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the CSO class supercarrier is the single largest warship ever constructed by the Covenant as well as the largest vessel to participate in the human covenant war the colossal vessels are primarily used as flagships for vast armadas as well as serving to coordinate planetary invasions and supporting military actions across entire star systems with their huge fighter complements at the length of twenty eight thousand nine hundred and sixty metres the CSO class is simply colossal its frame is a direct adaptation of the far smaller CAS class assault carrier but drastically increased in scale and refitted with improved weapons engines and shields as well as a layer of advanced nano laminate armor over thirty metres thick and able to absorb massive damage before breaching the CSO's crew complement numbers in the tens of thousands including personnel from the entire spectrum of covenant racers and the ship's internal security is so extensive that any attempted boarding action would be nothing short of suicidal though the CSO is technically a support vessel it's enormous mass is more than adequate to mount a host of powerful weapons the ship is covered in pulse laser turrets used both to point defense and for attacking lighter warships these pulsed turrets are supplemented by larger plasma cannons as well as by guided plasma torpedoes allowing the supercarrier to effectively engage vessels of any size much like the smaller CAS class the CSO sports enormous energy projectors along its eventual hull these terrifying weapons are used to glass the surface of planets thereby rendering them uninhabitable and in some instances the beams have been used to vaporize hostile warships at a range of 100,000 kilometers being a super carrier the CSO's compliment of Xillia recraft is naturally large and varied the ship carries hundreds of squadrons of Seraph class multi-role fighters as well as thousands of banshees and space banshees in addition to a large number of spirit and phantom drop ships a carrier is also loaded with a number of 28 tick boarding craft for use in space borne assault as well as hundreds of infantry drop pods and an extensive mechanized ground force when participating in system-wide attacks a CSO is able to supply and direct a planetary invasion with ease as well as providing powerful surface reinforcements in the form of scarab walkers and shadow assault transports perhaps the most famous example of a CSO class super carrier was the long night of solace flagship of the fleet of valiant prudence the soleus and its flotilla served as the advanced invasion force during the fall of reach in 25:52 during the invasion the ship was captained by supreme commander roba Rita Mae and served as the primary target of the UNSC s operation uppercut during the engagement a contingent of sabor class planetary defense fighters accompanied by the UNSC Savannah were able to deploy an improvised slipspace bomb aboard a covenant Corvette attempting to dock with the long night of solids the resulting blast tore the supercarrier in half leading the UNSC to believe they had driven the Covenant away from reach but their celebration was quickly cut short by the arrival of the fleet of particular Justice whose intervention led to a covenant victory easily one of the most imposing and powerful space frames constructed by the Covenant the CSO class supercarrier served as a terrifying symbol of the covenants military might and even Gears after the conclusion of the human covenant war the supercarrier remains one of the largest and most strategically valuable starships ever encountered by humanity thank you for watching space dock please remember to Like subscribe and share for more science fiction space craft summaries if you enjoy the channel why not consider pledging your support on patreon for just $1 a month you'll be able to access the space docs schedule to see what's coming up

46 thoughts on “Halo: Covenant CSO Class Supercarrier – Spacedock

  • This ship is so huge, that if you turned it on it's end; it would stand slightly taller and wider than the Rakatan Star Forge from Star Wars.

  • What creeps me out the most about this fussock is, that short of the amount of resources put on a single ship of that tonnage, I really can't see any exploitable weak spots or easy counters to it. Maybe an volley from an orbital defense platform array… But the CSO's capitain would need to be plain dumb to expose himself to that. Assuming that it can seal off breached sections of the hull, even a heavy-caliber MAC volley might not do the trick

  • tens of thousands, more like a million or more, it is 28 km's long, several decks, the UNC spirit of fire had more than 10000 soldiers on board, sorry but you are selling it short

  • Dude,
    I need feet, yards and miles……
    I'm from the old school and I do not understand the metric system………

  • Have you ever done anything on the Arcadia, the death shadow class battleship or dreadnaught from Captain Harlock? It's a very interesting ship and very powerful.

  • I love how we only every got to see 1 of these in all the games. Makes it's presence on Reach all the more sinister!

  • Make a video about the "Farragut Class Battlecruiser" and The "Majestic Class Interdictor" from Elite Dangerous

  • How many of these supercarriers would the covenant have built during the human covenant war? I'd assume these are the equivalent to big aircraft carriers or something like that.

  • The only Covenant constructs bigger than the Super-Carrier were the refueling and repair station Unyielding Hierophant and the Prophets mobile station High Charity.

  • Think whatever you want but you must admit that the covenant can name ships. Long Night of Solace is such an elegant yet epic name that is fitting for a ship of it’s size and perhaps even alludes to what the covenant initially thought the ship would do.

  • sigh – If only Mendicant would have been successful… humanity and the Covenant could have met on better grounds. In another timeline, the seekers of the Fleet of Valiant Prudence could have been partnered up with UEG archaeology groups to assist with Rho's ambition of locating the Forerunner capital world, both polities working together to excavate and examine the secret ruins beneath Reach's surface…

  • I'm pretty sure 1 Supercarrier could invade a planet with ease. I'm going to assume it can carry 1-2 Assault Carriers in the hangar, which can each carry a two cruisers. If they were all fully armed, that's an armada.

  • For those who aren't total Halo nerds like myself, to put this things power in perspective, It would beat a super star destroyer without a doubt

  • Good thing all these CSO ships were destroyed by the UNSC infinity's construction, these things could tear it apart. And am I the only one who didn't know the Supercarrier was actually called 'Long Night of Solace'

  • 1:09 i know that melody from somewhere but can't remember from where.. ugh
    anyone knows? Sounds Red Faction'ish but .. idk (and that's deffinitley not from Battlezone 2 i checked the soundtrack and there is nothing remotely similar.)

  • the Super MAC defenses around reach (shoots slugs roughly 10x larger than normal MAC) were capable of destroying this class of ship in 2 shots. Reaches fall was traumatic not only because of its significance to humans but also that it represented the forefromt of human technology and could not hold of the covenant at the beginning of the war

  • Cat sead that in a cave no one ever actualy made it on to the long night of solace and i know im going to get people saying 6 and gorge did but no thay didnt thay were only on a corvet i think i cant remember what kind of ship it was for shoure any way there are also probably going to be people saying that gorge made it on but tecnikly no he didnt he never left the slip space bomb

  • Would it be possible to have you do a description of some of the vessels from Legend of the Galactic Heroes? I'd like to no more about them.

    Some potential examples
    – Brunhild
    – Hyperion
    – Asgrimm
    – Ajax
    – Iserlohn Fortress
    – Geiersburg Fortress

  • Would you consider doing the Havok? (The Scurrg H-6 bomber flown by Nym in the Star Wars: Starfighter games).

  • I really want revell to make a model kit for this ship and the other halo spacecraft. maybe a 1:10000 scale

  • I heard that it could also Carry Several Dozen SDV Covenant Corvettes (Hence how the Corvettes were able to get into the Epsilon Eridani System without being detected) In much the same way that the CAS Assault Carrier and the UNSC Infinity can Carry multiple Frigate sized Warships.

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