GUNTALK S5: Lady 3-Gun Challenge, Pt 4

– [Voiceover] Gun Talk
is brought to you by Springfield Armory, Liberty Safe, and Nosler. – [Voiceover] It’s fun and
games until the buzzer goes off. Then it’s serious competition. The shooters working
hard for every target. – My goal in this match was
to get as many women involved in Three Gun as possible. What is the most
shocking in this match is the industry support of women. They believe in us and they
want to support to support us. – Brownells been
supporting women shooting for three generations. This is just a natural
continuation of all of that. – It’s been really
good for the industry. I’m seeing a lot of purchasing. A lot of really intense
practice going on. – I’m also here to
show Remington support for the female industry. Get feedback and learn
what we can do to better help in the future. (upbeat rock music) – That was fun, that
was a fun (mumbles). – The minute that Lisa
Marie (mumbles) announced it on Facebook that she was
going to be doing this, I went from one or
two women on Facebook wanting to talk about
maybe getting into shooting to 10 months of
what gear do I get? How did you get into it? What did you feel? What do I need to worry about? What do I need? – What I see here is a lot
of people, a lot of women that are finally seeing
that maybe guns aren’t quite so bad and that
this is a great sport, and not only are they
participating in a sport, but they are also learning
good valuable skills. – [Voiceover] Now this
is a 200 person match and who knows how
many women there are in the country that
shoot Three Gun, but the bulk of them
are probably here. If it grows the sport, it
shows the importance of women in the sport. Especially families and kids. – If the wife and mother
comes to the range the kids are going to the range, and that’s the
future of our sport. – Our children are the future of our Second Amendment rights. If we don’t get our children
involved in shooting, and loving it the
way that we do, our Second Amendment
is in danger. So I believe that getting
as many moms to the range will get the children
because where mom goes, the children are gonna follow. That’s the reason
why I did this. – [Voiceover] As though
drawn by an invisible force, shooters felt compelled
to be part of the first Ladies Three Gun Shoot. They shot, they shared,
they laughed, they danced, and they shot some more. Only one finished first, but
every one came away a winner. – Yeah, this is the first
Ladies Three Gun Event and I’m definitely gonna
come back next year. Hopefully, there’ll be
two times as many women. – I can’t wait to go back
to some of my local clubs and try to get more
women and let them know that there are a lot
of women that do this, and that they can have
a great time doing it. – What am I gonna tell my
girls when I get back home? I’m gonna tell them that
they gotta come next year. – I’m gonna tell them that they
missed a heck of a good time and I’m gonna encourage
them to think about doing it next year. – They haven’t seen
the last of us. This is just the beginning. There’s more to come about that. (upbeat music)

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