Gun Freedom Radio Episode 105 Hour 2; Arrogance vs Intelligence

freedom is never more than one
generation away from extinction we didn’t pass it on to our children in the
bloodstream the only way they can inherit the freedom we have known is if
we fight for it protect it defend it and then hand it to them with the well
taught lessons of how they in their lifetime must do the same and if you and
I don’t do this then you and I may well spend our sunset years telling our
children and our children’s children what it once was like in America when
men were free welcome back to the second hour of gun freedom radio where we
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biggest little gun shop in Arizona and Sheryl it keeps getting bigger yeah
because I mean this week we picked up 40 guns yesterday
we’re picking up probably a hundred guns a week and they’re just coming in the
door and it’s just so great getting some nice old guns and another machine gun
yeah I think old machine gun guys you know what legal machine gun a lot of
people don’t know that word exists well let’s take a second and talk about that
because a friend of mine just recently was saying you know I noticed on your
site that you have both a full auto and a semi auto version of the same kind of
gun and I said yeah and and I wasn’t sure what his question was but he he was
like how do you how do you so like I don’t know if he was asking how do we as
AZ firearms owned a full auto or how do we sell a full auto but I realized that
there’s been so much confusion in the news lately about whether an ar-15 is
like a weapon of war like people think it’s full auto right and then other
people think well there’s all full autos have been completely outlawed and
neither one of those things are the truth so help
terrify that Dan the gunsmith owner of AZ firearms well I’ll try to clarify it
but that’s probably about a seven-hour conversation there are certain loophole
not loopholes but they’re certain politicians like that we’re thinking
Leupold scope oh sure you are yeah I do what I was thinking yeah okay go like
that so anyway in 1986 they pretty well banned any current manufacturer of
machine guns for public use so I’m a manufacturer I can make a machine gun
today but I can only sell it to law enforcement department so that’s kind of
how it went back before 1986 I could make machine gun and sell it to the
public so that’s how the law is changed but you know to a machine gun let’s
think about it first of all that’s a gun that when you pull the trigger it will
fire until you let off the trigger mm-hmm it’s not semi full automatic it’s
not single-shot it’s full auto machine gun is when you pull the trigger and
until you let off the trigger it will fire unless it empties first okay right
so to buy one of those machine guns that had to be made before 1986 okay
had to have been registered by the federal government so a gun that was
made before 86 it wasn’t registered today is worthless because it can get
you five years in prison or more so we’re talking about legal machine guns
these are guns that were registered before 86 you can buy them what it takes
to body you can walk into AZ firearms calm on 215 East Western Avenue in
Avondale Arizona and you can go in there right now and we have some machine guns
for sale how it works is you would walk in the door and say I would like to buy
that machine gun and and let’s keep in mind that’s the cheapest machine gun out
there today is around six thousand dollars the cheapest most of them
average twenty thousand thirty thousand but you want to buy the basic let’s say
a mac-10 you’re gonna pay about $6,500 for maybe seven thousand so you walk in
say I want to buy this gun and I say okay have you ever bought a gun before
yes we have so you pass the background check you
we have so okay so we’re gonna have you fill out these forms takes a few minutes
you’re gonna have to go get fingerprinted by the FBI you know you
can go to the local police department and then you’re also gonna have to get
photo IDs that are current you’re gonna have to get a passport photo then you’re
gonna send that into the atf with a two hundred dollar check for the tax okay
and you’re going to that’s that tax stamp that everybody keeps talking about
okay and you’re gonna wait about nine to twelve months
Wow now keep in mind you’re gonna pay me first right you’re gonna give me that
$6,500 right plus tax right and you’re gonna wait about nine
to twelve months now this is not a waiting period do a background check
denne Civ background check they’re gonna they’re gonna check everything and they
can about you and and they’re pretty thorough about that so then so nine to
twelve months later the paperwork comes approved it comes to me and I call you
and say come and pick up your gun mm-hmm so you come and pick up the gun we asked
you at that time you’re gonna fill out a 4473 and you have to go through all the
questions again to make sure that you’re current with all the the regulations and
then we hand you the gun okay now you’re responsible for that gun in a it’s
pretty serious you’ve got to keep it locked you know it’s not a regular it’s
not a regulation but you’re responsible for that gun if something were to happen
you could be in trouble for that absolutely and you you know so we hand
you that gun you have been vetted and background checked right and there are
laws against misusing it already on the books right so why this is even the
slightest bit gasp worthy or shocking to people really makes me scratch my head
