GYROTONIC Equipment Pulley Tower

In this video I’m going to show you the
main piece of Gyrotonic Equipment that we use. There are four other pieces, but
I’m going to focus on our main piece that you’ll find in any studio, with any
trainer, around the world. This piece is called the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower. The
pulley tower has two major components: the first being the tower that stands
behind it with its pulley system, and the second being the bench with its hand
unit. A benefit to using the handle unit in the Gyrotonic System is a release of
that chronic neck and back pain that so many of us experience day to day. With
the fluids circular motions of the handle unit, this allows the spine to
mobilize and stabilize at the same time creating a strong core structure that is going to let your shoulder girdle rest right on top of it. This is important for
anyone who’s ever experienced shoulder pain, neck or back tension, even headaches
and migraines. The other component to the Gyrotonic Puley Tower, is the pulley
system itself. This system allows for you to move and take weight off of your
joints as you strengthen the weak side of your legs. For most of us this is the
hamstrings. So if you’re someone who experiences chronic tightness in the
hips and quads this may mean that you’re doing your daily activities including
exercise, squatting, or even just walking as a front body or quad dominant person.
With these exercises you’re able to strengthen the full range of your
muscles all the way around your leg to give you a balanced joint structure
which means you’re going to be in less pain in your ankles, knees, and hips and
create a more optimal movement for your day to day activity. The number of
exercises possible on this piece of equipment are endless. In a session a
trainer will take you through a series of exercises that will mobilize and
strengthen each joint in your body. To find more information about the Gyrotonic Method or other pieces of equipment, you can visit my youtube
channel or my website at there you’ll find other information on how to specifically apply Gyrotonic to your
sport, injury, or daily activity.

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