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hey guys this is Eckhart slaughter hello and welcome to another episode of halo top five the series where I count down something within the Halo universe you guys have watched a lot of my videos you probably know that my favorite thing in the Star Wars universe is space battles well the same rings true for Halo I like how quick and dirty they are how sometimes it's one or two shots and it's over and I like how the UNSC and the Covenant are so distinct when it comes to tactics technology and just generally the ways that they fight so today we're gonna count down the five largest battles within the human covenant war and I don't really have very many rules for this list the only thing I'm gonna say is that I want one side to be humanity in one side to be the Covenant in each one of these battles so I'm not going to include conflicts during the Covenant schism for example the Battle of the ark or other events like that also when I say large battles I'm not necessarily talking about strategic significance rather I'm looking purely at the amount of resources that each side put into these battles as we go through this video I think one thing you guys will notice about the human covenant war is that further UNSC to actually secure a victory in space they need to have an overwhelming amount of ships when compared to the Covenant I'm not talking like twice as many I'm talking like 5 to 10 times as many and even with those many ships the UNSC will still suffer heavy losses we see for example at the Second Battle of harvest that a single covenant ship managed to take down almost a third of a 40 ship strong UNSC fleet and this fleet wasn't being commanded by some officer just out of school it was being commanded by Vice Admiral Preston Cole one of the greatest military minds in UNSC history to make matters worse the UNSC had a really difficult time replacing ships as the war went on when they first met the Covenant they had things like valley and heavy cruisers heavy carriers even plenty of Marathon class cruisers by the end of the war the UNSC most likely only had a single-digit amount of Marathon left probably only a few Halcyon left as well and we're most likely relying primarily on frigates which is not a position you want to be in so that brings us to the fifth largest battle on this list the Battle of alpha a wreak this battle has only appeared very very briefly and essentially as a footnote in the life of Preston Cole he commanded 117 UNSC ships against 12 covenant warships however even with these overwhelming numbers the UNSC still lost 37 ships of their fleet and that's quite a bad loss for Humanity at the time it seems like this was a fairly high tonnage fight though with the UNSC using marathons and halcion in the covenant using their CSO class carriers unfortunately this battle is only mentioned in Halo evolutions which is a collection of short stories and Halo Wars Genesis which is a comic book it is nice that the UNSC was able to pull it a victory in this battle especially as it was early on in the war however we also see the beginning of a trend which will permeate the UNSC throughout the war even if they technically win a battle what they have to give up is usually fairly great number four is surprisingly another victory for the UNSC this time however instead of just winning a random battle in space they managed to repel an entire covenant invasion force number four is the Battle of Sigma Oktay Gnaeus 4 and notably the UNSC also did not have Preston Cole in this battle rather they did have another military mastermind Jacob Keyes the battle over sigma octane s actually had two parts in the first part a relatively small UNSC force faced off against another relatively small covenant force at the first stage of the battle Jacob Keyes who at this point was a commander not the captain that we all would grow to know and love– initiated and executed what was known as the keys of loop i'll save the exact details but basically commander Keyes took on four covenant ships all of which probably outclassed his single destroyer destroyed three of them and caused the larger ship the carrier to retreat from the battle Keyes literally used everything that the ship had available to it its nuclear bombs its archer missiles its grounds and then some things in the environment too including the gravity of the planet and even the covenants own energy weapons after this first engagement 48 UNSC ships would rendezvous at the planet to help protect it from the second wave of covenant ships they basically formed in a way that would allow them to attack all of the Covenant fleet at once and do a massive amount of damage however this also left them open to a devastating first volley by the Covenant the UNSC used a cradle class repair ship to absorb the first volley of the Covenant then taking out most of their fleet with this first round of Mack volleys this first round would really ticket most of the Covenant ships and what was left was mopped up fairly easily now technically this battle is a little bit smaller than number five but just because we know so much detail about it and because the Keys loop is one of the most famous moments in the expanded universe of halo I figured this had to be number four number three is another win for the UNSC damn they are on a roll surely nothing bad will happen to them during the rest of this video anyway we've got another battle commanded by Preston Coleman one with literally hundreds of ships on either side on humanity side in this battle we had a UNSC battle group India comprised of 162 warships including most notably the