you know because it’s just a tool that is used for specific things and you know
the full-auto at this point they’re they’re fun that’s what they’re for
they’re good they are you know time with and you know to preserve history and
these kinds of things I’m sorry I interrupted you you’re right they are
fun and honestly if if there ever came a time to protect myself or my family the
machine could stay in the closet yeah why would you I’m not gonna say what I
would do but I wouldn’t take a machine gun I want something that would be a
little more accurate a little more controlling because they are they can go
they can go crazy they’re not gonna come out of the box and start shooting on
their own when you fire them there’s a lot of control our control and you have
to and so we’d like when we take people out shooting we generally start them
with you know one right we’ll jumped out one bullet in the chamber right and then
we three right and then we work our way up so then get the sense of it and but
but my point is that and when people just get like wow how can you and why
would you and those kinds of things I’m like you know by the time somebody is
fully background checked and vetted and everything else you know the government
has given the seal of approval on the person and then if you’re worried
they’re gonna do something bad well they’re gonna do something bad somehow
someway with something else and there are laws already on the books
so it’s it’s just I’m really glad that you’ve put some structure well let’s
look at the main reasons I mean there besides being fun in history I love the
history of of guns and I have several machine guns that I’ve collected through
the years but let’s look at it this way in 1986 or 89 let’s say you could buy a
mac-10 full-auto machine gun you had to go through the same paperwork same
everything that’s been since 1934 by the way okay
$200 can you imagine a Thompson machine gun you could buy for about 40 50 bucks
in 1934 mm-hmm the tax was 200 in 1930 40 how much $200 was it was there’s a
lot of money but anyway so back in 1989 let’s say you could buy a mac-10 for two
hundred and eighty-nine dollars mm-hmm today they’re worth 6,500 to
$7,000 so let’s talk about you can have fun with it you can invest in it there’s
a lot of things you can do with a machine gun so and and look at it this
way there are no more I can make machine guns all day long but
I can’t sell them to the public and never can sell them to the public so
there are no more so if I have some machine guns if somebody wants to buy my
machine guns they’re gonna have to pay because I’m not gonna just I can’t get
any more so they keep going up and up and up so it’s a great investment there
are a lot of fun there’s a lot of history in there and I I’d say I get
more enjoyment taking people out shoot then I do shooting the guns myself but
you take you know especially take somebody that’s you know a younger
person that’s never shot again before and you go through that step process
where you’re very careful with them you have somebody but at their side and you
start them with a low round you know a low count magazine and work their way up
there you just see the light in their eyes it’s so much fun and we’ve had
several people who’s never shot a gun before in their life and they would
shoot other guns first that day but go to the machine gun and just want to stay
with the machine gun the rest of the day and another thing too it’s expensive to
shoot a machine gun oh yeah cuz why cuz a munitions expensive right I mean I
have I have some guns that cost $30.00 around to shoot I didn’t I shouldn’t
have told you that yeah oh I knew I knew I sometimes I let you
think I don’t know thirty dollars but trust me oh well you know what I’m so
glad that you you know took that time and and kind of broke that down a little
bit because there is so much confusion out there and then you get this guy on
the news who just his presence on the news gives him a sense or an air of
authority that people would want to believe and then he uses this ridiculous
phrase that he shoots a couple of shoots a couple of rounds out of a
semi-automatic ar-15 and then he goes okay
now I’m gonna go full semi-auto which there’s no quote me there is
no such thing oh yes there is he just made it yeah but there’s really no such
thing actually don’t quote me don’t believe me go research it yourself but
you know what there’s this this story I wanted to talk about real quick before
we have to run to commercial here in Arizona
you know in the Tucson area we’ve got well actually in different parts of the
state it’s beared season right the Bears are
starting to come out of hibernation and we’ve really got to start being aware as
we go out hiking and enjoying our beautiful weather that you know it’s
black bear season and we really got to be careful about barely makes a news
it’s nice but I was reading the article and something struck me is kind of funny
at the at the bottom of the article one why don’t you read that last sentence
there down says bears are classified as big-game animals in Arizona and are
protected by state law it is unlawful to feed wildlife including bears in Pima
Pannell and Cochise County’s violations can result in fines ranging from $300 in
Pima and Pinal County counties to $2,500 in Cochise County
so don’t feed the Bears right right but if you’re out walking around right I’m
just walking around minding my own business and one of these bears eats you
oh my gosh so technically could you get fined for
having fed the Bears I just you could so I’m just I’m just saying just be careful
