GUNTALK S5: Lady 3-Gun Challenge, Pt 3

(rock music) – [Voiceover] Serious shooters
faced challenging stages in Covington, Georgia. In three gun, it’s all about the time. – Stand by. (applause) – [Voiceover] It’s
something that we can own, it’s ours, you know. This is really personal to all of us and it’s almost. We were joking that it’s a sisterhood. It’s a sorority. We’re all our shooting sisters and it’s engaging on so
many levels physically, emotionally, mentally. There’s so many levels of engagement here and for guys it just may be another match, but for women, it’s all walks of life from all over the country have shown up just to be a part of this and that is really something special. – [Julie] January of this year was my first three gun nation match and I’m using it as brain rehab. I had brain surgery a few
years ago and I woke up blind on my right side, which is my strong side. My brain surgeon is
actually an avid shooter and he’s the one who
told me about three gun and told me to get involved with it. He said the concentration that it takes is the best rehab that you’ll ever get because it’s between you
and that piece of paper. So as soon as that buzzer goes off, your brain goes nuts anyways
and that’s normal for anybody. For me, I’m trying to get rid of that and trying to remember what’s going on on the stages. In life, that’s making
me remember more things. The people who will bend over backwards to help you and they made me feel like I’m part of them. (upbeat music) – I’ve shot a lot of matches,
but this all ladies match is different because these women are excited about the experience. The friendship, the camaraderie,
the social aspect of it. As much as they are excited
about pulling the trigger. (rock music) – I think it went pretty good. – For guys it’s a lot of about the grit, and the stamina, and
the skill, but for women it’s a more emotional,
more social experience. A lot of selfies, a lot of
Instagram, a lot of social media, and of course, it’s all
about the shooting fashion. You see a whole lot more
colors at a women’s match than you would at a
predominately male match. What are those shoes? Are the comfortable? What about those pants? Mine look like guy pants, but
yours are really girly pants. Where did you find those
and how did you get them to fit right? There’s a lot of different conversations that are going on. – Women like to accessorize
and pretty is good as long as it functions well. – So here’s some of the
things you need for three gun. You need your belt. I like this kinda belt
’cause I have an inner belt and an outer belt. This is by Blade Tech and I
can easily just put it around my waist and it velcros on. On it I have my holster for my pistol. I also have magazine
holders for both my pistol and my rifle that’ll fit on the back. On the front, is my shotgun loader. It holds two shells at a time;
I just grab them like this, and I can load them
quickly into my shotgun. I have my Mossberg shotgun
with my chamber flag in it, so everybody knows this gun is unloaded and safe. A DoubleStar rifle is what I use. Again, chamber flag
inside, everybody knows it’s a safe rifle. They don’t have to worry about it. I have my 45 degrees side sights
on for those closer shots, and then I have my scope
for any long distance shots. That’s about all you
need to shoot three gun. Your three guns and then some equipment. (upbeat music) – [Voiceover] The reason
why women are getting into three gun is because it’s
something they can go do as a family. You go to major matches,
you go to local matches, and the husband, the wife,
and the children come. Everybody will enjoy it. – I just started shooting
three gun this year and I’m a mom. I’ve got three little girls. My husband shoots three gun as well. It’s just great to be able
to bring the whole family and have everybody come
and be a part of it. – The vibe here is
really something special. These ladies are just very
excited to have something that’s shows that we actually
recognize that we’re here. We’re doing it. We’re very excited that the industry is taking notice for us. I mean there’s a lot of
first time shooters here that’ve never even shot in a match and to come here for this event, it’s just a really empowering great event. – It was a lot of fun,
so first time, check. – This is a big family. We are all feel like we are
part of a sisterhood now. – Hi mom. (upbeat music)

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