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Hi I’m Ben Ferguson and welcome to Your
AMAC Weekly News. First up, when presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke was
asked if he would take away your weapons, he said not just yes, but “hell yes” and
the liberal audience cheered him on. Now other liberals are backing off his
idea, I’ll explain exactly why coming up in a moment. The left is now also pushing
to demand the government guarantee every American a job. That’s right, Ilhan Omar
and Cory Booker now have come together to tell you that the government’s job is
to make sure that every single person in this country has a guaranteed job from I
guess birth until death. I’ll tell you more about how much this is going to
cost you coming up. And finally, liberals are calling for the impeachment of
Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh because of a New York Times story that,
well, ended up being false. Yet there are still six different Democrats running
for president that are demanding that he be impeached, more on that story in just
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Weekly News starts right now. So liberals are now scrambling to clean
up the mess made by Beto O’Rourke during ABC’s Democratic Presidential Debate.
O’Rourke was very clear that he was not going to back down on confiscating the
guns of virtually every American that owns one. Take a look at this from the
debate aired on ABC. El Paso is your hometown, some on this stage have
suggested a voluntary buyback for guns in this country. You’ve gone further, you
said, quote, “Americans who own AR-15s and AK-47s will have to sell them to the
government, all of them.” You know the critics call this confiscation. Are you
proposing taking away their guns and how would this work? I am, if it’s a weapon
that was designed to kill people on a battlefield. Hell yes we’re gonna take your AR-15
your AK-47. We’re not gonna allow it to be used against
our fellow Americans anymore. Now what makes this even more insane is
how different Beto’s perspective is on AR-15 ownership from a year ago when he
was running against Ted Cruz in the gun-loving state of Texas, take a look at
this part of the interview from the Chad Hasty show on KFYO. I own an AR-15, a lot
of our listeners own AR-15s. Why should they not have one? To be clear
they should have them, if you purchase that AR-15, if you own it
keep it. Continue to use it responsibly. That’s right in just one year Beto
literally went from trusting law-abiding American citizens to responsibly own
AR-15s to saying we’re going to take them all away from you. Now my question
for Beto is do you really expect criminals to turn in their weapons if
you passed a law this insane? Now other liberals are scrambling to undo the
damage that’s been caused by his comments. Now they’re trying to play this
off as saying, quote, “well this is just a scare tactic being used by Republicans.”
There’s just one problem, Beto literally said he would force a
mandatory buyback and reinforced it in interviews following the debate. Cory
Booker is one of those trying to walk this back or soften the language and try
to blame it on conservatives, take a look at this on CNN. Yeah, that is mandatory, you
have to set up a system to pull them off. But this idea, this imagery that the fear
mongers and demagogues try to say of somehow a — armed police officer showing
up and confiscating weapons that’s the fear mongering and people trying to
obscure and make people forget what we have done before as a nation. Now if you
aren’t going to use officers to confiscate weapons, how do you propose to
get guns out of the homes of law-abiding American citizens?
Obviously Beto and other leftists haven’t read the Constitution either.
Word for word the Second Amendment to the Constitution reads, “A well-regulated
militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people
to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Now let me just read those
last few words again: “The right of the people to keep and bear
arms shall not be infringed.” We here at AMAC will make sure that your rights will
not be infringed upon. So one of the members of
the so-called “Squad” Ilhan Omar and Senator Cory
Booker have teamed up to introduce a new socialist government
idea that would literally costs the taxpayers billions of dollars. Now it is
a US government mandated job program and according to Omar, she claims it will,
quote, “pay for itself” which is literally impossible. Omar discussed her new pilot
program in an interview on CNN, take a look.
It would create a pilot program to guarantee jobs for anyone who wants one.