because you do not want to get fined for feeding the Bears because one ain’t you
never seen a bear you didn’t even laugh at my joke I like you I laughed I
laughed I laughed I laughed inside three you laughed inside work so technically
you could be fine you give them your right arm he said oh stop you’re feeding
the Bears they might they might not find you for that all right
if they did it here all week I’m here all week you didn’t even laugh at mine
no anyway I’m moving it’s time for some commercials but stick
around we’ve got two awesome guests still on their way we weren’t able to
connect with Diamond and silk today they just freshly were put in the news
yesterday because of Ted Cruz talking with Mark Zuckerberg on the hill and I
think they just got slammed with you know they’re just got super busy so
we’re gonna try to get them back on but on the other side of this break we are
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to gun farid on radio where we engage we educate and we inform and sure sometimes
cracks a joke and Dani fails to laugh at it I’m gonna remember that next time you
tell your alphabet joke oh you better because now everybody’s wondering I
don’t know how to say it right okay I know all 25 letters I forget why yeah
something all right it’s dad jokes never mind never mind no more jokes on today’s
show that’s it we’re on joke probation all right at least Ed’s laughing okay it
is funny it’s funny we are excited to bring on Liz Lazarus she is the author
of two now psychological legal thrillers free of malice and these soon to be
released plea for justice as I said they’re both psychological legal
thrillers and we are excited to talk with Liz today about the much
anticipated upcoming release date for plea for justice welcome to the show
thank you for having me Oh miss Liz thank you so much I don’t know if you
could hear that nonsense but we are a very serious show so yeah yeah clearly
not but we are seriously excited to talk with you
find out about your latest book I’m sitting here in my hot little hands your
previous book your first book free of malice and I cannot wait until I get to
see the new one plea for justice so let’s talk about that today yeah
absolutely where do you want to start yeah
absolutely so what inspired you to write the first book and and was it the the
free of malice was did you feel like I’m gonna write a series like I’m gonna just
keep going or or did you think I just have this one book inside of me and I
can’t wait to get it out there yeah with the latter I had the one book inside of
me which I put off for years and everything else I could think of on my
bucket list yeah it just wouldn’t leave me alone so
I finally said okay I’m gonna write this thing and it’s fiction but it was based
on a real story and that’s what inspired it I was in high in college at Georgia
Tech and I broke into my house and Melvin I tried to rape me I was super
lucky I was able to fight him off hmm afterward I started to journal to kind
of get it out of my system not thinking I was writing a book I was just
journaling and what really triggers the idea to write the book was I had said to
my brother-in-law if I didn’t a gun I would have shot the guy when he was
leaving mm-hmm and he said well you know the way you described it he was
retreating off your property you would have shot him in the back I don’t think
that would have been self-defense mm-hmm and that’s a really piqued my curiosity
of okay where’s that line between self-defense and vigilantism that that’s
what sparked the book never intending to write a second one I was going to be one
and done and get back to all the other things I was doing so this was well a
really from reader feedback yeah right and you know when you were even writing
free of malice did you understand that it was going to become kind of an
educational journey for your readers to be able to stop and go 100 no let me
think about this a different way and and maybe prompt them to
do some of their own research about well how is this in my state for self-defense
and that sort of thing that’s I thought it’d be educational so when I was what I
was writing about and I think it’s one of the best compliments I’ve received is
that the book is entertaining it’s a whodunit but also educational and first
in the rules of self-defense because I was naive I I thought I could shoot this
kind of back off my property and I’d be the hero not realizing I’d be taken in
questions probably denied bond gone taken through a huge legal process which
the outcome really depended on how sympathetic was the jury and how good
was my lawyer and the other piece I learned about was I had a gun at the
time i got long after the attack but when I dated a guy that I bought it with
I stopped practicing so I learned it I had my investigation for my character
she learns to shoot that I needed to kind of get back in practice and that’s
when I joined a well-armed women and really became a more responsible gun
owner Wow that’s kind of the Lewis blessing in disguise for me to kind of
step up my game at my gun ownership from from doing the research for the book Liz
welcome to show this is Dan I I just read the back of your book I’m not much
of a reader but you can probably tell the way I talk I have to read this book
now I’m going to read it because it’s said in here that as he was leaving he
said he was going to return and then so if I was a juror and I heard that and
you shot at somebody in their back I think I would say well he said he was
