Hello friends are here one day before Halloween it is autumn and we will show the difference in how people decorate houses in the autumn season and Halloween in autumn people decorate their homes with products harvested and pumpkins are different then what we will see is decorated in Halloween here are showing what they could harvest in this season in the area corn, pumpkin or squash all products of season and decorates like this the houses showing that it is a celebration, but this is not a Halloween decoration this is a festive fall decoration This is the Halloween decoration with pumpkins that make sinister faces and also they put on the fronts of their houses tombs and skeletons these are Halloween decorations which they are very different from season or season crops or fall the famous inscription RIP that we read in the tombs It means rest in peace rest in peace and see how the skeletons out of the same land pretending like a cemetery Here we see another house with a similar decoration we can see the cottons that simulate the cobwebs skeletons hanging the tombs, bones sticking out of the earth Today we don’t see children collecting candy because it’s one day before Halloween this is another house decorated they also decorate the trees outside of their homes entry see how they do with ghosts at the main entrance, whom we have? who receives us is a ghost of death in their own entrance skulls there are places of torture the guillotine look at the guillotine that these people prepare the straitjacket skeletons hanging people spend a lot of time I’m sure if you invite them to participate in some volunteer to help others they’ll say I do not have time, but for this they have time There’s a coffin dead and for example this I imagine that children will come and put their heads here and also take photos here because there are many who have fun with these things don’t they? but it is incredible this house took his time for decorate all these things that take time and money, and all is for death, to celebrate death worth mentioning if we do not give candy to the children raw eggs they throw us to our homes exact littering the entire front us have thrown us many eggs during all these years Here we have a house rather sinister and they have all meticulously well decorated They have taken a long time to make the most sinister possible Here are a rat people think this is funny They spend a lot of money and a lot of time because to do this, is not 5 minutes then later we will go to the stores where purchased let’s go at night are items that move fortunes this move fortunes it’s like a cemetery there’s the headstone of dracula diabolical children who wants to have this in your own home incredibly yes people think this is funny funny has nothing They are not realizing that they are giving death cult and I would say the devil They make like a cemetery at home if you see this is a cemetery in the home of them and in the neighborhood and opposite a church this is a Church Today is October 31 we are on the day of Halloween everything has been transformed into a business big business celebrating the feast of death We are talking here any costume that costs between 40 and 80 dollars a simple one this is not an eagerness to condemn, but to teach people for lack of knowledge my people perish says the word of God. Hosea 4: 6 we want to be a light one port to let people know what you are doing because if they knew they would not look at the line there to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent on these dates to commemorate this event whole families participate in this and they believe it is a normal thing but the reality is that they are doing a cult of death and the devil now we will see a window that make death cult The death cult has become very normal of which people think is very cute for example in Mexico on 1 and 2 November they make a party to death They make a cult of death and that is very bad, death is not a saint nor will their loved ones reviver what appears to be innocent, take your children to pick sweets, candies children have to say Trick or Treat=Trick or Treat in English that means cursing own parents taking their children and making them part of this Says the word of God : blind leading the blind, both fall into a pit. Luke 6:39 but hey, we do not want to condemn you, only alert you this is not a family party of children It looks innocent, but as I said before for lack of knowledge my people perish. Hosea 4: 6 bored and sleepy children and breast demon Adult people passing the ridiculous like that lady God bless them and may someday know God as we know Him by faith we declare angels but this is not a party of angels another day could disguise of angels, but today is the feast of death princess Policemen costume entire families celebrating How began Halloween ? for many, become a night of fun, enchantment and games people do not take it seriously but its beginnings were totally different Ancient celebration of Halloween had the Druids in honor of Samhain the lord of the dead. The purpose was to call all the evil souls who had been condemned to inhabit the bodies of animals Druids was a priestly order in ancient Ireland and Britain who believed that during Halloween ghosts, spirits and goblins came out to do bad things to people for fear of the ghosts people placed candles in sidewalks and pathways of fronts of their houses lighting them to frighten evil spirits They offered them meals and gave them an offering to the devil to be left alone They believed that if they did not feel satisfied these spirits might a trick or a curse cursing the owner of the house and not only it confined to curse, but reprisals were taken in some cases also they wanted to sacrifice young obviously to kill them whole families involved with their babies it would be good to clarify that we are not here to condemn anyone but to educate with babies not only Christians should not participate in this, but no one should participate in this Not to mention that parents taking their children the Bible tells us very clearly not worship to any satanic ritual or this a diabolic party Walter tell me where we can find in the Bible which it is bad disguise today we see it clearly in the book of Deuteronimo 18: 10-12 It forbids us to render worship or part of such pagan festivals can read what the Bible says Yes of course No one among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire or practice divination, witchcraft or sorcery or casts spells spiritist mediums or consult the dead anyone who does these things will be abominable to the Lord and none of us wants to be abominable to the Lord the houses are decorated to supposedly ward off evil spirits or demons this was what was used at the beginning of Halloween in what is today Ireland to scare away evil spirits People lived very frightened not know God and they were all pagans In 800 AD the Catholic Church avowed October 31 as the day before eve of the faithful departed on November 1 for converted pagans They continue a festival celebrating before being Christians Mass that is made on that day is called Allhallowmas the night before what became known as Hallowe’en or Halloween All as we know it today which means holy or holy night as the Church could not prohibit such pagan practices They got a religious tone obviously to disguise of holiness a feast that was totally demonic now it’s a little late, but children come and make your Trick or treat Trick or Treating where they ask for sweets in exchange for not make any evil no trick hit the doors the custom of Trick or treating began in Ireland when a group of farmers go from house to house and threatened people that if they did not contribute with any type of food, gift or food to their deities (gods) they cursed them and not only curse but They will retaliate against that house against this family pumpkins are real pumpkin in some countries is known as squash, gourd is removed inside carving with this form where they make a sinister eyes and mouth and it is put inside the candle supposedly in antiquity that drove away the spirits and people still doing today they put headstones in their houses every house that has a pumpkin means it is participating in the Trick or Treat this dark precisely because they do that for children to be afraid do like a real Halloween night The witching hour is near that means the witching hour is close the interesting and good of all of this It is that when my children were little ones, 20 years ago the houses were mostly fully decorated but not, nowadays let’s say go down a 70% another example of another house decorated, that means they give treats they give sweets the good thing is, participation under a lot, thank God It means that Christians have done a good job at least in this neighborhood and we see very little participation in this pagan feast Praise God, Praise His Name except, they have gone to the mall or shopping centers elsewhere, but the truth is nowadays to neighborhoods not so much, but also they has afraid that cars crash over the children That is also another issue but it is low, thanks to God to make this video we toured the neighborhood the day before and really are very few houses it’s a surprise a pleasant surprise so good thank you very much. Blessings.