UNSC Everest a super heavy cruiser and one of those powerful ships available to humanity during the human covenant war this battle is often called Admiral Cole's last stand because he used these 162 ships to take down over 300 covenant warships this is an incredible feat Cole's tactics in this battle really were genius the first thing he did which was unheard of by humanity at this time was an inn system slipspace jump unlike the Covenant who can seemingly do it at will he did have to use the slipspace beacon then not all of the fleet which jumped made it in the right place and some were picked off by the Covenant but still it managed to be quite a distraction and it allowed large portions of the fleet to do serious damage to the Covenant force the second genius thing that Cole did is he used the magnetics of a nearby planet to make the Covenant plasma weaponry less effective and this is a strategy I talked about in my video last week where I explained Halo weapons and in particular the weakness of covenant plasma based weapons the third genius thing that Admiral Cole did was he United humanity at least temporarily insurrectionists who had been not long ago fighting the UNSC and open war actually entered this battle with a small fleet of their own and inflicted serious damage upon the covenant forces now all this together wouldn't have been enough had cold not done his final genius move the Vice Admiral launched nuclear warheads at a nearby gas giant this basically turned the planet into a Sun and wiped out the entirety of the Covenant force unfortunately it does appear that one of humanity's greatest heroes Preston Cole did himself die after this manoeuvre however there are some at this point unsubstantiated conspiracy theories which say that he may have actually survived alright so number one is the battle for Earth and with earth involved you'd really expect this to be the number one spot however this occurred right at the end of the war and humanity especially was basically whittled down to the last of their resources I think it's safe to say that earth was protected more notably by their orbital defense platforms rather than the actual space ships in orbit Earth had 300 orbital defense platforms each one capable of one shotting a covenant ship in a previous video I did a pretty in-depth analysis on the size of the UNSC home fleet and I came to the conclusion that they had about 10 heavy cruisers a couple of larger capital ships and then about 80 to 90 frigates the Covenant who actually stumbled onto earth accidentally were quite unprepared for this battle they had to CAS class assault carriers and 13 CCS class battle cruisers at least at the time of the initial Asia later the fleet of Furious Redemption would also join the battle primarily attacking Cleveland and they brought with them there an extra 30 or so ships if it weren't for just the pure tonnage that the orbital defense platforms bring to this battle and the fact that earth is just so important and there was so much action on the ground I probably want to put this above the previous two battles on this list but because of all of those reasons the Battle of Earth is number two I'm also really not going to go into too much more detail on it if you want to learn about the Battle of Earth play halo 3 play halo 2 in play halo 3 ODST all three of those games are absolutely amazing if you haven't played them you should speaking of amazing halo based video games at number one we have the fall of reach this is by far the largest engagement in the human covenant war the reach timeline is relatively tricky because the Covenant especially came in different waves with large forces coming at different times and the same can be said of the UNSC I went over this in depth in a previous video which I'll link down in the description as I will with the one where it went over Earth's home fleet but just know generally that the Covenant had over 300 ships including a CSO class supercarrier over 20 kilometer long behemoths while the UNSC fielded the entire Epsilon Eridani fleet this included several super carriers and heavy cruisers numerous heavy capital ships and in total comprised 152 warships also given that the UNSC was fighting on home turf they did have several orbital defense platforms and other defense bases in space unfortunately for the UNSC this campaign by the Covenant ended up being a total rout with most of the UNSC forces destroyed reach itself completely destroyed and this just being a total absolute annihilating loss for Humanity and really had the Covenant schism not happened this would have really been the beginning of the end it's also worth noting that despite what you'd think if you played a halo reach the ground battles that happened in this campaign were also very significant with hundreds of Spartan twos and smarten threes involved in various missions undoubtedly the fall of reach was the largest space battle in halo history at least during the human covenant war and I said this one loss makes up for the previous three wins by the UNSC to start off the list anyways guys that's the list those are the five largest space battles that happen during the human covenant war at least in my opinion there were some that could have made the list but didn't I think that the five picks I chose here were fairly defensible but I'd still love to hear what you think let me know down in the comment section what you thought of this video if there's a battle that you would switch out and of course any ideas that you have for future videos thank you so much for watching guys as always this has been our karts ladder may the force be with you