coming back mm-hmm you know yeah why should I point that is a great point and
I it’s there’s a lot of debate when first people wondering who the bad guy
is because there’s a couple suspects but also I’ve heard everything from you had
every right to shoot him – oh no absolutely the wrong so it’s I think its
first great debate on what are the rules or the laws and more importantly just to
make people think about it before god forbid that situation happened to them
absolutely he said he was I mean he was qualified he did it
so in said he’s coming back so you would think that was a credible threat
right they could say well that was hearsay like Wade say he said he can’t
say no because she shot him where am I gonna find time to do that you’re gonna
have to because you are gonna then want to read plea for justice and so is this
a sequel is it standalone can you tell us about the plot like what can you
divulge to us sure well it was not a sequel I kind of
once I’m done with the characters I’m kind of done with them so for Laura and
Thomas in the first book I was ready to put them to bed
mm-hmm and I wasn’t gonna write a second book it was the first one was based on
that true story and that was just you know a calling for me but what changed
my mind were the reviews so many of the reviews that can’t wait for losses next
book high compliment not when I expected hmm so I started to think well you know
what are the elements I like to write about and I like trailers I like the
criminal defense piece of it the legal piece of it I like a bit of gun
education like a strong female protagonist so as I started to put those
elements together the the plot came to me pretty quickly and being an engineer
by background I always do my outline way and I color code my outline is a really
methodical process for me with the the plot about a paralegal named Jackie and
she’s best friends with this guy named Aaron in high school he’s kind of the
cool jock and she’s an introverted geek but they’re friends on the down-low
and after high school he just drops her no word no explanation really hurts her
feelings he was her best friend ten years later she’s now being a paralegal
at a leaf law firm and he is arrested for killing a girl hmm and he’s dubbed
snapchat killer because he posted allegedly pictures of the video of this
girl before he killed her so Aaron is a resident instead of taking or going to
trial he takes a plea deal and is sent to prison and reaches out to Jackie from
prison to help prove his innocence Laurie’s point of view this one’s told
from Jackie’s point of view and also from me
means to kill her but you don’t know if that’s Aaron or if it’s somebody else
Wow I’ve got goosebumps I can’t wait okay so I also from our conversations
understand that the main character Jacqui she goes through the process of
getting her carry permit she selects her gun and her holster and goes through
this training and I just wonder like were you like taking personal notes as
you were going through that same kind of journey or where did that come from I
absolutely was it was such a win for me because as I was going through that
process for myself personally I was able to write about it so I was to the point
before I wrote this book where I had my gun at home and I didn’t carry I wanted
to so I was going through the process where I took training I chose which gun
and like the first book where I maybe chose between two this one I did it the
right way and I tried out about ten before I picked my Sig so all the steps
that I took with the gun and the holster in the classes and the training I wrote
about so there’s real win for me that I got to write about it as I was doing it
myself so important and I think encouraging to give people a least a
mental processing through it before they kind of dive in for themselves because
it can be overwhelming like I don’t know what gun I don’t know where even on my
body I want to carry it or do I want to off body carry in my purse you know all
these different kinds of things so I think that is really exciting that you
included that so this next question I’m just kind of curious about when we were
at shot show together in January you mentioned there’s a character named um
Todd and since Todd’s our last name I my ears perked up and I just wanted to ask
you what that is for you you and Dan yeah well first was glamour I mean
nothing like either one of you I just picked names from people that I like
admire when and a little tribute to so this next
book is just chock-full of names of people that I wanted just to give a
little nod to so Todd is Aaron stepfather Aaron stepfather in the book
so it’s not a huge role but it’s you know this is a little nod to you I was
very got southern air carry and ham and some other folks from the the firearms
world that I wanted to give a nod to oh I love it you’re so sweet thank you and
we are almost out of time but one thing is I want to tell folks that we’re gonna
be joining with you and do like maybe a Facebook live or some kind of a video
later this month and do a giveaway of the new book and so stay tuned for more
details on that on our Facebook page gun freedom radio Facebook page and before
we have to run away please tell people how they can follow your work buy your
books and stay on tap on top of the giveaway oh that’s what lessor my
website is Liz Lazarus calm oh I see la ZAR us calm it’s got links to the to
both books they are both on Amazon and Barnes & Noble either ebook or paperback
and pre-orders are up for plea for justice it won’t launch til May 1st but