  • oremos por aquellos que aún tienen vendas en sus ojos q nosotros algún día tuvimos. sólo Jesucristo atraaves de su Santo Espíritu puede revelar la verdad satánica detras de toda esta costumbre que Dios abomina. pero la gente ha preferido la diversión sin indagar ue están siendo partícipes de un ritual que invoca demonios. Seamos luz!Salgamos a hablarle a estas personas por su propio bien que Cristo ya derrotó a la muerte y que sólo en el hay vida eterna y verdadera protección ..

  • Por lo demás, hermanos, todo lo que es verdadero, todo lo honesto, todo lo justo, todo lo puro, todo lo amable, todo lo que es de buen nombre; si hay virtud alguna, si algo digno de alabanza, en esto pensad.
    (Filipenses 4:8 RV1960)

  • no se evangeliza asi , que mal estan ustedes los evangelicos o pentecostales o luteranos o como se quieran llamar , " NO JUZGUEIS Y NO SEREIS JUZGADOS " para exortar tienes que estar en vida COHERENTE aparte no se puede ir desinformando que mi iglesia catòlica le dio un tono de santidad a esa fiesta pagana ?? y luego porque las rivalidades …… QUE MAL AH QUE MAL , PESIMO EL VIDEO!.

  • si estan hablando de el festibal dela cosecha, al prinsipio del video,porfabor imbestiguen, muchos cristianos lo ignoran parese que ustedes tambien.

  • No sean mentirosos. La Iglesia católica no celebra el halloween, celebra el 1 y el 2 de noviembre, los cuales no tienen nada que ver con el halloween. La Iglesia siempre ha estado en contra de el halloween

  • que horror. y el tal halloween no es solo el 31 de octubre se celebra desde el 1 de octubre hasta el 2 de noviembre que finaliza con el dia de los muertos. todo esta conectado.

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