could be
the Impossible Burger. – I know, that's the thing,
we're sitting here and I'm like "I know it's not the burger,"
and then it is the Impossible Burger. – It tastes like greasy ground beef,
to me, which I feel like would be a hard thing to replicate. – After you take a bite
of just the meat, I feel like this
just reminds me of meat. – This actually kinda reminds me
of a burger that I would have at a barbecue or like a cookout.
– Yeah. – It does taste pretty meaty to me. – Yeah, it tastes very much like
a cookout, like a 4th of July burger, something your parents would cook up.
– (FBE) Now for the final burger. Burger E. – I mean, I don't know if you can
make a veggie patty this big, to be– – Naw, this can't be meat.
This looks weird. – You think?
– Oh yeah, dude. – I mean, you're gonna
have to taste and find out. – It's this one, it has to be.
– Mm-mm. – Mm-mm?
– Mm-mm. – Mm-mm, Mm-mm?
– Mm-mm! (laughs) – They all taste like normal burgers! But this one,
if you have just the meat, it tastes different,
but once you bite into it as a whole, it's like okay, maybe it is a burger. – This is meat.
This is like a charbroiled taste to me. Like a Carl's Jr.
– With these patties, it's like skillet-ed,
where I think these are charbroiled. – We have such good palates,
look at us. – You know what this reminds me of,
is like the burgers they'd serve at high school lunches,
cafeteria-wise. – I'm not sure if B or C is the…
– If B is the Impossible Burger… – You're impressed?
– I'm impressed, 'cause, it was definitely
the best tasting thing. But you know, looking back,
it's the one that tastes the most different. – The three that I'm
like 100% sure are beef patties, I thought didn't taste good. And so if one of these three
is the Impossible Burger, they need to reevaluate
their situation. – Yeah! – (FBE) Are you gonna
change your guesses, or are you staying the same? 'Cause Brittany thinks E
is the Impossible Burger. Luis thinks C
is the Impossible Burger. – It could be, yeah. – We're gonna go with B.
– Totally with you, it's either B or C,
but since you picked B, I think it's C,
and that's what I said intitally. – I fluctuated.
– Off the look, so I think I'm just gonna
stick with that. – C, all of these are just
kind of bland-ish burgers. But that's a plant.
– For sure. – That's a plant in a row.
– Or multiple plants. – Oh, what if they're
all vegan burgers! – (FBE) Ready to find out
the correct answer? – Oh, c'mon tell us!
I'm on the edge of my seat! – (FBE) A is a regular burger
from Jack In The Box. – Okay, see I knew
it wasn't McDonald's. That makes sense,
it's a fancier burger. – (FBE) B…
– Low tier. – (FBE) Was the BK Impossible Burger.
– No way! – I feel like that's, oh [bleep].
– The [bleep]! – I knew it!
– What!? – I called it, I was like
they added double the meat to overcompensate for it!
I knew it! You stinkin' liar!
– (FBE) So we actually tricked you. C is from Fatburger,
and is also an Impossible Burger. – Oh!
– Oh my God! Yes, that's great!
That's shocking! Okay, I'm impressed.
– I'm very happy. – It did kinda fool me,
but I think it was, the only reason I think I guessed
that it was the Impossible Burger, was because when I compared
all the other burgers, it was the only one that stood out.
In a good way. – No way, so I was half right!
– You were very close then, no? – Ah, so we did get it.
We got one. This one was sus.
– Yep. – And we got this one,
so I'm feeling pretty okay about it. – (FBE) So to finish up the list,
D is a McDonald's burger. – Interesting. This is the one we thought
was really gross. – (FBE) And finally, E
was a regular Whopper from Burger King.
– Okay. – For real, damn.
That's a big Whopper. – Their Impossible Burger
is 1,000 times better than this one. – This blows my mind now. – (FBE) According to, the Impossible Burger
has 25 grams of protein, as opposed to 28
from the original Whopper, and is only six grams less of fat. Plus water consumption
is reduced by 80%. So if it looks like meat
and tastes like meat, and has as much protein as meat,
should we keep consuming meat? – I think at this point,
keep both as options. – The development of these options
is great for the environment and great for peoples' health,
and just like great for options. – It one, doesn't taste like meat.
It tastes similar, but it's not the same,
and I feel like a lot of people are stuck in their ways as well.
Me as one of those people. It's also more expensive,
I feel like is a big thing that's like a price point issue. – If it's more sustainable for us,
then why not, you know? You know what, let's ride that train.
[bleep] it, I'm gonna just get the Impossible Burger. – Thanks for watching us
Guess That Impossible Burger. – On the REACT Channel.
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