you can go ahead and get a pre-order copy even today awesome which I’m gonna
do as soon as I get off the show today so Liz Lazarus thank you so much for
being on and I look forward to our giveaway event coming up later this
month I do as well and thank you guys for having me
absolutely bye-bye now okay we have our a daughter right
our very own daughter Cassie Todd Jamison coming on right after this break
she is a contributor to women’s outdoor news and she wrote a blog about this
legal age limit issue should it be 21 should it be 18 what what is a
millennial think about all of that stick around Don Kyle you’re here let you know that
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where we engage we educate and we inform we are sponsored by AZ firearms calm
your nationwide hometown gun shop well we are excited today to bring on back on
actually the show our daughter Cassie Todd Jamison now
Cassie is a contributor to women’s outdoor news she’s the manager a pot of
gold auctions she is the social media director for AZ firearms pot of gold
auctions and gun freedom radio and she also somehow figures out time to be a
wife and a mom and a friend and I’m just we’re just really proud of the young
woman that Cassie is and she recently published an article in women’s outdoor
news talking about this legal age limit issue so from a Millennials point of
view it should it be 21 should it be 18 like what’s going on that you start
getting some abilities when you’re 16 like we just want to break this down and
talk with a bonafide millennial and she loves that term not welcome to the show
Cassie hello Kathy you know this thing in the women’s outdoor news it’s it’s an
op-ed right it’s an opinion piece and so we want to talk to you about your
opinion so what do you think about all of this you know there’s these different
ages where you’re like sort of doled out these little pieces of adulthood right
right well honestly to be completely honest I was a little nervous to write
this one because it’s the first one that’s really my opinion I’d be
controversial right mom and dad take those things you do sometimes have
trouble doing her opinion ya know something that I’ve always
kind of struggled with in the sense of so it’s 16 you get to drive and you’re
giving out certain level of responsibilities which i think is good
you’re slowly handed responsibilities I think it’s a good thing okay but then
you turn 18 and you know for all anybody has to say at 18 you’re an adult right
but I don’t really think you are an adult I kind of say I said in my article
your adult ish because you can buy property okay you can buy cigarettes
mm-hmm you can get married get married I did it like I did it and I did it 20
mm-hm but you have other rules that you can’t
do so you can’t drink okay you can’t gamble in some states that’s a little
different in some areas and you can’t own a handgun hmm
so this has always been something that is just kind of wacky in my mind so
you’re an adult you can you can go in the military you can fight for our
country but you can’t have a beer yeah you can own a long gun but you can’t own
a handgun why train Lou leaves the tracks right yeah so it’s not as much as
like I don’t want to be the opinion on if 18 year olds should have all of those
rules or not I’m not claiming that I know the right answer to that at all I
just think at 18 if we are considered adults then we’re considered adults and
I think that gambling and drinking and handguns not all at the same time maybe
good point should be given to you because you’re an adult saying pick pick
a side right right one and make it consistent exactly so it’s either 18 or
it’s 21 and pick it and much just make everything matte so that there aren’t
these gray areas and like I I just I don’t understand that so it’s something
I just don’t understand and so then when they recently started talking about
raising the age limit to purchase long guns to 21
that’s when I kind of got fired up about it because I just looked at my own
example which if you read the article are gonna read the article there’s some
spoilers in there but I was I was married at age 20 as you guys know so I
couldn’t drink at my own wedding right but I could own property we were
shopping for a house Jason my husband and I and all these are the things that
go along with being an adult but I still couldn’t drink and I still couldn’t own
a handgun right in my own home running Jason could cause he’s older but
I can’t and so we’re supposed to be equals at this point too because we’re
married good point and then he has these these responsibilities he’s allowed he’s
not your guardian he’s your husband right right exactly so I’ve got these
you know I’m not fully an adult yet in the eyes of the government and but I’m
yeah and you own property but so if they change the age to 21 and we go okay
let’s be consistent it’s all 21 so um but you’ve already bought your property
before they change the role you can’t defend your own property with a firearm
because there’s this randomness right and you cannot you cannot protect
yourself right until you’re 21 what are you supposed to be doing the rest of
that time they’re gonna start supplying law enforcement officers to everybody
under 21 yeah so I’m sorry I jumped right in there and and got you off your
train of thought but but your article is so well written and it’s in the women’s
outdoor news which is women’s outdoor news calm and you can just search it by
Cassie’s name or the flame which is really it’s my my column what what are
