GUNTALK S5: Black Hills Cowboys, Pt 2

– [Voiceover] Gun Talk
is brought to you by Smith and Wesson, Sig Sauer, and Black Hills Ammunition. (Lively bluegrass music) – [Voiceover] Brass,
bullets, powder, primers, and a passion for
making good ammo. Throw in some classic guns
to boot and you can’t lose. We’re in South Dakota,
slingin’ lead and havin’ fun. – [Tom] Jeff, who is this? – [Jeff] This is Tex, he’s
a Air Force bomb troop that we hired. – Look at that! – He’s quite a card,
a good shooter, and really a good employee. – [Tom] Oh man now that’s a rig. – Isn’t he a card? – It’s an ammo vet, I love it. Well, I mean at least
we got the guy. Tex! – Ready to do some shootin’? – You bet. I’m Tom. – Nice meetin’ ya. – How you doin’? – Doing fine. – This is your rig? – Yessir, sure is. – Well, tell me about this. – Reproduction 45-70
Sharps, 32″ barrel, 1-in 18″ twist, long-range
rear sight on it, to reach out a good bit. – So how long have you had that? – Oh, bought it about 1995, put a few rounds out
through it since then. – Done a lot of
shooting with it? – Yessir. – So what’s an effective
range of a rifle like this? – Pretty much I guess it
depends on the shooter. I’ve shot, I went out
to 1,000 yards with it, but pretty much a little
bit of luck into it, too. – Yeah. Well, Jeff, we’ve got
a lot of wind blowing today. What’s that do to a big
old bullet like this? – It’ll blow it. (laughs) – A lot? – Yeah, just like
everything else. Wind effect is based
primarily on time-of-flight and this is a big
old slow bullet, there’s a lot of time-of-flight. So if we were to shoot at 1,000, you’d have to do a good
bit of hold off on it. – Think of it as, it’s a
lead beach ball out there, floating around. (laughs) But it sure is a lot
of fun, isn’t it? – Yes sir. – All right, so I know
you got set up here. Let’s go over and
have you shoot this replica of a true
American classic. – Let’s do it. (lively bluegrass music) – [Tom] All right, we’ve
got you set up here. All right, Tex, you’ve got
set triggers on that thing? – Yes sir, I do. – Now do you use those? – Oh, definitely, all the time. – Yep, okay. And you’ve
got to burn your way down, because we’re not shooting
real far today in this wind. Jeff, what’d you say about him carrying a wind sock with
him everywhere he goes? (Jeff laughs) – You know, frankly,
shooting in the wind, you’ve got to be able
to read the wind. – That’s right, so he’s
got that beard going for the wind sock, I like that. Well, let’s put some
rounds down there, see if we can hit that steel. (suspenseful music) (gun fires, hits steel target) – [Tom] Oh yeah. – You don’t need me spotting. (Tom laughs) – Not when you’re throwing a big chunk of lead
like that. (laughs) (gun fires twice) – Nice and light, yeah. – Just a hair to the
left of the last one. – What are these loads? – It’s a 405 grain straight
cast with no gas check on it, and they’re running
about $12, $12.50. – Not getting much
recoil outta there, huh? – No sir. – That big heavy barrel helps. (gun fires, hits steel target) Right on top of your first shot. – How accurate is that gun? – It does all right for
me every once in awhile. – Yeah, you hear that? You see it in like one
hole almost, out there. “It does all right for
me once in awhile.” Yeah, I like that. – Loose nut on the
trigger sometimes. (Tom laughs) – Well that is
pretty sweet, man. I appreciate you
bringing that out. That is fun. – Thank you. – Yeah. If you can’t
have fun shooting that, you just need to go home. – Yessir. – Thanks a bunch, man. – No problem. – I remember the earliest
shooting experience was, my mother took me to
Newberry’s Department Store and bought me a
Daisy BB gun for $5. I still remember that, and
I kinda remember thinking, “I can’t believe she’s doing
this, but I’ll take it.” (gun fires) – Gets it up in there. – And bounced it into it. – [Tex] It’s a
good shot, though. – That first BB gun
taught me a lot. It had fixed sights
so I had to learn how to hold off to hit things, and I shot a lot. I’m not sure there’s
more than one square foot of my home town
that doesn’t have a Jeff Hoffman BB
stuck in it somewhere. (gun fires) (Jeff and Tex laugh) – Gimped it in there. I shot a lot of stuff, and some stuff I
probably shouldn’t have. (gun fires) (Jeff and Tex laugh) That’s how, that’s
how you do it. – [Tex] That’s how you do it. (gun fires) (action guitar chords)

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