That’s ambitious, it would cost a lot of money. What is the the number one thing
you would do to pay for that? I mean this is an idea that has a long legacy. It was
proposed by Franklin Roosevelt, it was supported by Martin Luther King Jr. It’s
going to allow — it’s a pilot project — pilot program that is going to allow 15
communities within this country to create this program and I think
ultimately when these jobs are created and people are placed in these jobs it
will pay for itself. Once again liberals want the government to spend more
taxpayers dollars that we don’t have to create a pilot program full of jobs that
they won’t specify just so they can have more control over the people in this
country and their lives. Now this pilot program they say will cost five billion
dollars per year and according to Omar major historical figures like Martin
Luther King Jr. believed jobs should be guaranteed by the government. Now Omar
didn’t make it clear what kind of jobs these jobs would be, all she said was,
quote, “all of these jobs would pay a living wage and provide benefits, like
health insurance, paid sick leave, and paid family leave. This bill will also
prioritize green energy jobs.” Now to be clear this is a big government socialist
move. disguised as some sort of an American assistance
program. In reality the government is moving to take total
control of American businesses. Now with this plan the government would be put in
a position where workers would be completely reliant on the United States
government. That is what literal socialism looks like. This bill is
actually one of the pieces of the so-called Green New Deal. Now liberals
are pretty smart, they realize that the Green New Deal wasn’t going to be passed
so now they’re going to try to sneak it in piece by piece. Now we at AMAC
recognize what they’re trying to do and we’re ready to take this fight to
Washington to stop them in their tracks every single day. So far six of the 2020
Democratic presidential candidates have come out calling for Supreme Court
Justice Brett Kavanaugh to be impeached, all because of a New York Times article.
Now we all know that they haven’t liked Kavanaugh since the very beginning, mainly
because they’re afraid that he could be one of the votes needed to overturn Roe
v. Wade, so they must destroy him at all costs. Well now the New York Times was
trying to help them do this and they reported on an uncorroborated and
disputed college error allegation of sexual misconduct as a reason now to
impeach Kavanaugh. The New York Times ran a piece Saturday alleging that an
eyewitness saw Kavanaugh thrust his private parts at a female student during
a college party. However by late Sunday the paper revised its portrayed
blockbuster story to include the fact that several friends of the alleged
victim said she told them she did not recall the reported sexual assault in
question, like it never happened. Now even with a correction, liberals have
refused to revise or walk back their calls for impeachment. Now in one case
that billionaire guy who’s been trying to get Donald Trump impeached since
literally the night he was elected, Tom Steyer, called for impeachment
proceedings even after the New York Times was forced to update their story
when they got it wrong. Senator Kamala Harris has also been clear that
regardless of the truth she still thinks that there should be at least an
investigation. Listen to this from a radio
interview on NPR. Both the male classmate who made this allegation against
Kavanaugh and the alleged victim declined interviews with the media.
The alleged victim reportedly told her friends she does not remember this
incident with Kavanaugh happening. Now you’re a former prosecutor, are you not
troubled by a lack of evidence here? Well I would say that the fact that someone
does not remember the details of the incident doesn’t mean there’s lack of
evidence if there are other witnesses who can establish that the fact occurred.
And so I wouldn’t say there’s no evidence and it is, also I must say, very
normal for someone, especially someone who has been the subject of this kind of
behavior, to not be — you know — to not be clear on the details, that’s not
abnormal. Now to be clear what Harris is literally saying is that even though
everyone including the alleged victim is saying that this never happened she
still wants to waste your tax dollars on a witch-hunt to try to overthrow a Supreme
Court Justice. You also have to look at how much the liberals have already
investigated Brett Kavanaugh, yet they won’t give up on trying to remove a
solid conservative voice from the Supreme Court all because of Roe v. Wade.
Now Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk tweeted out, “Brett Kavanaugh underwent
seven FBI background checks, served in the White House and DC Circuit Court,
Spent hours in grueling Senate confirmation hearings, had 83 baseless
allegations against him dropped, yet Democrats still want to impeach him. Now
Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio was completely right in what he wrote on
Twitter, quote, “Today’s Left wants to take away your private healthcare, take away
your drinking straws, take away your firearms, take away your Supreme Court
Justice, take away your President. They want to take away your freedom. Now
Congressman Jordan is right, you have the New York Times article that comes out,
they then have to pull back from it and now you would think Democrats would
correct their stance on impeaching Brett Kavanaugh. Yet there are still six
different Democrats running for the White House who are demanding that
Brett Kavanaugh be impeached. Now this is the left’s new strategy to overthrow our
government. If they don’t like you, they will move to impeach you. They’ve been doing
this to Trump since literally the night he was elected and now they are doing it
to members of the Supreme Court. This is why the next election is so important, we
must stop these extremists from gaining more power than they already have in
Washington. We must join together to fight against these vicious attacks on
good men and women who are just trying to serve their country. That’s it for
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and I’ll see you back here next week for our next episode.

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  • The funds for the jobs program should come from public assistance, but they would just be moving from one line of the government's budget to another.

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