you and I’ve taken over your last two articles so what’s up with that
hey both of you stop it right now calm down calm down family fight family fight
no I don’t know if I’m uh I feel like you’re hijacking my site or if I’m like
no it’s uh I love painting this fence Cassie so here yeah keep on rolling the
last one was supposed to be together we were supposed to write it together and
then I wrote my part like oh no it’s good
it really right my part no it really works good and that one was the
Millennials perspective on the SHOT Show in Las Vegas and just kind of like you
know so from your perspective what you know what new products what new features
did you see as you know what drew your eye and I think that is super important
for anybody that’s in the firearms business or in marketing or that sort of
thing but so you’re not willing getting back to the Millennials take on age
limits and being considered an adult you’re not willing yet to go out on a
limb and say if it was Cassie Todd Jameson’s world and that’s really hard
because I just I think that it’s gonna be hard to land on a number if we if
we’re gonna land on a number because I went to high school I was in school with
18 year old and 17 year olds and 16 year olds and I had friends that were more
mature or less mature and I really do think it comes down to each individual
but I also think it comes down to we have to pick the number and the number
needs to be consistent because there’s all these things that allow you to do
certain things based off of a number well in but then that there’s this
little number that’s lingering out there that gives you more responsibilities and
that I just think it’s bizarre but and we all know people of every age that is
you know maybe not mature enough or shouldn’t have a firearm or you know
they can’t handle responsibility of owning a home and raising a bit like we
can point to so we’re how would we ever pick an age
and feel like this is the perfect time to give somebody all of their god-given
rights well I’m gonna agree with Cassie on this one and I think that any time
when the government says this is where you have your rights just let’s say it’s
18 if that’s it there is no 18 but some 21 it’s one or the other and let’s stick
with that because that’s when you’re held accountable yeah when you’re 18 and
I really I mean I think 18 kind of has to be the number just because that is
about the age people graduate from high school and are supposed to leave then
mmm-hmm and go and be adults and you can’t go leave the nest if you can’t buy
property and you can’t go leave the nest if you’re not an adult so I think if we
made it 21 it almost puts people in that I’m a child category for too long but
they don’t have those like the time period where they become they don’t
maybe the number is 20 I don’t know I mean I don’t want to pick the number I’m
not an elected official or anything like that but I just think it needs to be
consistent but you are confusing Cassie you know what you are you’re an 18 year
old voter you do have a say and if you can whatever age you can vote out is
when you have the responsibility and in my opinion that’s when all your
responsibilities are there there should be nothing that you couldn’t have at 18
that you can have when you’re 21 and that’s that’s one of the points I talked
about in the article that I forgot earlier but that’s a I think that’s a
great point and you can do a lot of damage with your ability to vote or not
vote you know educated with that and so there’s there’s a lot to be said and I
think it’s just I think it’s just as a conversation that needs to be had not
should the long gun law go up to 21 I think the conversation should be at what
age are we adults where we get all the repercussions of being an adult and all
the great responsibilities of being an adult and the benefits of being an adult
so that’s I just think that’s the conversation that people should be
having well I could not agree with you more
and the sentence or two that you end your article with I think kind of wraps
everything else back up because if the reason that people are wanting to change
the laws for when what age you can own a firearm if their reason is because they
think that people are going to do the wrong thing with their rights and their
freedom then you know they’re basically saying that that well okay we’re afraid
that somebody’s going to go and kill people they’re too young so they’re
going to end up killing people and you know I don’t want to steal your
thunder but you’re basically saying you know well murder is still illegal so
we’ve covered that’s right right no matter what tool or weapon you decide to
use to murder it’s the bottom line is it’s still illegal to murder people amen
and I’ll just enforce the laws that we have on the books already right but but
consistency is the key correct right well thank you so much I know that
we usually get to have you in the studio when we bring you on but things are so
fortunately busy at the shop so just tell people real quick before we have to
run with all the different hats you wear social media director manager the
auction house how do people follow the work that you do so first of all you’ve
talked about it a little bit through the show but AZ firearms comm mark gun shop
you can find us on most social media handles at AZ firearms are just AZ fire
I’m sorry and then pot of gold estate calm for the
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radio follow us on Instagram on Twitter and Facebook fantastic and find her