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  • Actually, in the later parts of the battle of earth truth’s fleet joined and the fleet was the biggest recorded in human history, having hundreds of capital ships. Although the fleet destroyed what was left of the home fleet, lord hood and his brilliant leadership and 300 orbital defence platforms managed to destroy hundreds of major cruisers and carriers and reduce the fleet to a mere 40 ships.

  • "The Chief is gonna get in this tank, cross the bridge, and blow up any inhuman sunnuvabitch dumb enough to get between him and the Prophet of Regret."

  • I could listen to you, the act man, and nakeyjakey talk about halo forever I absolutely love your content

  • Battle of earth was 3 times massive than battle of reach .

    At phase 1 of regrets entry they didnt know it was the human capital ,but truths fleet was said to be massive than even the escort fleet itself ,
    More than 1000 capital ships engaged earth ,but as a naval battle humanity didnt had many ships ,rather relied heavily on the orbital platforms ,

    Out of a thousand ship truth brought ,it all managed to wipe almost 80 % of the orbital platforms and hunt down human capital ships ,but truth fleet was dwindled to just 4-6 cas cariers and just 32 battle crusiers ,
    With humanity just having only a handful of frigates hidden at various parts of earth .

    The sheer number of covenant died at earth dwarfs even reach .

    And one important thing is that ,this was the last major covenat fleet available against humanity ,to build or reform a fleet this size would take a decade for covenant.

    But considering as a pure naval battle , battle of reach was bigger ,since it was primarily between unsc vessels and covenant vessels .

    But considering the total vessels in each battle ,i do think battle of earth was far more greater and destructive ,it isnt that thoroughly explained in the lore ,
    But humanity at earth had a population of around 20 billion ,

    It was reduced to a mere 100 millions ,after the battle

  • It's know to oni that for the UNSC to win a space battle they would needs 3 ships for every 1 covenant war ship and still they would barely 'win'

  • I have a question how do you think an army of dark troopers, back by CIS fighters and capital ships w/ the ark hammer invading the halo universe( particularly against the flood) would do.

  • But the particular Justice had 750 ships that was the fleet That wipe reach, lord hood said in halo 2 That the fleet which destroyed reach was 50 times big

  • If the UNSC could have captured and reverse-engineered just one shield generator, then equipped their ships and orbital guns with them, I think they could have either beaten the Covenant or at least stalemated them into eternity. Human commanders consistently demonstrated superior tactics when compared with their Covenant counterparts, and the only thing that let the Covenant win so many fleet engagements was their superior technology. I think that even with the numbers disparity, the UNSC could have handled the Covenant menace just fine if their weapons and defenses had been more on par with their enemy.

  • can you do a video covering covenant losses? I get Billions of humans died, but I want to know how many covenant died fighting humans, and each other. And I want to know how many ships they lost.

  • Covenant didn't stumble onto accidentally, they found an forerunner artifact telling them earth is the location of the portal to the Ark but they did not know it was humanity's home planet, that's why Regret is apologizing to Truth for his haste and what not in halo 2 and why the covenant only landed at 'New mam-bossa/viow' (I don't know how to spell either of those) and why they immediately started digging (after attacking and clearing the area) when they landed

  • What about the UNSC's 5 year campaign to retake Harvest? Seems to me that that would have been on a large enough scale to be list worthy.

  • The Human-Covenant War is perhaps the most depressing war I’ve read about. Purely fictional of course. I remember reading the Fall of Reach as a kid, I recall feeling a sense of hopelessness for the UNSC, the large amount of life after having a colony glassed.. dang I gotta reread those books

  • I never bought that just 45 covie ships were involved in the battle at Earth. I’ve heard that the largest fleet ever invaded Sol. Given that the largest fleet witnessed prior to that event was the Brute Fleet at Reach + the 40 surviving elite ships which totalled c.500, I assume that at least 500 covie ships invaded Sol. The reason they were wittled down to 30-40 was because they arrived piecemeal due to the schism – and of course, because of the platforms

  • The Fleet Of Furious Redeemption attacked Clevland. And That's why they're considered heroes by a grateful humanity.

  • there is reliable evidence that cole survived, because he took a second ship with him, and a slipspace entry could be seen before the explosion…

  • IIRC: Relative to other battles in the Halo timeline. Reach was sorta pyrrhic for the covenant. They suffered moderate losses due to being forced to the ground and fighting Spartans, aswell as multiple ships lost to SMAC fire.

  • top 100 biggest Halo space battles;

    every space battle from the Human-Forerunner War

    every battle from the Forerunner-Precursor war

    every space battle from the end of the Forerunner-Flood war

    yeah, no…humans vs covenant only seems fair.

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