articles that I think there’s going to be many many more of and they’re on
Instagram Facebook and Twitter and fantastic well thank you so much Cassie
we really appreciate you carving out a little bit of time because this is an
important topic and one that deserves people to at least engage their mind in
in considering the consistency angle so appreciate it very proud of you see you
later bye-bye thanks for having me on love you guys
love you too bye-bye okay well stick around because on the
other side this commercial break we have not only a
responsibly armed citizen report we have Dan’s commentary not a rant at our it
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we engage we educate and we inform we are sponsored by AZ firearms comm the
biggest little gun shop in Arizona well this is the part of the show that I am
so glad we we take time to do because we are able to bring you news stories that
about self-defense that you’re not going to hear on the what they call the
mainstream media and we are excited to bring them to you here on gun freedom
radio so responsibly armed citizens use guns two and a half million times a year
for self-defense and two hundred thousand times a year a woman prevents a
sexual assault because she was armed somehow we don’t hear those stories on
network news but we are as I said proud to bring them to you here on gun freedom
radio and today I want you to just take a deep breath I want you to just imagine
for a moment you’re coming home from work after a long day you work the late
shift so it’s 3 a.m. as you pull into your driveway it’s dark it’s quiet
outside and most of your neighbors have long since snuggled into bed and drifted
off to sleep there’s nothing special about today
there’s no signs that your life is about to be changed forever nothing to alert
you that danger danger and two of his friends are lurking nearby they’re
waiting for you to turn off your headlights open your car door and step
headlong into their evil plans this is the scene that played out for one woman
in Texas just this very wee week alone in the dark her eyes likely
not yet adjusted to the dim light her mind distracted with the thoughts of the
day her hands likely full of the kinds of things that we carry in the house
with us keys phone purse lunchbox danger is a planner and he looks for these very
moments to strike danger often comes in packs and on this night he has brought
helpers when people say that we should just call the police if we have an
emergency clearly have never come face to face with the immediacy of dangers
attacks and thankfully thankfully this woman was savvy enough to know that she
is her own first responder and was able to ward off three masked men in the
middle of the night to save her own life and that of her elderly mother’s because
she is a responsibly armed citizen southwest Houston neighborhood are on
high alert after one of their neighbors was attacked and beaten outside of her
home they also robbed her and left her with a broken jaw channel twos Kathy
Hernandez joins us live from the home on Mount Verde an Ainsworth Drive with
concerns from neighbors Kathy good morning police tell us the three
men involved are still on the run this morning after they ambushed the woman
right here in her own driveway her family now too scared to talk to our
cameras police had said earlier they didn’t believe it was a random crime
still longtime residents are worried yes good ms Tran walks her dog every morning
alarm to hear about a brutal attack along her route a route she thought was
safe police say a 52 year old woman pulled into her driveway on Mont Verde
and Chad Brooke just before 3:00 this morning they say three men wearing masks
and carrying guns attacked her police say they demanded money grabbed her by
the neck and tried to get inside the house in the meantime her elderly mother
called police she was able to get inside the house at that point the male’s
apparently kicked the window and try to get in the house
the original female obtained a pistol she ran out and started shooting at the
suspects the suspect jumped in the car and left
it’s always and that man didn’t want to show his
face since the three men are still on the loose this morning police say they
didn’t know if any of those men had been shot as for the woman she had a broken
jaw and she went to the hospital and is expected to be okay
if you know anything about this violent crime police call crimestoppers 14 live
in southwest Houston Cathy Hernandez KPRC Channel 2 News
but they called the police why weren’t they there well only I’d love the police
I and I and we need them and I think they do a great job we have a hundred
percent respect for law enforcement yes however they can’t be there it takes you
know it takes you 30 seconds to a minute to make the phone call to connect to 911
911 have to connect you to the police and then the police have to respond give
it even in the best situation if he’s across the street it still takes in
another minute and then meanwhile you got your broken jaw thing you got to and
they they had guns yeah so please understand that for you that anti right
restrictors out there please understand that yeah we have a right to protect
ourselves we do it’s about being an immediate responder right we spot
respond in the immediacy and then the first responders follow from there to
help save and protect lives it’s so so important well what else is important is
we need to what else yeah it’s what our granddaughter says we want to hear from
Dan about his commentary the world ain’t all sunshine and
rainbows I’m going to use our theme today arrogance and intelligence and
reference some of the city leaders in Tucson as one of the other don’t
normally like to call names so I’m not I’m just gonna say one or the other
okay the City of Tucson council members have violated state statutes by strip
destroying seize firearms according to an article from Katie air on April 10th
2018 4820 firearms were destroyed by the direction of the City Council in Tucson
do the math forty eight hundred and twenty guns a verge of $250 a piece and
you get 1 million two hundred and five thousand dollars whoa ok money right
yeah also by violating the same state statutes the city could be fined
thousands and thousands of dollars Wow the mayor Jonathan Rothschild
said and I quote the revenue would receive from these sales does not over
weigh the risk of putting those weapons back into the street he also goes on by
saying several states in a number of cities are allowed to lawfully destroy
firearms that have been lawfully forfeited as a result of a crime and
that public policy makes so much more sense than Arizona’s unquote you know so
because others can do it yeah so that means I could open a casino in Arizona
right I could okay because you can do it in another state right right so whatever
happened to that if your friend jumped off of right so just pray to it you know
there let’s just they are City Council members they have the power to change
the laws but change the law don’t break the law so let’s hold our leaders
accountable and make them follow the law like they expect us to do whoa you and
James yeah he’s mad right now is he mad this really wasn’t a
commentary this was a rant I noticed that it is
don’t call him at all I’m not calling because it’s not right I mean you know
you think about city council oh you you’ve got something in the front of
your store and you have to remove that or we’re gonna find you a million
dollars but yet they can break a law that this state law that they reside
under thank you because other states do it it’s okay
it’s like I don’t know if this is a phrase or anything I think it is
arrogance but I’m also thinking it’s like the economy of tyranny like they
can just decide something that affects people financially and and just go with
it and we are still obligated as taxpayers to just continue to to follow
their rules and they don’t even have to follow rules and I understand Tucson has
some financial problems right now yes there is really difficult million dollar
nan shil situation million dollars they threw in the garbage we’re garbage I’m
hearing you garbage did you say garbage I said trash garbage when you break it
down I mean and that’s an average of 250 right some of those guns may only been
worth 100 but I’m sure there was some several there were could be in the
thousands so I know we have to wrap up and do our closer but on that point we
just recently saw I don’t know if I showed this to you or not but it was on
Instagram and I haven’t shared it yet but a gentleman was showing that you
know when one of these buyback programs I think it was in New York somebody had
taken a 2×4 piece of wood stuck a a barrel of long gun barrel like a rifle
barrel in in the wood called it a rifle and sold it in the buyback program for I
think long guns they were giving a hundred bucks for and so this is the the
idiocy of some of this kind of misuse of taxpayer dollars buying back this
firearm that’s a 2×4 with a rifle barrel stuck in it and my friend that posted it
said yeah I if I was that guy I would then take the money and I would donate
it to the second Foundation or the NRA buy another gun or
buy another you know I’m ordering that to buy for you you stopped me at that
did the 2×4 have the warning from the state of California that it could cause
cancer because if it didn’t it so many regulations broken right there okay we
got to go until next time first I want to thank our guests I want to thank our
tech crew I want to thank our listeners what we do here couldn’t be done and and
would have no meaning without all of you so I want to thank Cheryl for her hard
work well thank and I want to thank Dan for his hard work and laughing at my
jokes in the future when I make a joke you have to laugh I left yesterday yeah
that’s true okay until next time pray for our nation pray
for our leaders all of them yeah yeah all of them even the ones you don’t like
okay especially the ones to get ready to give them guidance okay guys just great
for him and be good to each other have a great week and God bless our founding fathers here in this
country brought about the only true revolution that has ever taken place in
man’s history every other revolution simply exchanged one set of rulers for
another set of rulers but only here did that little band of men so advanced
beyond their time that the world has never seen their like since evolved the
idea that you and I have within ourselves that god-given right and the
ability to determine our own destiny a freedom is never more than one
generation away from extinction we didn’t pass it on to our children in the
bloodstream the only way they can inherit the freedom we have known is if
we fight for it protect it defend it and then hand it to them with
the well taught lessons of how they in their lifetime must do the same and if
you and I don’t do this then you and I may well spend our sunset years telling
our children and our children’s children what it once was like in America when
men were free you

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